TimerBoss – Cutting-Edge Software That Makes You 46% More Revenue With The Exact Same Amount Of Traffic, In Under 60 Seconds – Includes Application, Instructions, Unlimited Developer Account

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Cutting-Edge Software Makes You 46% More Cash With The Exact Same Amount Of Traffic… In Under 60 Seconds!

Whether you’re a product creator, affiliate, or physical product seller, our unique software called TimerBoss will create a massive rush for your visitors to CLICK AND BUY and is proven to increase sales by 25% to 300%.

Timer Boss has the most extensive and valuable features on the market:

Unlimited Timers, Unlimited Usage

One-time, “Evergreen”, and NEW “Looping” Timers

ONE Timer Works Everywhere – overlay on affiliate websites, or use on your own pages, in emails, in your blog posts, and inside Facebook posts

Fully hosted, nothing to install Cloud-Based software OR self-host if you prefer!

Works on all devices (desktop + mobile) and with all autoresponders

No tech skills needed – extremely simple to use, just copy and paste


WHY Most Marketers Are Failing Or Cannot Increase Sales…

Hey internet marketers, thanks for taking the time to check this out.

Listen, I’ll get straight to the point…

If you’re like most marketers out there, you’re leaving most of your profits on the table without really knowing it.

That’s money that SHOULD EASILY BE in your pocket… but is not.


Because people online these days are given more options than ever and they are easily distracted.

And if you don’t get them to pay attention to you and ACT NOW, then they are on to the next thing – that’s just how it is.

Most marketers have no clue how to get people to TAKE ACTION.

And because of that, they (you?) just can’t get ahead because the sales just don’t come in.

The Game Has Changed And Now “FOMO” Rules The Day…

These days, urgency and scarcity are the #1 drivers of online sales in our current age.

Oddly, it didn’t use to be like this.

When I started online back in 2007… the crappiest sales page and the most cobbled together systems could make you insane money.

And it seemed like most of the sales would actually come in right off the bat.

Nowadays, we are seeing something completely different…

Up to 50% of the sales are coming in on the last day of a promotion…

And up to 33% of the sales for a product are coming in within the last 3 hours of a 7-day long promotion!

Seems a little nuts, huh?

But it’s true…


In this promotion that I did, I brought in 43% of the total sales
on the last day… Most came as the countdown clock was running out:

Last Day (TimerBoss running out)
The most sales, by far

2nd-To-Last Day
Not nearly as many sales

Well, the fact is, markets change.

Selling information, software, services, coaching, physical products… it’s all changed, big time.

People who buy things online… many of them will not buy from you UNLESS they are feeling a certain emotion.

That emotion? FOMO.

FOMO = The “Fear Of Missing Out”

This is a very natural human emotion and is driven by powerful chemicals in the brain.

If people want to buy something, these chemicals start to rush in… and the fear that THEY MIGHT MISS OUT on getting the best possible deal or the opportunity to be part of something…

Well, that is an extremely STRONG buying force.

And the vast majority of online promotions I see are not taking advantage of FOMO to drive sales… and each time it happens, it leaves anywhere from 20% to 80% of the sales on the table.

Don’t Leave This Easy Money On The Table EVER Again…

If you want to increase your sales and stop the “sales leakage”…

Whether you’re a product creator, an affiliate marketer, coach, speaker, author… (doesn’t matter!)

You need to change how you sell stuff online and stop walking away from all that easy cash just waiting for you.

There should be an AN END DATE on every single promotion you run

Whether it be an end to a low price, a feature, or even taking away the offer completely.

And you have to present it everywhere – on your pages, in your emails, in your social media, on your blog…

So that those “fence-sitters” stop sitting…

So that they take notice of when the best deal is going to run out…

And then they START BUYING from you!

When you start doing this on every single promotion you do…

On every single link that you place on the web…

Your sales will increase dramatically. I can promise you that confidently.

All The Biggest Companies Use Scarcity And Countdowns

Just look at this McRib promotion.

Notice it says “Last Days For McRib

Why do you think McDonald’s does this?

Because nobody wants to eat McRibs all year round if they are there all year round… it’s a big flop if they try it. But their customers want it BAD when it’s only around for a limited time.

This is how the human psyche works and the biggest companies know this and capitalise it in order to drive more sales.

Even Apple, “the company that never runs sales”, does this during Christmas time with their special financing offers that are “only available until December 24th.”

Walmart, Ebay, Amazon… they all do it. Next time you see it, I know you will notice it.

And as far as internet marketing goes… EVERY SINGLE MAJOR PLAYER in Internet Marketing uses countdown timers to push as much product as they can. Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Brendon Burchard, Chris Record… the list goes on. They ALL use them.

Some people like Jeff Walker, the creator of “Product Launch Formula”, only sell their product for one week during the entire year… because that’s how powerful scarcity is for sales. Jeff has made 8 figures and beyond from the sales of his product that he only sells with a countdown timer attached.

Bottom line: If you’re not doing limited-time promotions and using countdown timers to reinforce them… you’re missing out on boatloads of cash.

I Increased My Earnings By 46% Simply By Using TimerBoss In My Emails

One of the top ways to measure success of your online marketing (besides actual money in your pocket!)… Is “EPC”

EPC = “Earnings Per Click” or Earnings Per Visitor

Let me give you two scenarios. Which is better?

You send 100 people to a page… and make $100… for a $1.00 EPC

OR you make $146, for a $1.46 EPC.

Obviously the 2nd situation is better, right? It’s pretty simple math.

When you increase your EPCs, you’re simply maximizing the resources at your disposal…

And you’re making more money, faster.

Whether the visitors come from an email, a Facebook ad, a blog post, or literally any traffic…

You want to MILK THAT TRAFFIC to get the highest return-on-investment possible, so you can re-invest into more traffic and ultimately keep more in your pocket.


That’s where TimerBoss comes in.

It simply maximises the earning potential of every visitor you send to ANY page.

And since most of my traffic comes from email…

Look at what happened to one of my accounts in a matter of 6 months using Timer Boss in my emails alone…
$1.16 Per Visitor Without TimerBoss…

$1.16 Per Visitor Without TimerBoss…

46% Increase: $1.65 Per Visitor WITH TimerBoss…


Eleven Features Of TimerBoss
That Increase Your Bottom Line

Bottom Line: TimerBoss works to make you more money
with the same amount of traffic.

An Email Timer That Gets Attention

More attention to the deadline in emails = more clicks on your links = more money for you.

Also, now people in other time-zones won’t have to do maths to figure out when your promotion is ending. That’s a win-win for everybody.

*There are over 30 different templates to choose from or you can upload your own custom template!

Smart, Cross-Device “Evergreen” Timer

With “Evergreen timers”, you can start the timer on each unique visitors first visit, creating a new offer and urgency for each visitor.

AND NOW the same countdown that was started for your visitor will show anywhere else that visitor looks – in emails, on your blog, etc. (Tech jargon: It’s IP and cookie based, not just cookie based)

This will allow you create “evergreen” urgency on the sales page, but also in your emails and any other place you wish to show a countdown.

Website Overlay Timer

You can overlay any site you like with a countdown timer (minus a few of the massive sites like Facebook and Amazon) so you can essentially run your own private promotions on other people’s sites.

If you’re an affiliate, you can overlay any product page you want with your own promotion (to get a special bonus, for example).

TIP: If you’re a product seller, you can even overlay checkout pages that you don’t control (like on networks such as JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, etc.)

Exclusive: “Looping” Timer

With a “Looping Timer”, you can simply reset the timer, over and over again, without touching it.

This comes in handy if you run the same promotion every day or every week, or constantly to new traffic (like a CPA page).

Now you can just set the time interval (works awesome for 24 hours!) and never have to touch it again.

Exit Popup Redirects

These “true JavaScript exit popups” that work wonders… Well, they’re normally a huge pain to setup. And they don’t play nice with other software. We fixed that problem for you.

Now it’s insanely easy (like, as easy as typing your message and putting in a redirect link), while creating a timer… and it’s magically on the page along with your timer.

No tech skills or code handling needed! Wow, finally so EASY!

Retargeting Pixel Option In Every Link

Just like many other features in TimerBoss, there are entire apps dedicated to this one feature!

Now you can re-target visitors who click on your TimerBoss links (for example, if you’re using an Overlay Timer)… who never even visited your site!

This can allow you to build a targeted audience to get dirt cheap clicks from – WHILE you drive traffic to an affiliate offer!

Performance Tracking

You can track the performance of your timers, whether you’re using them in an email, on a sales page, or as an Overlay timer.

You can track impressions, clicks, and conversions and see them all in a centralised reporting dashboard.

This saves you time and always lets you know how good your campaigns are doing so that you can adjust and make more money.

Link Cloaking

If you’re an affiliate, using the link directly from the network can be a costly mistake.

It can make it so your emails end up in spam folders and all your ads get rejected. Not good. You need to use a different URL.

Cloak your link with TimerBoss so that you increase your email deliver-ability and always be approved by the ad networks.

Facebook Open Graph Settings

Now when you or someone else shares your TimerBoss link on Facebook, users will see optimised messages and calls to action!

Having attractive and optimised Open Graph Settings makes it far more likely that people will click and share your link… which makes you a lot more money in the long run.

“Buy Now Button” Option ON The Timer

This option gives you even more flexibility and earning power.

You can use it to show the buying option while the user scrolls the entire length of the page…

Or you can even use to provide other price options, like annual plans. Your options for this feature are only limited by your imagination.

Expired Timer Custom Image Option

One of the keys to being successful with time scarcity is that people must believe you.

Flashing a dynamically updated “Sorry, offer closed” sign inside your emails and on your pages when your timer expires, lets your people know that you’re being sincere when you make limited-time offers.

And next time they see the timer, they’ll be that much more EAGER TO ACT IN TIME because they know you’re not messing around!

You Also Get Big Value And Flexibility With TimerBoss:

Use on unlimited web pages, blogs, and emails that you own

Over 75 Pre-designed templates PLUS a Custom Template Designer

Our “Newsletter Builder” will automatically insert your timer in an email template and create your newsletter format for you. Just take the HTML and copy/paste it into any Autoresponder.

ONE TIMER for everything: All you have to do is set the time and the destination URL and you can use the same timer in emails, on sales pages, to overlay checkout pages, on Facebook and more. What a time saver!

Works in all email marketing systems and autoresponders

No tech skills or tutorials needed!Extremely easy and intuitive app – just a few clicks then copy and paste

We host the software so there is nothing to install. Start using it in the next 5 minutes!

OR Self-host if you want. Special Bonus: WordPress plugin included!

Pick your own time zones

Works on all devices– desktop computer, tablets, mobile devices

7-DAY LAUNCH OFFER ONLY: Lifetime access, no monthly or annual fees



Think Of All The Clever Ways You Can
Increase Your Sales With TimerBoss

When people started putting these countdown timers on their sales pages, conversions across the industry soared.
But that’s really the furthest most people went with it.

I agree, that’s where you should start if you’re not currently using timers. Get TimerBoss immediately and start using it in the most basic way.
However, there are so many more clever ways to use TimerBoss to enhance your conversions and sales.

“Email timers” work amazingly well for getting more email clicks to your promotions that are ending. Not only do they help with getting attention in general, but they also make it easier for people in different time zones to know exactly when a promotion is ending. If you’re not using timers in your emails yet, now is the time to start.

You should add countdown timers to all your landing pages – squeeze pages, presell pages, blog posts, and webinar registration pages.

You can instantly add a countdown timer to the checkout pages that you don’t control – reinforcing the scarcity of the offer you just made.

Add countdown timers to all the offers in your funnel, especially OTO pages.

In Evergreen funnels, you can offer a low price for a limited time and then redirect the page to a higher price when the timer expires.

You can create added urgency on an affiliate offer – and at the same time, you can build a retargeting list AND capture exit traffic and build an email list.

If you market CPA offers, you can easily double or triple your conversion rates.


just use your imagination and ask yourself, “can I use urgency on this page?” HINT: The answer is usually yes.

You Have Nothing To Lose…
Try It For 30 Days And Watch Your Sales Soar!

I have very simple guarantee policy on all of my products: If it doesn’t make you money, I don’t deserve your money.

AND, I really don’t care WHY you want a refund. If you ask for one, I give it to you, no big deal.

So if by some malfunction in the space-time continuum, you do not make money from TimerBoss…

Or even if you don’t like the interface (which, well, why wouldn’t you? It’s awesome)…

Or if you’re just having a bad day next Tuesday and you want your money back so you can go buy some ice cream to cheer yourself up.

I don’t mind.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is…

I will return your money, no questions asked, within 30 days of your purchase.

I just want you to give TimerBoss a fair shot.

Go into this with 1000% confidence that this is going to work for you.

And the comfort of knowing that if it doesn’t, you can always get your money back.

I just want you to know that there is no risk, all reward for you here.

Claim Lifetime Access To TimerBoss

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need hosting or WordPress?

No, you don’t. TimerBoss is cloud-hosted on our servers so there is nothing for your to install. However, you can choose to install the bonus WordPress plugin on your own server, which is the same software with the same features as the cloud-hosted solution (except for that you host it on WordPress).

Can I host it myself?

Yes! (See above question for more detailed answer).

Does it work on a PC and Mac?

Yes! TimerBoss is a web-based app hosted on our servers so it will work with any web browser.

Will it display on any device?

Yes! TimerBoss will display on any desktop computer, tablet, or phone without issues.

I’m not very technical, can I use this?

Yes! We designed the tool to be so easy to use that you won’t even need to watch a tutorial video to start using it. It is probably the most intuitive app I have ever used!

Are there templates I can use?

Yes! We designed over 75 different timer templates for you to choose from! You also have a number of different looks you can choose from for your Overlay timers. AND you can even upload and create your own custom timer template. TimerBoss is very flexible to your needs!

Who Should Use Countdown Timers?

Everybody who is selling anything online today should use countdown timers on their sales pages, in their emails, for their e-commerce stores, on their blogs, and for their affiliate promotions – to double or triple their sales. Basically, all online marketers and businesses should be using TimerBoss.

Is This For Affiliate Marketers?

Yes! This tool can be provide an amazing boost to affiliate marketers. It can allow you to overlay scarcity… on a site you don’t even own. You can also retarget people who go to that page… AND you can capture their email address if they try to leave! TimerBoss is a true breakthrough for affiliate marketers.

Where/How Often can I use this timer?

You can use the timer on an unlimited basis on all of your own sites. Developer and White Label licenses are available for a minimal extra cost to existing customers.

Why is TimerBoss better than other timers out there?

Over the last couple of years a few timers have come on the market… some of them better than the others. But none of them did all of the things I wanted them to do IN ONE TOOL. I would try to blend these tools together and it would rarely work without breaking. Not only that, TimerBoss is by far the fastest and easiest timer on the market to use. You can literally have an email timer to display in your emails in 30-60 seconds! I don’t know about you, but I like fast and easy.

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