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Dear Marketer, 

If you don’t use apps either free or paid, which is very unlikely, you’ll know plenty of people who do. These days, not having a smartphone means that you have what my friends comically call ‘a brick’ or a ‘dinosaur’. 

You see, we all have to roll with the times; staying connected and using the tools available that make your daily tasks more interesting,easier and quicker – that’s where apps come in and why they’re so popular. 

Some people I know confess to downloading or using up to 50 apps a day. They’re properly addicted. And so is most of the planet… let’s look at the statistics and remind ourselves of the android app market as it stands today:

A recent study that was carried out by eMarketer revealed that more than 73-million people in the US alone are currently using smartphones. Taking into consideration babies and our elderly may not comprise this figure – that’s a lot of people. 

And out of these people, Harris Interactive and found during a poll that about 70% of these smartphone users have downloaded and used at least one app.

And this is just one country.

Smartphone apps have been downloaded nearly 11 billion times, and this is expected to rise over the next few years, so you can see why it’s such a money-making opportunity that you can tap into. 

Of course, you may ask ‘Why Android?’ and not say, apple apps or some other software… after all, is that not where the real money is? 

Well, get this:

So if you know that apps open you up to basically most of the world’s money and understand that it’s also the biggest market to get into… you’ll realise why I’m asking you to consider creating your own awesome app and stealing a cut from this rising demographic.

This is what is amazing about the internet.

Before now, marketing a business, yourself or a product was costly and difficult. 

It took time, capital, positioning and planning. You had to research who would buy it and then physically print out leaflets and materials to sell it and start up a big PR campaign. And you’d probably only realistically be able to target locals. Being online, you can pretty much target the planet, 24 hours a day and you don’t even have to be there to get paid. No wonder there are more millionaires now than there ever was. Getting rich has simply got easier.  And accessing a product or tool has simply got faster.

For example, when Apple made ‘apps’ cool and everyone wanted an iPhone and iPod to check them out and see all the funky stuff that they could do, it seemed that it was only something ‘Apple’ could do. 

Well, guess what – technology has changed, Android has taken over Apple and it has also allowed you – a normal human being – to create and sell your very own apps to make money and build a brand for yourself. It’s time to wave goodbye to expensive select company apps and say hello to ideas that you’ve always had but were not able to bring to life before today.  

Nowadays, you’d rarely see a top restaurant, training company, driving school or – as I witnessed yesterday – even a cake shop… without their own custom made app. It’s so powerful to have presence in this way both on and offline.  

But as I’ve noticed these companies usually spend so much money getting someone to make the app for them – because they don’t know how. I mean, who knows how to just create an app, where to place it and especially one that people will be dying to download without any experience or training?

Today however I’m going to give you the exact guide you need so that you won’t have to ever hire anyone else, spend a fortune (or wait for weeks) to try and make this happen for you. You’ll literally have every step you need to bring your corporate app or your app idea (if it’s not related to your own business) to market.

Isn’t this exciting?

You’ll finally feel like you’ve achieved something big when you see yourself online (either as a business or even just as a creator of a brilliant app idea) that you made happen. And given the current market that we’ve just demonstrated – you’ll get so much more exposure, money and credit with such a software under your belt. 

In fact, you’ll be joining the creators of the most successful apps in the online Google Play store; ones that you used to look at, envy and even download because they were so useful or fun. 

If you’ve ever thought – “Hey, I had an idea like that, I’d love to do it but I don’t have the money and I just don’t know how…” now’s your time!

If you follow the instructions laid out for you in the resource I’m giving to you today – you’ll be totally ready to begin this process in the shortest and most direct way possible.

I know people who have some of the most amazing ideas for apps, sometimes (in my opinion) million dollar ideas and they say – “Isn’t this a great idea? People would totally download that… I would download that!” and then they smile, drink some coffee and get on with their lives because they don’t think they could take it any further.

Well, if this is you, it doesn’t have to be this way! 

This is why I am offering you this book today, you deserve for your creativity to blossom and be known to the world and why not? It’s not like it used to be where only the richest and best got heard. 

Now, normal average Joe has the same opportunities to make money selling his own apps as any multi-million dollar company. It’s as simple as that.

And now that you’re going to know how to do it yourself, I’m afraid there’s no one holding you back from this explosive market but YOU! 

Forget your design degree, your research, your borrowed thousand dollar capital… one book has already done that all for you and will enable you to skip the fluff and energy wasting approaches and just sail ahead with confidence. 

Ok, let’s say for talk sake – you’ve read this up until now and thought – “Well this sounds amazing, but I just don’t have any best- selling app ideas or feel like I want to make money online, I work all day, have no time and own a pizza parlour!”

Fair enough. So let’s reiterate what we touched on about simple apps for existing businesses on the ground because I want to emphasise how making your own app to promote what you’re already doing, even if you don’t want to do something new…can be the difference between gettingrich and getting by.

Picture this:You own a pizza parlour or any retail/food outlet but your website is in competition with many others in the area (maybe ones that have been around for 20 years and have much more marketing capital) and so you’re not getting all the awareness that you could – people are going elsewhere.

Now imagine they had access to your easy app – that if you knew how, you could use to send more people to your website, increase your rankings and let people know you’re a big player in this industry.

Then realise the value you’d be giving your existing customers also if they could use your app to see your menu without phoning you or any extra hassle, if they could go on to it at any time and know whatever deals are on at that time. They get to check and compare prices; they can calculate how much they’re going to spend, share it with their friends and know exactly where you are located too and the opening times.

You can go further by offering customer support, offering discounts for referrals, collect feedback and data about customer behaviours and find out what their favourite meal is and of course, get emails so that you can send them ‘money off’ and information. They can join your networks and become part of your fan club, give great reviews… the list is endless.

It goes on and on… but you get my point. There is much to be gained by having your own app and doing it your way so that no one disappoints you by not being able to create your message and vision in only the way you can.

After all, you are the business owner.

And it will look very modern and professional if you can join today’s technology and capitalise on the fact that pretty much everyone has a smartphone, pretty much everyone uses apps and that if your app is on their phone – when other competitors do not have one – chances are they’ll be more likely to use you and go to you.

Because it’s easy for them, because you’re in their face…. and because they have everything they need right there. This is very good business.

Well, I’ll help you with that.
In fact, one of the chapters of the book is dedicated to helping you figure out the best market for monetization, finding the perfect product or idea to sell to the masses and then obviously the best way to get started in actual creation and selling.
It’s pretty simple if you know your stuff. 
If it wasn’t, there would be 60,000 apps right now on Google Play – the very platform that I’ll be teaching you how to conquer. 
But meanwhile, let’s blast your brain with some ideas that were very simple and are now the top 5 selling paid apps of the year…

This is an Android app that allows you to access talks from some of the world’s most fascinating people in education; tech geniuses, medical spokespeople, business gurus, and music legends. It lets you access the thoughts of great people if you can’t ever see them in person.  You may not be able to completely replicate this but why not do this for your own coaching or people you may know of value… maybe you could do this with new songs or albums if you’re an up and coming music maestro or even offer people access to debates on topics of interest. The list is endless for this type of idea.

A fun photo editor and sharing app. This idea is just as simple and since social media has gone visual, it’s a great basis to develop your own idea if you are a photographer, an IT guru, someone who loves to inspire or just loves pictures.

This app lets you manage your favourite shows and share them with your friends. Even if you can’t create something to this extent, if you know your movies, you could design an app that focused on similar information; for one example – sharing with people a list of the all- time best movies to watch, what they’re about and so on if they’re stuck on a Friday night. It’s up to you.

Believe it or not, one of the best- selling apps for people with kids is a simple concept of giving them an app that has a fairy tale to read on it. Virtually all parents I know with a smartphone look for these types of apps and will pay for them.
Kids have moved away from books, they now have iPods instead of crayons and iPhones instead of headphones so designing kid friendly apps means you can keep it very basic (so you don’t need many skills) and the child will still be happy. You get paid… everyone wins.

The Pinterest app may have been created by a massive company but look at how strangely low profile the idea itself is. Sharing what interests you such as recipes, pictures, quotes, designs and clothes. If you have a specific business you could create an app that showcases your own ideas and designs or your own brand of advice and pictures. 

You see, no matter how big or small the creators of these apps are – the ideas are easy. And people are buying them. They’re buying them so much that they’re some of the most downloaded apps in the world.
With the right direction – what is stopping you from joining them at the top with your own specific ideas?
Serious, helpful, fun or just creative – I’m sure you can think of something.
We’re moving into a time where apps are just massive and the profitability is just crazy. 
You need to tap into this while it’s hot, early and new, there’s just too much money in it to overlook.
As I said before, all it takes is a little know-how; some information and some advice on where to begin … and you’ll have every single tool you need to make huge money in this game. Period.

That’s all it costs to work out the Fiverr concept entirely for good.

You’ll not get this kind of information collected together like this anywhere else.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this book: 

Exactly what the android market is and how apps really work

Get to know the trends of this specific market and how to ensure your app has the best chance of being a huge seller

Figuring out all the best underground ways to make money from your chosen app

The secrets and buying habits of app users and how to bring people to you

The super strategy of pre-selling

Finding product ideas that fit the market when creating your app

Things you should do and never do

How to build a huge list of customers easily;

How to catch them and keep them

How to get started in the most effective way and then keeping customer interest alive

…and so, so much more

Of course, if you don’t think this book will turn you into the expert you desire, I will take all the risk.

If you don’t think it is worth every dime you spend then I will give you your money back.

I’m so sure of the worth of this book that I’ve put a 30 day money back guarantee on it.

That gives you 30 full days to decide to love and use it.

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