Social Snips – Use Authority Content To Create Leads And Traffic, Even When You Didn’t Create It – Includes Full Video Tutorials, Cloud App, For Unlimited Personal Use

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Overlay Any Content You can overlay any content with your own offer

Collect Email Leads – Collect email leads on any content that you share

Use Authority Content – Use content that is already going viral to get more traction

Create Unlimited Campaigns – Unlimited traffic sucking campaigns can be created

How would you like to share authority content even if it doesn’t belong to you and drive traffic and leads to any offer you want?

How would you like to get 80% opt-ins compared to using normal opt-in forms?

How would you like to force people top give you their real email addresses instead of something they just made up to collect your free gift?

How would you like to use content that has already gone viral and add your own call to action or lead generation form on?

THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT CONTENT SHARING: It seems INSANE that nobody is talking about this… But it’s a massive elephant in the room. And the more that you ignore this growing problem in your business, the more money you end up leaving on the table for OTHERS to claim at your expense…

Just think about this for a moment…

How many times per week do you share something on Facebook?

Either your Facebook business page, or your personal page…

What about twitter?

If you’re like the average user, you share content up to 18 times per week!

TRANSLATION: You are working to build,
someone else’s business for free!

How would to stop building other people’s businesses and just build your own when you share content?

Think of this every time you share a piece of content even if it doesn’t belong to you…you get to control everything that the visitor does.

From where they click.

To collecting their email… and their best email the one they use on the social networks.

In short you get to use other people’s authority content and control the traffic.

Look at some of the shares and viral traffic this survival content has. If I overlaid this viral content with my own survival offers think of how easy that would sell.

The content is already viral you know it is working, so when you overlay and share you get to piggyback of the already viral nature of the content.

Getting more people to your offers and collecting more emails than ever before.


Social Snips is our brand new overlay system, We are offering this before we launch it for a ultra discounted price. So you get to save over $400 on the launch price.

Unlimited Overlay Campaigns – Create as many overlay campaigns as you wish

Unlimited Social Captures – Collect as many social leads as you want no limit

Pro Features Included – Because you are getting this as a early bird option you get all pro features included

Share Anyone’s Content
Find authority content from a page, site to a video and share with your audience. Doesn’t matter if you don’t own it.


Lead Boxes
Create call to action social lead boxes. When you share your authority content any time anyone click you get the lead.


Collect YouTube Leads
Collect leads direct via YouTube these are real emails that visitors have to give you. No fake names or emails


Collect Facebook Leads
Collect leads direct via Facebook these are real emails that visitors have to give you. No fake names or emails


Collect Twitter Leads
Collect leads direct via Twitter these are real emails that visitors have to give you. No fake names or emails


Collect Google Leads
Collect leads direct via Google these are real emails that visitors have to give you. No fake names or emails


Collect LinkedIn Leads
Collect leads direct via LinkedIn these are real emails that visitors have to give you. No fake names or emails


Connects To Any Autoresponder
This will connect up to any autoresponder just add in your form and the email will be added directly.


Create a call to action instantly and save the call to action for later use on any campaign.

Everything is fully editable from link to image and button.

We have many different call to action boxes including social boxes, bean boxes, candy boxes and more.

You can change the size and shape and where the box appears on the site that you are overlaying.


Every link that you create is saved to the dashboard. You can see how many shares, clicks and views that it get right from the dashboard area.

You can instantly edit the link as well to change anything that is not working.


You can collect emails via the social email system. Each email you get is the users best email so no fake emails can be added.

You can export and add to your own email autoresponder.

Full analytics built in so you can see exactly what each link is doing how many clicks it is getting or leads you are collecting.

You can see that right from the dashboard click on the link and go to the analytics.

You can add multiple social media accounts in to collect emails from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

When the user adds in their email you will collect their real email the one that they use every day.

Overlay Any Site
You can overlay any site with your own links and call to actions.


Capture FB Emails
Capture real email addresses from Facebook users.


Capture YouTube Emails
Capture real email addresses from YouTube users.


Capture Twitter Emails
Capture real email addresses from Twitter users.


Capture LinkedIn Emails
Capture real email addresses from LinkedIn users.


Full Analytics
You can check how each link is doing and what clicks you are getting.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Here is our promise to you.Try Social Snips risk free for 30 days and if it is not right for you then all you need to do is send us a support ticket and we will refund every penny of your purchase. No questions asked… No quibble… Just a full refund… With our 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Get Instant Access To Social Snips Today For Just

Today Only: £27.00


P.S. Remember: your purchase is backed by my 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose except a chance to try it out for yourself!

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Can be used as content for YOU.


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Can NOT sell/give away the sales materials

Can NOT sell resell rights

Can NOT sell master resell rights

Can NOT sell private resell rights

Can NOT add to free membership sites

Can NOT be sold under any circumstances.


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