Turbo Cash Package – Top Secret Underground’ Methods To Generate Fast Cash Online Without A Website Or Domain, Within 24 Hours Or Less – Includes Sales Material + Resale Rights

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“26 Step-By-Step Videos Reveal ‘Top Secret Underground Methods To Generate Fast Cash Online Without A Website Or Domain …Within 24 Hours Or Less!”

…Even if you’ve got absolutely NO previous sales experience, ZERO marketing skills and are working a full time job!


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With so many ways to make money online, it can be overwhelming… I mean should you build a blog? Should you create a product? Should you be building your list?

The answer is YES, yes you should be doing all these things but if you’re really stuck for time and want to make short-term fast cash then this for you.

Turbo Cash is tested and proven… and YOU can start using the systems that are about to be revealed to you to make consistent cash online fast… even if you have absolutely no sales or marketing experience.

Now, before we go further, I want you to understand that this course IS NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

The system is actionable and works any-time, any-day… but only if you’re willing to put in a little effort…. You must be willing to put in some leg work.

And most importantly…

What this product is REALLY all about – is giving you an exact system to generate a reliable income day in and day out – in an easy-to-understand process so that you DON’T get overwhelmed, distracted, or fail!

Each lesson is broken down into bite sized “do this and do that” videos. So, you can simply follow along, go where I say to go and click where I say to click, act and watch the profits start to flow.

With this potent system, you can easily pick up and start making quick cash faster, with the potential to scale up to a full-time income in a very short time, getting paid instantly and automatically in the process.

Introducing Turbo Cash!

16 Fastest Methods to Generate Cash Online in As Little As 24 HoursGuaranteed!

If you value your time and just want to get started making money already, then let me give you a taster of what’s inside this course…

Here’s a quick look inside Turbo Cash:

What you must do before you even think about trying to start an online business. Get this wrong and you might as well not go any further in your attempts to make money online!

Selling your own “instant payment” products that pay you 100% profits. I’ll show you exactly how to get started selling your own information products even if you’ve never created one before!

Offer preparation and pre-sales strategies that get results. This is the best way to convert cold traffic into loyal customers that continue to spend money with you repeatedly!

Knowing exactly where to find your ideal customers. Stop wasting time on places your customers will never be and reach them directly where they spend the most time!

The fastest ways to make money on YouTube, Facebook, eBay, and even Fiverr. I can guarantee these methods are NOT what you think!

How you can land multiple HIGH PAYING clients without spending a dime on advertising. I’ll show you where to source for clients who’ll spend TOP DOLLAR on your services, then outsource the work and pocket a sweet profit!

Selling digital products and getting paid instantly… WITHOUT creating them!

Specific “instant cash methods” that can put cash in your pocket NOW! …and scale up to higher profits with little extra effort.

Work at Home Quick Cash Method for getting paid FAST! I’ll show you where to find people in need of simple marketing services who are willing to pay you quickly!

Finding unadvertised opportunities on Skype and Social media. This one segment is a must see and worth the entire course!

And much, much more!

Turbo Cash Lesson 1 –
Welcome to Turbo Cash Methods

  • Discover what Turbocash Methods is all about and why this video course is ideal to supplement your income and build multiple income streams.
  • See why depending on the search engines can be counter-productive especially if you’re starting from scratch and simply don’t have the time.
  • Find out what are the minimum requirements you need to make money online and collect payments.

Turbo Cash Lesson 2 –
Turbo Cash Mindset & Methodology

  • We’ll discuss your mindset and how you should approach every money-making method, not just in this course but every method you come across online.
  • You’ll discover how to scale up, automate and outsource and knowing when the timing is right to do so.
  • See why over-thinking things is worse than not doing anything at all and what compounding affect it has on your success and mindset.
  • Discover the 5-word phrase that all high-performance people use whenever they explore new marketing methods.

Turbo Cash Lesson 3 –
Laying Foundations & Building A Base

  • Discover the power of building a ‘base’ for first time visitors, readers, prospects, customers and clients and why it affects your future success.
  • WordPress self-hosted or hosted for you? Find out which is the better option and the pros and cons of each option.
  • Discover alternative solutions if you find WordPress is too complicated and see how to this up.

Turbo Cash Lesson 4 –
Payment System Setup for Online Cash

  • Find out how to create PayPal buttons, set prices, set redirect links for customers, and retrieve your payment button form code or one-line email code.
  • See if JVZoo is the right solution for you, how it compares with just using PayPal on its own and discover several advantages that you may be overlooking.
  • Get practical tips on how to display your payment buttons on your blog, and what you need to do to your sidebars and content pages to get best results.
  • Discover 2 reliable solutions to store your product content securely even if you don’t have web hosting.

Turbo Cash Lesson 5 –
Digital Product Sales Mastery

  • Discover how to sell audio products and why they are ideal for attracting more intelligent and committed customers.
  • See how easy it is to sell video products and the advantage they have over other mediums.
  • Find out why PDFs are a great option for starting out and the viral marketing effect they have when done right.
  • See how to increase your sale price by selling software, or macros in spreadsheets
  • Discover how to make more money by selling the same product in a physical format and how to completely automate the creation and delivery process.

Turbo Cash Lesson 6 –
Product Referral System Simplified

  • See why it’s important to differentiate yourself from others if you want to succeed long-term as an affiliate.
  • Find out a very simple technique to generating more sales and building customer loyalty even if you’re promoting someone else’s product.
  • Discover how to get review copies of almost any product and why product owners will happily help you out when you follow these simple steps.
  • How to get approved for instant commissions on affiliate networks like JVZoo so you’re not putting your cash flow at risk.

Turbo Cash Lesson 7 –
Affiliate Network Profit Siphon

  • Find out why you should spend your time looking for instant payment systems to maintain good cash flow.
  • Discover the 2 best networks out there especially designed for the internet marketing niche.
  • See a quick demonstration of how to scan through the JVZoo marketplace, what numbers to look for and how to request to be an affiliate.
  • Find out the 2 ways to best connect with product creators so when you do approach them, they will be inclined to get you approved quickly.

Turbo Cash Lesson 8 –
Service for Profit

  • Discover 7 areas of services that high quality clients will pay you for. Advancing in one area of this alone can by turned into a full-time business.
  • Find out the two areas of service that marketers are willing to pay top dollar for and a simple technique you can use to increase the value of your service and your price.
  • Discover one simple service you can provide today that all marketers need and how you can use it to start a business without doing the work yourself.
  • Should you work straight away without payment or should your client pay you first? Find out the best way to handle service-type transactions to make it fair for both parties.

Turbo Cash Lesson 9 –
Pre-sell For Profit

  • Not all traffic is equal. Find out the difference between ‘cold’ traffic, and ‘resold‘ traffic and why it matters when you come to sell anything online.
  • Discover the art of ‘pre-selling’ and why the visitors coming to your site are more than just numbers but real people who will make buying decisions based on your empathy.
  • Video, article or audio. Which media is best to use? Find out the best media content to use for your landing page and why you still need to use good direct response principles.
  • Find out the 3 things you need as a minimum to make a great resell page and why you shouldn’t over-sell early on.

Turbo Cash Lesson 10 –
Get Ready for Launch & Traffic Flow

  • Now that you know what you’re going to market, which affiliate network to use, a ‘home base’ and a pre-sell page it’s time to get traffic.
  • Find out how to approach the upcoming marketing methods we teach, how to make assessments and decide whether it can be scaled.
  • Prepare yourself for the practical side as we go through traffic methods, marketing techniques, outsourcing tips and more to get your business going.

Turbo Cash Lesson 11 –
Quick Method to Build Pre-Sell Pages

  • Find out what keywords to Google to bring you the results of hot selling products with plenty of pre-sell content done for you. A great time saver.
  • Discover a sneaky technique to search for the big marketers in your niche who have proven that they can make affiliate sales.
  • You can then use this information to contact them directly with your offer to give you a head start with your own product launch
  • Find out what the top affiliates are doing to pre-sell their visitors and model off them to guarantee your success.

Turbo Cash Lesson 12 –
YouTube Traffic to Affiliate Offer

  • Discover how to use Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner to dig out the hottest keywords for your video.
  • Find out what tools you can use to create effective video and what content to include in your video to make it worth watching.
  • Find out exactly what the goal is with YouTube videos, and the fastest way to get traffic to your video.
  • See how to conclude your video and finish off with a bonus package to make the sale plus effective marketing methods to boost the value of your bonus.

Turbo Cash Lesson 13 –
Facebook Traffic to Your Product

  • Discover why sending Facebook traffic directly to your product sales page is likely to get you sales straight away if you have a good relationship with your followers.
  • How to bypass Facebook’s Edge rank algorithm that limits the amount of views on your post and alternative content you can post that will lead to the sale.
  • How to sell your own products on JVZoo without even having your own web-hosting.
  • Discover the ‘Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook’ rule for all social media postings to get the best results.

Turbo Cash Lesson 14 –
LinkedIn Traffic to Your Service

  • Find out what your goal is and how to make people curious about your service.
  • The one key you need to be successful on LinkedIn and why you need to post good content and be helpful in groups.
  • How to set up your profile to emphasise your area of expertise that sells your services.

Turbo Cash Lesson 15 –
Selling Personal Items

  • Watch a live example of market research on eBay to find out what people are selling, how they’re selling and their prices.
  • Watch over our shoulder as we search through the Craigslist classified ads and Facebook for local events

Turbo Cash Lesson 16 –
Selling Directly On eBay

  • Watch how we perform a market research on eBay to see how much competition there is and whether a product is worth selling.
  • If a product is selling, find out exactly how many products were sold within a time span and use that information to determine if your product will sell.
  • See how a seller’s feedback rating provides you with more than just ‘good’ feedback but also exactly what sells best.

Turbo Cash Lesson 17 –
Warrior Forum Signature Marketing

  • Watch this video as we walk you through the process of generating sales through the Warrior Forum.
  • Discover how to navigate through the sub-forum sections to post relevant helpful content so you don’t get kicked out or banned.
  • Find out how to get your message seen by the greatest number of people and know which threads to leave a reply in to make it worth your time.

Turbo Cash Lesson 18 –
Warrior Special Offer Cash

  • Find out exactly what the rules are and which threads to read before posting any offer to keep your account in good standing.
  • See which threads are already doing well just by looking at a few little clues. With this information alone you can form an entire business online.
  • A quick look at the advantages of WSO Pro and why you might want to consider this if you’re marketing on the forum full time.
  • See what a hot-selling WSO thread looks like, what elements to include and how to model off it to ensure a successful launch.

Turbo Cash Lesson 19 –
Warrior Forum Classified Ad Affiliate Cash

  • Discover how to sell affiliate products on the classified ad section and offer bonuses to get instant traffic and sales.
  • Watch over our shoulder as we show you some typical examples of threads offering bonuses for affiliate products.
  • Discover how to use titles, sub-titles, images and sales copy on your thread to pre-sell forum members, how to present your bonus package and link off to the offer page.

Turbo Cash Lesson 20 –
Warrior Forum Service Cash

  • Find out how to sell your services on the ‘Warriors for Hire’ section of the Warrior Forum for fast cash and the types of services that sell well.
  • Dig deeper into a live thread and see how they’ve presented their service to get the best type of clients.
  • Compare pricing of specific services so you know what prices to sell for and use it as a template to out-do your competitors.
  • Find out exactly how to get your service known and get excellent feedback to paste on your thread without breaking the rules or getting banned.

Turbo Cash Lesson 21 –
Redirecting Pinterest, Twitter & Google Traffic to Your Offer

  • See what you need to do first to get the ball rolling to gain loyal followers who want to buy your product.
  • Find out how many times you need to post on the social networks before you send out a promotion.
  • Find out what you need to do if you intend on recommending affiliate offers and why it’s important to set yourself apart from others.

Turbo Cash Lesson 22 –
Selling Services on Fiverr & Gig Sites

  • See what’s already selling on popular gig sites like Fiverr and discover why it’s more than just about selling services for five bucks.
  • Take a sneak peek at a successful gig listing, find out what title to use to capture attention, and how to explain your gig in a way that out-sells your competition.
  • Discover several other powerful sites like Fiverr to get hold of customers and high-paying clients.

Turbo Cash Lesson 23 –
Fiverr Arbitrage

  • Run your own service by getting work done on Fiverr, adding value to the service and then charging a higher price.
  • Find out what type of services you can do this effectively with and what to look for in your employees.
  • Discover 4 reliable places you can offer your services without having to create your own website or own a domain.

Turbo Cash Lesson 24 –
Offline QR Codes to Affiliate Offers

  • Find out how to sell affiliate products offline with QR codes using tear-off flyers.
  • Discover a free way to get a hold of tear-off flyer templates without having to design your own from scratch.
  • Get familiar with QR codes and find out how to create your own for free.
  • Discover the best way to pre-sell QR code traffic and a perfect example of how to do this in the weight loss niche.

Turbo Cash Lesson 25 –
Virtual Vocations for Service

  • See why freelancing sites the best option may not be if you’re not established and why Virtual Vocations is a good alternative.
  • Find out the 2 best services you can offer on Virtual Vocations that are in high demand and pay well for the time involved.
  • Discover one meta site that can dig through many service-type sites so you can find quick-pay jobs ideal for you.

Turbo Cash Lesson 26 –
Social Network & Marketing Your Service

  • Discover how to use Facebook groups to connect with like-minded people who are very likely to invest in your services.
  • Find out how to perform the same search strategy on Google Plus and why this option is better if you want higher-paying clients.
  • See how to connect to Skype groups for more opportunities and how to use this as a platform to get invited to other groups and expand your network.

This course will cover all the fastest ways to make money online without web hosting, without a domain name, and without an autoresponder.

Turbo Cash is not a long-term strategy. It is designed for anyone who needs to produce cash online within the next 24 hours.

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