The Internet Dragons of Asia – Do You Want To Know How The Coolest, Most Affluently Respected, Master Millionaire Marketers From The Far-East Are So Highly Successful, Read On – Includes Sales Material, Graphics + Master Resale Rights

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Dear Marketer,

We’ve all heard the countless stories, strategies and claims to fame of a homeless American guy turned millionaire online overnight or that humble British dude with 5 kids who left his job and made a million with a system he stumbled upon.

These stories are everywhere; across the road, down the street and over the pond.

They fill us with envy, sometimes wisdom, sometimes they even inspire us to make our own fortune or give us working strategies to model and copy.

Either way, even if these stories make you roll your eyes, they show us what we as human beings are capable of.

I think, though, it’s about time the stories got cooler. 

….Stretched further…
…..Got even more exciting….
…..Upped their game a little….

Asians are awesome at stuff. That’s what my best friend says. The way they play poker, the way they do martial arts, their discipline and their innovation is actually incredible to watch.

Of course, this is a generalisation and as a human race we can all share these gifts.However, China itself is becoming a greater global influence than you could ever imagine. The forecast is that China will rival the U.S. as a global superpower by 2020.


Because, for one – it knows how to make money.

The dragon is a symbol of power and opulence in China and it represents wealth and success. Today, I want to show you the main people, just like you, that went from being an ordinary broke worker to a dragon.

You’ve seen and heard how we guys do it… now it’s time to see how the dragons do it.

One simple idea or approach to online marketing that turned them into superstars… introducing the very best of the best in online entrepreneurship.

Get ready to be fascinated by Eastern magic and skill. 

From Peng Joon to Edmund Loh, these guys know what it means to be rich. 
They do success like we do coffee and lunch.

In some never heard before stories, these guys will show you how they made it to online millionaire status from nothing. The incredible twists and turns in their individual journeys will thrill you, motivate you, give you ideas and excite you in ways that no other stories you have heard will be able to match. 

It will make you want to be a better marketer that’s for sure. 

The stories are all within different markets, using different products and offering unique services – you’ll never believe some of the things that they’ve used to make money. It’s crazy!

Since they are literally the best Asian entrepreneurs online, many of these guys you’ll have heard of and maybe wondered how they started and what exactly they did to get where they are today.

Well, now you’re going to know. And it’s pretty interesting, let me tell ya.

# Peng Joon – Malaysia

  • A young wealthy internet entrepreneur who began his journey just several short years ago in the world of gaming – if you want to know how to make it in the gaming industry… this is the guy to learn from.  
  • His flagship product was a ‘How To’ book for World Of Warcraft
  • His Clickbank products are renowned all over the world today
  • He wasn’t just ‘born with luck or money’ … he was in $153,000 worth of solid debt when he started
  • Many of his 573 sites today are making seven figures over a variety of niches (including Forex and dating). He has built a list of half a million subscribers and has roughly 10 million visitors per day.

#Edmund Loh – Malaysia

  • The PLR Genius: At just 18, as an affiliate & IMer, Edmund was reselling digital products and in 3 years, he was a millionaire.
  •  His book ‘Secrets Of Millionaires Students’ is a bestseller.
  • He also co-authored ‘Clickbank Gamers’ which made over $250,000 and was in the top 10 products in the Clickbank Marketplace
  • Today he teaches others how to make it like he did no matter what age you are, get and keep customers and is still considered the ‘PLR Extraordinaire’.  

#Aurelius Tjin–Australia

  • Working a dead end job, Tjin decided he’d had enough but like most of us didn’t know how to go about it.
  • He is the king of undersell and overdeliver when it comes to ready-made products.
  • Today he teaches people like you how to break free from normality and use simple ideas to build huge lists and tons of cash.

#Khai S.NG – Malaysia

  • Founder of Inspiration DNA which to date is the largest personal development private label publishing library in the world.
  • By age 30, even though his family were very strict about ‘getting a real job’ he was certified coach and trainer, a veteran in product creation, a pro copywriter and serial entrepreneur.
  • You can learn from him by understanding that he’s been at rock bottom, was never good with employment and faced tons of obstacles – but with good customer service – he made it.

# Ian Del Carmen – Philippines

  • Among the most in-demand marketing consultants in the world with 70,000 global organisations as clients.
  • He started all this from his small bedroom.
  • As a master outsourcer and product reseller, he quit his job to work full time online. He was a millionaire by age 28.

# Patric Chan – Malaysia

  • Chan is almost a decade into teaching people like you how to build a home based business, cash online and financial freedom.
  • He did a live presentation on how to make $36,316.65, in only 3 days and did it with them inreal time.
  • He has over 200,000 subscribers, has co-authored a book with Robert Kiyosaki and is paid 5 figures for speaking for an hour and a half.

# Ewen Chia – Singapore

  • World’s No.1 Super affiliate and internet marketing expert.
  • A No.1 reseller of products – no matter what product he sells.
  • He makes his money selling internet secrets to people despite the fact that he’s self –taught.

# Jo Han Mok – Singapore

  • With no defined skills, no set plan and struggling to make money, Mok turned to the online world.
  • Oddly, he now coaches people on how to make thousands with no marketing plan and no experience.
  • He is known for his honesty in his approach, he doesn’t do anything online except tell it like it is – no hype, just real ways to make money.

# Alvin Huang – Singapore

  • An amazing example of determination, Alvin worked online for 90 hours a week to start despite having a full load of school work to do.
  • His ‘never quit’ motto turned him into a famous and renowned expert in product development.
  • He owns his own companies now and himself had no capital when he began. He teaches you how to push the extra mile and self motivate to succeed as he has.

# Jaz Lai – Singapore

  • Left a great paid job in retail fashion because he believed internet marketing held the key to life-lasting wealth.
  • He got over $10,000 and 100 sign ups all inside 24 hours with no large list or contacts during his launch.
  • His team has grown over 15 hundred percent to thousands of members as of today.

# Gobala Krishnan – Malaysia

  • His first check online was a measly $43.
  • He decided he wanted more and he made his first five-figure revenue in 30 days with a simple product.
  • Gobala currently focuses on assorted web 2.0 techniques like utilizing Twitter and blog plugins. His ideas are simple but effective and most of all, profitable.

# Simon Leung – Singapore

  • He’s everywhere online known as the ‘Google insider’.
  • As a past employee of Google Adwords, he is among the world’s premium authorities in Search Engine marketing, SEO and Social Media marketing.
  • In his 1st year on the internet, Simon built a business worth half a million dollars and reaching a million bucks shortly into his 2nd year in business, with his success growing day by day.

# Fabian Lim – Singapore

  • Over the last seven years, Fabian has helped students to become an internet millionaire.
  • He has assisted countless ordinary people to reproduce five-figure revenue models monthly on the web while working from home.
  • Fabian’s expertise includes PPC Advertising, SEO, Usability Analysis, Web Analytics, Online Campaign Management and Affiliate marketing Strategy.

# Dee Ferdinand – Indonesia

  • Dee Ferdinand is a business guru, marketing master, and online entrepreneur based in Indonesia.
  • He developed a specialised WordPress plugin known as WP Venture which is used to help over 1000 websites in building site traffic and business exposure.He has also launched over 20 WordPress themes with his colleagues as well as over 20 online productivity software programs.
  • He also created the first online entrepreneur magazine and community online called Bisnismu. It has been downloaded internationally a whopping 15000 times in its first month alone.

I don’t know about you but I love reading stories about ordinary people like the guys above you who just make it no matter what their background, experience or how they initially struggle like the rest of us.

It just reminds me that money is out there to be made no matter how hard you may think it is.

I equally love stuff that inspires me to be more, that makes me say – “Wow! That was a great idea! What a genius!” 

I mean – how can we ever learn or grow if we don’t look to the masters of our trade and see how it should be done?

And to be honest, I’m pretty tired of hearing one version of a story or one person or someone I know telling me how the world works… I want to cast my net further out and see how they rock it in the Eastern world! If you want to expand you have to open to all perspectives and these guys that I’ve collected for you today in this enthralling book are total Gods at what they do. They are at the top and they’re not coming down anytime soon.

The funny thing is, some of the strategies that you’ll see they using are so simple, some ideas are so basic and yet they made it happen to perfection!

Can’t say that’s not totally cool. Can’t say that it doesn’t make you the least bit curious …..

I’m giving you this book. I want you to read it. I want you to have that ‘wow’ moment as you learn new things about online success. You love stories like this; they show you that you can do it too. 

This simple book will leave you in awe as you discover what these top online masters have been through to be where they are. Sometimes it means hitting rock bottom, sometimes its emotional, sometimes it’s easy… but it’s never dull. 

And you can officially go on their life journey with them, take tips from them, hear what they did, who they strived to be and what spurred them on.

Isn’t that why we read the news? To browse over people’s stories and learn stuff about them? So we can either shake our heads or feel shocked or empathise?

Well, let me tell you that the news is depressing and it usually won’t make you money nor will it totally focus on all of the exciting aspects of being alive and free in this big world. 

It’s about time you started reading something that makes you feel alive. 

That makes you say ‘Yes!’ and allows you to emphasise with the greats rather than the losers. It’s time to raise your temperature, get your blood pumping and feel inspired by the coolest guys out there.  

Specifically these guys in this first time ever released EBook….

Even though these guys will totally make your day and show you some really interesting concepts that you won’t have known before today, and although it took ages to put this book together in the way that it is… I’ll be super gentle with the price.  In fact, I’m going to give it to you for a really small price – far smaller than the effort, research and time that went into its creation and far smaller than the joy you will get from it. 

Like any good book, we have to charge something …. but we can still be reasonable and you can still get awesome, unmatched value. That’s good business. 

So that’s why you can grab these Asian secrets, stories and inspirations for just –

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That’s all it costs to have the best, most inspirational read you have had in a long time. 
You’ll not get this kind of information collected together like this anywhere else.

Here’s some of the things you’ll learn in the book: 

– Amazing facts about the top 10 Asian online super earners

– profitable but simple ideas that exploded

– what some people go through to make it to the top and become masters

– the life stories of the absolute best dragons that exist

– shocking outcomes of shocking online ideas

– tips and tricks that you can apply to make yourself more successful right now

– What makes an online entrepreneur go from zero to hero

– What the top 1 % do that you don’t that makes the difference

– The drama,,
– the feel good factor 
– the lessons 
– the struggles
– the power
– the customers 
– the products
– new ideas

…and so much more…

This book is jam packed with how these guys finally made it in ways that will surprise you.

I also believe that if you don’t totally love what you learn about these top Asians approach to life, work and money then I will give you your money back.

So if you were thinking you don’t want to risk getting this in case you don’t totally think it’s awesome then I’ve taken the risk on myself. I’m so certain that you’ll get so much value from this that I’ve put a money back guarantee on it.

That gives you 30 full days to decideThat’s how sure I am that you’ll not be able to leave reading this book. So you’ve nothing to lose; only I do. It’s time to learn how exciting life can be at the top and learn the fascinating stories of the best Asian online talent there is today.

It’s just yet another, different approach that you haven’t heard before from which to draw your most entrepreneurial inspirations.

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