WP Social Secretary – Posting To Facebook And Twitter From Your Blog/Website Has Never Been Easier And Acts As Your Own Personal Assistant – Includes Full Plugin, Instructions, Sales Material + Master Resale Rights

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Dear Friend,

Now even a plugin can help you to organise your life.

– On the days you can’t be there
– On the days where you have no free time
– On the days where you’d rather be relaxing and have it all done for you

Everyone today is on Faceplugin and Twitter. Most people use social networks as extensions to their social life, others use them as an effective way to do business and to advertise and promote their products and sites.

But not all of us have the time or the patience to keep updating our clients and friends.

My motto is – “If it can be done for you and it frees up your costly time’ then – why not?” Why do small, fiddly tasks yourself if you have someone – or in this case- something to do it for you?
We’re talking about the exclusive and simply delicious –

And it is as simple as writing a task note for someone else to do… which is much better and less hassle than…

Logging in for every single post….

Logging out….
Logging back in for the next one…

In fact, you can cut out the (really dull) logging in and out processes forever with this plugin.Your little sidekick assistant will do it for you.

Just tell the plugin what you want posted & what date and time and then relax… KNOWING that it is all taken care of and it’s already sorted.

It’s actually a pretty simple and yet time saving, effective tool to have. That’s what plugins were invented for – to make life easier and allow you to be more efficient with your time – right?

After all, manual and petty tasks are boring – you know they are. Even millionaires have assistants! They have more important things to do. They want the trivial stuff ‘handled’.

If you want social media to really work for you – you need to stay at the forefront of people’s minds. The only way to do that is to post regularly so that they keep seeing your name and witnessing your business moves. In other words, to be seen online, you have to be there all the time…. And some people just don’t have the time or resources to do so at this level.

WP Social Secretary allows for all of the human errors that you will and have inevitably made in this way.
No longer should you worry about –

Forgetting to post

Forgetting to update old news

Feeling lazy or not wanting to go online that day

Not having time or being busy until he evening

Something unexpected comes up (like someone arriving at your door)

Being on holiday

Being off work

Being in the countryside or a place with no internet connection

Times that your internet is down (especially on a date that products are getting released or events are happening and it’s vitally important that people know at a certain time!!)

Something random happens (as life tends to!) and you can’t get online or it would suit BETTER to be somewhere else, dealing with something else! But you know that if you don’t go on and post that link or that date or that event – it WILL flop… it WILL be too late.

Well… not anymore!!!

When you schedule your posts to be released whenever you NEED IT with WP Social Secretary you will never be disappointed.

No matter what life brings to your door or what tragedy strikes, your business and goings-on will still safe. It will still get out there. You are covered. So breathe out and enjoy that day – whatever you’re doing.

For once in your life, your “update assistant” won’t be an unreliable and fallible human being – it will be a very reliable and unfailing robot.  One who has no other plans that day than to do your work.

This plugin is especially revered by people who love to have things planned. Who love being organized and ready. Who love to feel secure and safe. Who love it when life goes as you want it to. When you want it to – without fail.

Of course, as always, if you feel that this isn’t the handiest tool you’ve ever invested in – give it back to me. I will, in turn, give you back what you paid for it and we can pretend that we never met. Lucky for you and me – that won’t happen. Because you’re going to love this.

But I guarantee that you will find that you can’t live without it because it’s simplicity and importance is epic.

That alone should be enough to see the sense in just getting it now and saving yourself time and future panic. 

Plus, it’s just a really cool little helper with a very little price for what it does for you. 

What is that price?

It’s a one- time fee. Not like an assistant that you have to pay wages for regularly. Like in a shop, you buy it, you can use it forever… simple. 

Here’s that price

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How’s that for your own organising assistant?!
Pretty darn reasonable, I’d say!

And just for transparency and also to boast about how really easy it is to use and go – I’ve included a demo of how the WP Social Secretary   works below:

So you see, it really is very easy, very useful and future –proof; a tool that everyone who values their time should get now so that they can get organised and then go do more important things.

Work smarter, not harder. 

I know, as always, you see the sense in this.

Warm Regards,

P.S : This plugin will be sold at this rock-bottom price only for a very limited time. We will increase the price in the next few days. So make sure you grab the plugin right away at the lowest possible price!

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