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Bear in mind that the most complicated membership site isn’t always the best. If you keep it simple and you’re consistent, customers will still be very pleased as long as your content provides value to them.


Before you start creating your membership site, you need to give it some thought as to what kind of content you want to put on it. You can make things simple or incredibly complex. In fact, there are so many choices as to what you put on the site that it can be overwhelming. Use these suggestions to help you decide.

Get to Know Your Customers

Think about the niche market your membership site will cover. Get to know your customers and what they want. If you’ve already been selling products in your niche, think about what has worked and what hasn’t. The more you get to know your future customers, the easier it will be to provide them with content.

What kind of content is standard in your niche?

Another way to approach the content issue is to think about what kind of content is standard in your niche. For example, if a lot of people seem to be selling videos and eBooks, you may want to provide your customers the same thing. Or not. It will all depend on if what you offer will add value to the market and will win customers over to your product.


As mentioned earlier in this report, there are actually several different kinds of membership sites you can create. Some are difficult to create, others are quite simple. But how do you know which kind suits your site?

There are several ways to arrive at your decision. You can decided based on
• How much work you want to put in creating the site.
• Whether or not you want a simple format or one that has a lot of bells and whistles.
• How much time you plan on spending updating the site and providing content.
• Whether or not you want to create a community setting.
• Whether or not you want to outsource to set the site up or if you have the skills to do it yourself

That list is by no means complete but it can get you started as you think about what components you want on the site. Here is a short list of the types of membership sites out there.
• Autoresponder based site Just collect the payments and the content gets sent to their email. This is the easiest to implement.
• Regular website You can set up your membership site as if you would a regular website. The only difference is that a login is required. These sites can have articles, a forum, a blog, etc. It will all depend on what is right for the niche.

If you give these points some thought based on the subject your membership site will be on, you’ll be more successful.


Before you truly get started in setting up your membership site, you’ll need to analyze the competition. If you fail to do this, you may have difficulty getting people to sign up for your site. To start with, examine your direct competitors. These are the people who have a membership site in the same subject as yours.

To get started, you’ll want to go out and find membership sites in your niche. If there aren’t any, this could mean one of two things – there could be a need for your membership site or people in your niche aren’t willing to spend money for a membership. Bear in mind that an effective marketer can get people to fork over the money for a membership so the second scenario may not even be an issue.

Assuming that there is at least one membership site pertaining to your niche, a good first step is to sign up for a membership. After that, observe the following things:

• How the site is designed. Is it easy to navigate?

• How much the membership cost and what their different pricing options are.

• If there is a community, do people readily participate?

• Determine if something is missing from the site that you feel the members need. This could be information, videos, a forum, a blog, etc. Be the one to provide it for them.

• Think really hard about what will set you apart from your competition.

When it comes to being different, you have several choices as to how you can go about doing that. Here is a list of ideas. Keep in mind that you can always build on these ideas. You can also choose one from the list or utilize a combination of these tactics.

• Under-pricing Charge less than your competition. This will attract people who want the content but don’t want to pay the prices.

• Better quality Establish your site as something that is of a higher quality. You can do this by getting killer testimonials from people.

• Modify your niche For example, if your niche is weight loss, you may want to modify it slightly to target an even smaller portion of the market. An example of a modified weight loss niche would be “weight loss for women”.

Spend as much time on analyzing your competition as you need because it will be time well spent. Your research can help you come up with an idea that will have an even greater profit potential.

If you gloss over this part thinking you don’t need it, your site may not be as successful as you want it. Yes, it is possible to achieve success if you skip this step. But it may not be worth it to take that chance.


Another key decision you’ll need to make is figuring out a pricing schedule for the site. Of course, you can choose to make it free but that should only be done for a specific purpose such as building your list or getting people interested in the full membership.

In general, you’ll want to choose a price your future customers will want to pay for. Sometimes it’s hard to gauge until you set a price and see what happens. If it’s too low, people may suspect that the content is lacking. If it’s too high, you may have a hard time getting people to sign up, depending on the niche.

Either way, choose a price that you think makes sense and then give it at least a month. If membership isn’t quite what you expect, alter it accordingly.

Does That Sound Good Or What?

You might well be wondering: what if it doesn’t work for my business? What if I already know all of this? What if I’m not 100% happy with the course and it’s another poor excuse to make a quick quid or two out of me?

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