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Attention: Entrepreneurs and business owners…
Can You Answer This Question
About Your Business?
Get Survey Leads Today. A Unique Way To Build Your List and Sell To Them
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You are about to discover how to serve up a marketing meal so tasty your customers are gonna be drooling when they next whip out their Visa cards to pay…

And the best bit is….]

All The Hard Work Is Already Done For You…

Here’s what it’s all about:

According To Forbes 42% Of All New Businesses Fail…

… Because They Forget To Answer The Single Most Important Question About Their Market…

Here’s the question:

“What do your customers really want?”

Simple right?

And look, everyone
and their dog knows surveys are the #1
to this problem…

But if you’ve ever
tried surveying your target market to find out what they need, then you know…

If you’re not a
global heavyweight like the Economist or Oprah Winfrey…

Running surveys
can quickly turn into a “fool’s errand”

First of all, you
have to get enough traffic to them to make the data you get worthwhile…

You might not
believe it but…

Getting Traffic Is The Easy Bit


Next you have to convince
people to complete your survey with answers that ain’t just:

“OMG this survey sucks”, “too many questions!” or just “foregrip!”

That’s a lot of
wasted time, effort, and (if you’ve paid for your traffic) money – to harvest a
tiny amount of market data… that’s basically useless.

But If Your Survey Was Seen Here… 2 million visitors per month ? 12 million visitors per month ? 600,000 visitors per month ?

Do You Think It Would a Difference?
Imagine putting your survey on the most trusted, highly trafficked, and shared websites in your niche… and doing your market research there.

Not Only Are You GUARANTEED Traffic.


But when your survey respondent feels like they’re taking a survey for the The Economist, Oprah Winfrey, Entrepreneur…

… or whichever super brand, thought leader or celeb you’ve decided to “borrow authority” from.

They’re far more likely to give you more detailed, thoughtful and useful survey responses…

And with every new survey completed…

You’ve just added a brand new lead to your database…

And not just any lead…

But a highly targeted lead, who has just told you how best to help them!


Sure, It All Sounds Amazing…
But How Do I Get My Survey On Someone Else’s Site?

The chances are you’re no tech wizard…

And that’s a good thing…

Because if you were, around now, you’d be freaking out about how complicated it should be to magically overlay your survey on someone
else’s site.

The truth is you’d normally need a brain the size of Google or a jumble of expensive technologies to pull this off…

But Your Software has levelled the playing field by letting you easily create,
customize and overlay highly professional surveys on any website you choose…

Your Software allows you to:

–  Quickly harvest the richest marketing data on the web.

–  Build a highly segmented list of subscribers

–  Create a storehouse of key social data on every one of your future customers… And So Much More…

… which means:


YOU Don’t Need To “Go Viral” To Get Viral Traffic Filling In Your Surveys


(And Filling Up Your Autoresponder)

Here’s how it works:

All you need to do is pick a handful of well-shared, high-quality articles from the biggest authority sites in your niche.

Sneaky? Yes…

But 100% Legal And Utterly Devastating

Then share them using the special link that Survey Leads gives you.

When people click the link (and they will… remember, these articles are proven to be popular) two things happen.

  1. They get to read the genuine article on the site they trust.
  2. Your survey appears as a professional looking overlay…

Of course, visitors don’t know it’s your survey, they think it belongs to the site.

The important thing is…

You’re Not Guessing At Any Stage

You know your audience is made up of entrepreneurs, business people and fans of Tony Robbins…

You know the article is going to get shared because it’s already been shared 1000’s times…

You’ve leveraged the FREE TRAFFIC of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with an article you know will get shared…

You’ve leveraged the trust and reputation of global brands like the Economist and Entrepreneur…

You’ve leveraged the attention and borrowed the authority of global celebrities like Oprah Winfrey or Tony Robbins…

You’ve turned it all into valuable market data, which tells you precisely what your market desires most. 

You’ve got a list of subscribers (and future customers) by using your survey as a lead capture tool.

Plus, because you’re only using content that is “already viral” people will feel better about sharing it… (People love to share articles that have already been shared by hundreds and even thousands of people…)

And that’s not all…

And the moment your special link to the article is shared you’ve created the perfect storm:

Getting data and building your list cost you nothing… You didn’t have to chain yourself to the keyboard to spend hours on new content… You weren’t slaving away testing countless Clickbait headlines to get your viral shares…

… And so you’ve suddenly got a truckload of free time, and extra money to invest in growing your business and developing
solutions for your niche.


Here’s How Survey Leads Grows Your Business


Survey Leads helps you:

Harness the massive FREE traffic pulled in by the world’s biggest social networks to share your surveys.

Easily build and segment a list of pre-qualified super-targeted subscribers.

Profit from the huge trust and authority of global brands, celebrities and leading authorities in your niche.

Remove all the reckless guesswork from your marketing and build your business on solid foundations, by truly understanding your customers’ needs, desires and biggest obstacles.

Use “already viral” articles to spread your surveys like wildfire (instead of slaving away on your own content for days with no idea if they’ll get shared or not.)

Acquire essential market data from a highly trusting, highly targeted and highly responsive market segment… and turn them into new subscribers on the spot.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…


Survey Leads Is Fast, Easy, And 100% Legal


Here’s how it works:
1) Find a hugely popular article or website you want to share.
2) Customize your survey overlay using the simple editor.
3) Share your special link via email, Facebook, twitter, forums etc.
4) Watch as each new lead brings with it a wealth of valuable market data
Over four million shares on Facebook with just seven articles

It’s Often Said That Knowledge Is Power…

But That’s Wrong…
Knowledge Is Only Power If You Can Use It….
You’ll Know How, What, Where And When To Sell To Every New Subscriber You Get


To Make Your Business Boom


Fully Customizable Overlays: Create professional overlays to place on any site you want to pull authority, market data and leads from.

Fully Mobile Responsive: Your Software displays beautifully on mobile devices for maximum market penetration.

Video Features: Your Software gives you the ability to overlay video as well as regular text to encourage even greater participation, attention and lead acquisition.

Viral Sharing: All overlays are built to go viral by encouraging users to share your link once the survey is completed

API integration: Your Software has seamless API integration with most autoresponders to make lead management, segmentation and list building easy.

WordPress Platform: Your Software is a WordPress plugin. The whole platform can be accessed from a single dashboard and you won’t need to be updating plugins every 2 days.

The Moment You Start Using Survey Leads. Your Brain Will Explode With Marketing Potential

Survey Leads boosts any business, online or offline, that can be made stronger by access to better information.

Imagine a “top 3 ways to lose weight” e-book offered on the Weight Watchers site… the perceived value will be through the roof…

Imagine being able to survey Sushi lovers to find out what’s popular (and what’s not!) in the Sushi biz… Building your next menu around your survey feedback… and then sending out a direct mail campaign to pull in local residents for a Sushi experience of a lifetime.

Or how about sharing that article written by Tony Robbins for Entrepreneur… It’s already shared over 152.4 thousand times just on Facebook…

Imagine overlaying your survey on Tony Robbins’ article for Entrepreneur and asking questions about an entrepreneur’s biggest obstacles… then offering a short report on overcoming business obstacles for sharing your survey…


Don’t Miss This One-Time Opportunity



To Put The Power Of Survey Leads Into Your Business


If you want to build a cash-hot list of brand new subscribers in just days… know exactly what, when and where to sell them their heart’s desire… and do it all without paying a red cent for traffic…

Listen up, because a deal like this probably ain’t coming around again anytime soon…

Sure you could wait until after this launch and pay the public price of $97 per month…

After all… when you consider that Survey Leads puts you in control of more juicy info than Wikileaks has on the NSA…

… and puts all that money-making power at your fingertips.

$97 per month is still a great deal….

Or you could try and make it work with a confusing array of different apps and software…

… but you’ll end up paying out a lot more hard cash than $97 per month for that ‘privilege.’

Survey Leads makes it so easy to find out what your prospects want that you’d be crazy not to at least give it a try.

Especially when you’re building a targeted list of new prospects in the process…

… and especially when the launch price is so low.

Plus, you don’t even have to commit today.

Test Out Survey Leads For 30 Days RISK FREE

If you want to test out Survey Leads today then I GUARANTEE you’ll find it the most powerfully effective way to harvest as much high quality market data as you can handle.

Plus You’ll Build A Brand New List Of
Future Customers As A ‘By-Product!’
(And not many products can say that!)

But if for any reason you aren’t satisfied, just contact our support team and you’ll get a full, no questions asked, refund without delay.

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42% of businesses fail because they don’t carry out proper market research.

Don’t be another statistic.

Instead use Survey Leads to overlay your surveys onto the biggest sites on the web and discover what people really desire… turn those people into subscribers… and then sell ‘em what they want.

But you must act now to secure your launch bonuses and get Survey Leads for the lowest price it’ll ever be sold at.

Because once the launch is over the price of Survey Leads will rise to $97 per month…

Get Lifetime Access Survey Leads

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