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Dear entrepreneur,

We look at celebrities and we ask ourselves how they manage to stay in peak physical shape, look 30 years younger than they are and have pure, fresh skin.

Meanwhile, some of us get up in the morning most days, squeeze on the jeans that used to fit only last year and rub cream on facial skin that could give a crocodile a run for its money.

What’s the deal? Why is Hollywood full of gods and goddesses and we’re left fighting ageing, sickness, dullness, tiredness, weakness, obesity and sagging?

Well, we could say they have loads of money, so they can afford surgery and crazy exotic food brought to them by personally hired food experts or dieticians. And we’d be right.But instead of being jealous – let’s focus on this fact:

There has to be a system that works for them to keep them at their best for most of the time.

So whoever their £20,000 a week meal planner is – they are doing something right.

And on that note:

Who says that you can’t copy it?

You don’t need a dietician to spoon feed you; you’re from the real world where if you know the secrets – you can easily do it yourself. No problem. You simply cut out the middle man, pick a perfect celeb and follow a lifestyle that consistently works.

And why not?

It’s working for them, they’re human and so are you.

You deserve optimal health, vitality and attractiveness. Period.

And today, I’m going to let you into a secret to eating and living that some of the fittest and healthiest celebs today use and swear by.

If you listen carefully to what you hear and learn today and promise yourself to commit to making small but meaningful changes with this specific plan….

For the first time ever you will not just lose weight and keep it off but also have less chance of getting sick, spotty, depressed, tired and have much more energy every single day.

New York Times best-selling author Loren Cordain PH.D is one of the world’s leading experts on dieting and health is also the founder of the Paleo movement and the Palaeolithic diet plan.

Her published research is based on the grounds that our cavemen (and women) ancestors had much more resilience, health, lack of disease and natural skin/hair that we could ever hope to achieve now.

She believes based on evidence that if we take tips from our ancestors’ diets that we soon understand why it’s so perfect, easy and good for you.

The Paleo Diet (from the Palaeolithic era) is about as close to natural as you’re going to get in modern times

And it’s not (like most diets) based on foods that are so dull you want to jump off the tallest building and hopefully land in McDonald’s or that someone will find you in a cave stuffing leaves in your mouth… it’s actually ridiculously clever and simple. 

The Paleo diet is based upon everyday, modern foods that cleverly ‘mimic’ the food groups of our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors. 

With only seven fundamental characteristics to think about, using this specific diet ONLY you will easily optimize your health, minimize your risk of chronic disease, and more than anything lose weight and keep it off.

On every diet, and this is what totally gets to me, they’ll either allow you to eat complete junk and pass it off as a replacement meal to some of the fattier foods we enjoy or the diet is so hard that we give up. 

Who wants to eat chemicals and hidden sugars and equally who is brave enough to eat a carrot stick meal every day? It’s mental.

The problem is, and I know this first hand, some of the things we cut back on and starve ourselves from is actually not all that bad for you and some of the yucky stuff that we force ourselves to eat more of is actually secretly ruining our weight loss goals or having no effect at all.

In order to get not just slim but also (long-term) into peak and perfect health for optimal vitality – we need the RIGHT information from someone who knows exactly WHAT THE PERFECT FOODS ARE IN ACCORDANCE WITH OUR BODIES and why. 

It needs to be visibly working, perfect for how our bodies actually work (not the rubbish we’ve been told), 100% healthy and natural, recommended, proven, researched, tasty, diverse (so that we don’t die of boredom) endorsed by the best food expert on the planet and not difficult to follow with regards to our modern food options.

There’s only one diet that to date can and does achieve all of the above: The Paleo Diet. It ticks all these boxes without fail. 

From today, you can now learn how this amazing diet works and follow it yourself so that 

Having a good meal plan is just not enough! It’s only half the battle! You need to understand your body, what it needs, what it doesn’t need and exactly what to eat and when. Doing it with misguided information is just pointless. 

And who else to take advice from that a doctor that has actually developed this diet based on all the downfalls and shortcomings of the past fad diets. She instead developed her own based on the healthiest people in history and now you can model it too…

Becoming just like those glowing celebs has never been so accessible, trust me.

If all diets worked, we’d all be super models.

‘How to be fit and skinny’ books miss one thing when they try to help us. 

That diets are not easy… why is that?

Because they focus on lack. On cutting down and cutting off and cutting out.
And it’s dramatically unnecessary.

With the Paleo Diet, as some of the healthiest stars are aware, you can still eat delicious and amazing foods…. As long as you know what you’re doing.

All fats aren’t bad – there are good fats out there. You just got to open your eyes, stop believing in random diets and stick with one that is scientifically sound and has done all the work for you. Don’t you want to live at your very best for once and stop just ‘getting by’ when it comes to health, nutrition and beauty? 

The secret to amazing skin, a great weight and an enjoyable lifestyle is finally here.

Times have changed. We might not be out hunting a carcass and dragging it back to the cave anymore but we can use what we know from nature to benefit us.

And let me tell you something, once you stop screwing around with the way that nature intended and behave and live the way you were designed … that’s when everything starts to go right.

When you are in alignment with natural body processes, following a healthy regime that is as close to what the body needs as it can get – there is no such thing as fat or disease or depression. 

Because you will be feeding your very cells with the stuff that it needs. The right stuff.

And no diet can claim that except this one. Because it’s been tested again and again. 

In fact the body only needs a few rules, and once you know what those rules are – what you can eat and not eat, what is great and not so great… well, then how the heck can you ever get fact?

Obesity or illness is not natural.

It may be forced upon us by low quality food, poor information, and stress but it is not how the body wants to experience itself. 

All you need just like the many celebs who stay in their little bubble of perfection, is a few secrets, a little information, AN ACTUAL EATING PLAN and some advice as to how it’s done at a peak level.

That’s why I have a guide for you today that will explain the Paleo diet and how to use it so that you never have to eat badly again or give up stuff that you don’t have to. 

You’ll also understand more about yourself and your body than you’ve ever done.

Knowledge is power. It’s beauty, it’s health and its energy.

You can join the most effective and successful diet and lifestyle out there and know that you are doing your body and your future a massive favour.

Without first reading this book, unless you are randomly lucky, you will give up way before you have to and not make the most of the lengthy research set up for you today.

It will show you exactly (step by step) how to begin the diet in a way you’ll actually achieve and maintain so that you can feel better than you’ve done ever before.

Imagine feeling your all-time best….


Imagine having a choice of what to eat and knowing that it not just ‘healthy’ but great for you ….

Imagine people telling you that you look younger and fitter than you’ve ever looked and asking for your secret…

This is all now possible thanks to the awesome doctor who has made this a global phenomenon.

And to make sure you make the right decision, get this guide and try feeling amazing for once, I’ll make the price a lot lower than it’s worth in terms of research, long term value and overall effort –

That’s all it costs to have access to the best kept secrets of celeb perfection.

You’ll not get this kind of information collected together like this anywhere else.

What the paleo diet is and why it’s so different to other diets

 – The myths no one will tell you about everyday foods

 – Your easy and diverse plan to eating on the paleo diet

 – Understanding how your body actually works and what it needs without fail

 – The avoidable mistakes that most healthy eaters make

 – How to get ideal skin and shape with the paleo diet concept

 – How celebs use the paleo diet

 – Actual case studies of Hollywood stars who swear by paleo and why

 – Hollywood eating secrets that are easier than you imagine

 – The strange quirks of good fats

 – How to make the most from this diet

…and so much more…

This book is loaded with only essential information – no junk- so that you can get started quickly and without confusing technical terms or jargon.

More than that, if you don’t learn everything you need to in order to totally dominate this field – I will give you all of your money back.

You have my promise of a 30 day money back guaranteeThat’s how confident I am that you’ll absolutely love this.

This book is packed with information that will never make you feel overwhelmed or scared about dieting again.

No more wasting time, hope and money doing things that don’t work and having half the advice you really need to make it happen in the long run.

No more yo-yo-ing in weight and health.

That’s how certain I am that you’ll use this information wisely and value what you learn because I’m taking all of the risk. I just want you to be happy and satisfied.

And I’m sure you will be so you can get this and if you don’t like it, we’ll pretend it never happened.

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