VidNeos – Get Your Video On The First Page Of YouTube And Google And Stay There For Months Without Any Extra Effort Using This Amazing Software – Includes Software For Windows + MAC, Personal Use Only

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The GO TO Video Marketing Software For Marketers, Consultants & Businesses

Research, Create, Analyse, Optimise & Back link (video and website) – Do EVERYTHING from one place

Easy To Use interface that makes understanding & analysing data super easy – You’re the pro now !

Spy on Your Competitors – Know everything that’s working for them and replicate!

Works on Mac & Windows, both!

…There Are Over 800 Million YouTube Visitors Per Month…
And Now, Finally, They’re Right At Your Fingertips With The ONLY
“All-In-One” Software Solution.

Warning: Do Not Read This If You Have Moral or
Ethical Reasons Against Spying (Or Even borrowing)
Traffic From Successful Video Marketing Authority
Channels On YouTube

Or…If You Aren’t Frustrated As Hell With Doing Everything Video Marketer “Pros” Are Telling
You to Do… But Not Seeing Any of Their Results…

If you want to know how even a “newbie” marketer can control
and dominate YouTube with high ranking, first-page videos
(with very little skill or research)… then I’ll show exactly you how in
this letter…

Tired of trying what “everyone else” is telling you to do… and not
seeing any of their same results?

Picture all the video marketing gurus raking in piles of money off
traffic coming from their YouTube videos. Do you wonder, “How
the hell is YouTube working for them, but not for me?”




You Do NOT Need Loads of Experience, Money or
“Technical” Street Smarts to Create Massive Pay
Days From Your YouTube Videos

You’ve seen it a million times… people hear all about the
“possibilities” video marketing has to offer. And they jump right in.

And they sink…

Like a ship with a gaping hole in it.

Hours upon hours of wasted time and energy…time they will never,
ever get back. Because…

…Their videos are not being watched… and traffic is not coming…
The truth is: traffic doesn’t just appear once you throw a video up on
YouTube. You know that,right?

There’s hours of research involved. And to go at it alone, from
scratch…well…good luck.

Burned out, lifeless and tired, these entrepreneur “video marketer” newbies decide that
YouTube must not work… that it must be the system that’s broken… and they never stop to consider:

Maybe You’re Doing Everything WRONG

Because that “system” is working just fine for the “pros”… better than fine, actually…cranking out over 26.6 million
viewers per day, and feeding all that traffic to the ones who know how to actually earn it.

No other place on the Internet will you find such a hungry mob of buyers ready to give you their money…

It’s Time to Slip In the Back Door and See For Yourself Just How These “pros” Are Getting All That
Laser Targeted Traffic For Themselves… For
FREE… And How You Can Snag Your Fair Share

VidNeos was created for the entrepreneur who wants to make more money – while working less – by using the #1
fastest growing form of audience building today: VIDEO.

It is the only software program that can RESEARCH, ANALYSE, RANK and CREATE videos – All in One.

Detailed video niche analysis – tells you exactly what to make your videos about and which keywords to use (for both YouTube and Google).

Built-in auto-back link creation tool – builds you an army of ONLY high quality back links that will get your videos, blogs, websites boosted to #1 position on Google.

Custom algorithms to analyse and actually make suggestions about how to specially optimise your titles, descriptions, and even your tags to rank #1 for whichever keywords you choose.

How to “spy” on your competitors and see exactly what tags they’re using to rank (even if you don’t even know “who” your competitors are).

The ‘loophole’ companies like Coca Cola and Dove are exploiting to sneak their videos onto the screens of billions of viewers a month.

A secret, “back door” way of getting onto the first page of Google & YouTube with every video you publish by “stroking” Google’s SEO algorithms and using high volume / low competition key words.

Get Sales & conversions from your video traffic by narrowing down to the right kind of viewers (the viewers who you know are already interested in buying).

How to “trick” other pro video marketers who get paid tens of thousands of dollars each month from their video traffic… Into Doing All the “Dirty Work” For You!

How to use YouTube’s “holy trinity” grading for fast-ranking videos… How to make yourself an instant “authority”… Why you should literally ignore most of the video marketing “checklists” out there today… And much more.

How to skip 90% of the research and still spit out HOT videos YouTube & Google love to rank.

Packed with tested & proven M8 algorithms (for research) bringing you the best research data available

Keyword ranking tool tells you how your videos are ranking for several keywords at once

Follows stories and trends around the web that have gone viral in the last 24 hours (or are about to) – so you can create viral response videos

An easy to use interface with red, yellow, orange, and green colour coded data to let you analyse data and make decisions quickly

Ability to create videos with custom voice-overs, background jingle music, HD images, and more.

Works on Mac, PC, and Linux.

Built-in “crack” element video marketers put in their videos that make it nearly impossible for viewers to stop watching.

Speaking of crack – – this is no joke. This feature will blow you away.

Because YouTube ranks fully watched videos higher than videos only halfway
watched or less… you could be (and probably are)…
Wasting Your Time Creating Videos That Will Never
Get Popular Enough to Send You Any Traffic

VidNeos “pre-ranks” your videos with our proprietary
rating system (based on thousands of other ‘viral’,
top-watched videos). And it allows you to make addicting
videos people just can’t stop watching…

To do this on your own would require several different soft-
wares… spreadsheets (math) and a lot of friggin’ time in
research… We’ve taken the the initiative and put
together all of those features into one software.

Say goodbye to that exhausted feeling you get when a
video you worked hard on doesn’t pull any traffic…even
though you spent hours doing keyword research…
prepared it correctly…tagged it “correctly”… for what?


Imagine, though, waking up the day after your video hits
YouTube and potentially seeing…1,000 views…10,000
views…Or more!

But here’s the most incredible part…

Sales. Because the traffic your videos will generate using
VidNeos is not just any old traffic… it’s hot traffic –
“ready to buy” traffic… You stand to potentially profit on
any video you ever create from this point forward…


VidNeos takes hundreds of thousands of dollars
worth of real life, real business insights from real videos and real
sales…and packs it all into a
one-stop-shop software…

Like a personal consultant, looking over your shoulder and giving you step-by-step instructions and
feedback…mistakes to avoid…and more:

All you do is load up the software, and in minutes you can rock out a fully produced, stunning marketing
video…published with the (exact) tags, keywords, and even video structures people are using to create insane potentially pay days for themselves using YouTube!

It’s the answer to not just a few, but all of your video marketing needs.

Okay, let’s talk numbers: If you hired a consultant to do all of this for you… even if you
were to break all the services down and “bargain” hunt for the most affordable options…

Assuming you hire pros who know what they’re doing, this type of offer would run you at
least $900 per month…Not to mention the time it’d take you to find, interview and hire the
work out.

That’s just shy of $11,000 (per year)!

If you separated VidNeo’s features into different softwares (because currently there is no
other software that packages all of our features together in an “all inclusive” solution like this)…

…You’d pay about $397 (maybe a little more depending on your choices).

But here’s the deal: For the next seven days, we’ll let you download VidNeos to use and
try for just this one-time small fee mentioned below.

One time… no monthly recurring fees. After 7 days, the price jumps up to what it’s
supposed to be: WAYYY HIGHER!

We’re doing this because the product is relatively new…and we want to get it in the hands
of as many people as we can for a short time at the beginning.

But, here’s the amazing part…If at any time in the next 30 days you don’t feel like VidNeos
has done what we’ve told you it can do, return it for a FULL refund.

In fact, if at any point within 30 days you just don’t feel like it was worth the £22.50, we will personally buy it back from you at full cost. No questions, no hassle.

That means (technically) you could download VidNeos and use it for 30 days…create your own videos that start raking in traffic and sales…and then return it (reaping the rewards without paying).

But we trust you’ll be better than that…the reason we’re put this guarantee in place is because we’re so confident that our software works, we’re willing to put the risk on us (instead of on you).

This software must give you a solution to your video marketing needs… and you must be thrilled with your decision to try out VidNeos…

Or You Don’t Pay For It

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