The Warrior Special Offer Secrets – Every Warrior Knows That By Simply Running A Special Offer (WSO), You Can Make You Literally Thousands In A Couple Days – Includes Sales Material, Graphics + Master Resale Rights

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Dear Marketer, 

If you aren’t using it or haven’t heard of it, which I’m sure as a marketer, you certainly have; the Warrior Forum is a huge forum (or community) for IMers such as yourself.

In fact, it’s the biggest, best known and most successful online IM forum there is and has been since way back in 1997.

It’s where all the veterans, big players and even newbies hang out to get free software, money making advice, tools, products, learn what’s new and hot in the online markets and mostly – buy and sell products that help other IMers to thrive expand, and grow. 

It is a great place to learn more about internet marketing at an optimal level and also to discover what works and what doesn’t.

But remember, it’s a serious community – this isn’t the same as posting your product link and hoping someone will just jump on it – The Warrior Forum is NOT a place to spam your offers.These guys are serious internet marketers and you will get told where to go if you even remotely look like some random spammer.

People for this reason say that the forum can be a little intimidating, but once you’ve signed up and you’re part of the team with a real hunger to make it, the Warriors will see you are there for the rightreasons(learning, interacting and contributing), and people will warm up and be very willing to help you.

Of course, would you want it any other way?

I mean, if they accepted all the half trying, good for nothings who just want to make a quick buck with a load of rubbish no one wants – well, sure, you can do that anywhere else.

Here, you will learn some valuable stuff instead with no fear of cowboys or fakers. Equally, then, when you get selling with your quick and effective WSOs – people will know that you mean business too.

That’s why it’s such a good place. People take you seriously here. 

Plus, if you have any questions about internet marketing, this is a great place to find the answer, pick up some tricks and shortcuts and become an all-round more profitable marketer.

It’s very easy to sell something to someone, especially if it’s by example.

The Warrior Special Offer is a part of the forum where you get to offer a ‘special’ or a deal to the other internet marketers. This can be to launch a new product or just to make some quick cash.

The reason why IMers love it so much is because it’s a very effortless way to plug a product to huge crowds of targeted (and already interested) people and make huge sums of money in a very short space of time.

The offers are based on the fact that you’ll be offering a “special” select price for the WSO and to the warriors that the general public won’t get. In other words, people need to be getting a bargain for this to work.

Now, if you think – “Well, what if I’m selling myself short?”

The answer is in human psychology.

You know that human beings when they’re shopping go absolutely crazy when it comes to ‘sales’ or ‘discounts’. Mix the idea that they’re saving money with an offer (like a WSO) that is only available for a short space of time and that calls them to action. The result is you get paid quickly.

Plus, it saves you time and energy doing the whole ‘long term strategy marketing’ thing.

You see, one of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is that they sell their products at too high a price, especially if they feel it’s a brilliant product or they’ve spent a lot of time putting it together. And yes, I understand how you may feel that way, all creators do, but isn’t it more logical to sell at a reasonable price and get more immediate buyers than sell at a high price and get scattered, uncommitted buyers?

The result of selling at a good price means more volume when it comes to buyers (which more than enough makes up for the compromise in price.)In fact, usually you end up with more money than you’d hoped for when you were trying to sell it at the big price!

Now, it doesn’t mean that you sell for a dime or sell your soul – just as long as they feel like they’re getting a price that is special to them – hence the name ‘special offer’ right?

Regardless, you’ll get more money anyway through the sheer numbers of buyers and because it’s concentrated in one vital place and has a limited time frame – the result is quick cash in concentrated amounts.

It’s actually insanely logical.

You’ve probably been told as a marketer, especially if you’ve ever invested in courses or studied it – ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.’
And of course, that’s true.

But the only thing you need to be prepared for essentially with a WSO is this:

– You’ll make money anyway but you need to know how to launch one successfully in order to make the most money (easy)

– You need to have a ready product (easy)

All the rest of it – ‘Quick, get the marketing plan ready, let’s examine our channels, let’s hire a company for advertising and one to write articles and make sure it’s the right date and everything’s totally perfect….”

Ah, rubbish.

While those people (those ‘need to get everything ready to perfection people) are getting it all ready and perfecting itpeople like us are running multiple WSOs, hyper focusing our efforts on one working thing, spending little money, just launching the thing and going for it ….

All the while – Mr. Perfect hasn’t even begun to sell. He’s still getting ready. 

He’s still trying the world and his wife for strategies and methods and advertising channels to sell the perfect product at the perfect time.

My point is – yes, be prepared but also pick one thing today that is already working, stop procrastinating and just do it!

Follow what you will learn today about making a WSO into your own personal piggy bank and forget all the other jargon you’re reading, doing and trying whilst still not actually acting on making any real money.

I think it’s time we just fast-forward to where the cash is and stop deliberating.

Well, the short answer is yes.

I’m sure it depends on the Internet marketer and whether they know what they’re doing or understand how to maximise little extras such as upsells/downsells etc. 

I know personally that John Thornhill has made over $100,000 with just one WSO so no-one can really say that it’s not possible if it’s being done, that’s just silly.

In fact, the very reason why you are even reading this today is that I am going to give you a no nonsense book (a guide, if you will) on how to run your very own successful WSO without mistakes and time wasting strategies that seem good in theory but just won’t work very well.

Basically, I’m going to give you every secret you’ll need to make your WSO as profitable and as seamless as possible.

That’s exactly what you want. 

That’s exactly why I’m here.

I’m given you this booktoday so that you can enter the world of the effective, precise and lucrative warriors out there who use WSOs to their fullest potential.

Do you recall that I said earlier that some guys have made literally thousands and that it’s totally achievable with the right approach? That’s absolutely true.

In marketing, you know it’s either hit or miss. The hitters know the path of least resistance when it comes to online selling and the missers are just not clued into the fact that it’s pretty easy if you follow the best in the game and what they do.

I’m thinking that if Richard Branson taught you all to make money, he’d probably do a better job than Billy the biker who just joined the warrior forum two hours ago. 

What I’m saying is you need the secrets, the background and the strategies that the top warriors are using to make it. It’s that simple.

Without these things, you’re just facing a life of trial and error and working it out yourself, in which case – I wouldn’t need to be here. 

And so here it is. The book that will make you a top warrior – one that actually makes money and can eventually show others how to do it.

Here’s some of the things you’ll learn in the book: 

– Exactly what a wso is why it’s the best way to market a product

– wso vs minisite;- the shocking truth

– how to find your perfect niche for a successful wso

– Exactly how to begin marketing yourself in this way

– how to get started as a first time warrior with a new wso

– what offers are the hero and not the zero

– Things you should do and never do

– getting huge traffic flowing to your wso in a short time

– building a list of dedicated fans and return buyers

– How to professionally deal with your wso buyers

– Perfect examples and strategies of the finest wso warriors and their stories

…and so much more…

This book is packed with information that will never make you feel intimidated in the Warrior forum again. No more dead end marketing strategies and offers that just aren’t selling.

As with any online adventure, especially in a field where warriors are fierce and competition is high if you don’t find the perfect niche, you could easily think it just wasn’t working without this important information.

And so, it’s time to get you ready for battle and help you to launch your dream WSO. 

Imagine everything just working out, you learn everything you need to, you feel confident, you can handle all the questions and outcomes and ultimately in just a few short days while the offer is on – the cash is just rolling in. 

And to top up your contentment, I won’t even charge you what it’s worth to digest this perfectly compiled guide into WSO success.

That’s all it costs to have the most simple and yet researched advice that anyone will ever need to dominate the warrior forum today.

You’ll not get this kind of information collected together like this anywhere else on or offline.

Why would anyone want you to be better than them?

I never ask any questions when it comes to refunds. Probably because I don’t have any significant requests for them.

So, if you don’t think that this book has gave you everything you need to start making money now with a Warrior Special Offer then you have my promise of a 30 day money back guarantee.

That’s how confident I am that you’ll benefit from what you learn and that it will give you the tools and ideas to run your own successful WSO now and long into the future.

Most people want to be involved in Warrior Offers, deals and the forum because it’s simply the biggest and hottest thing in Internet Marketing and has been for the last ten years.

I have shown that it’s also a really easy way to make a lot of money in small amounts of time which sure beats the traditional marketing methods that you’re used to.

This book is here so that you can join in on the hype you’ve been hearing about WSOs and become a more effective marketer. 

All of which is in a place where you can finally be taken seriously with your products.

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