Instant Offline PowerPoint Sales Presentations For Consultants Package – Turn Your Prospects Into Paying CLIENTS With This PROFESSIONAL Done For You Package of PowerPoint Presentations, Email Swipes, Report, Videos and MORE – Includes Private Label Rights

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Are You STRUGGLING To Close More Local Businesses On Your Services?

“Turn Your Prospects Into Paying CLIENTS With This PROFESSIONAL Done-For-You Package of PowerPoint Presentations, Email Swipes, Report, Videos, and MORE…”

Dear Offline Marketer,

Trying to get local business owners to understand WHY they need your services can be difficult… especially if you are unprepared.

In order to build trust and credibility, you need to clearly show them the value surrounding your services; they really need to understand that digital marketing is no longer an option if they want to seriously generate more leads, sales, and profits.

Services such as Video Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Mobile Websites, Local SEO, Professional Web Design, Social Media Marketing, and others can really make a BIG difference to their bottom line…

While they are DESPERATE to connect with more local consumers, they are CLUELESS about how to make it happen…

This is where YOU come in…

When going to an appointment with a business owner, you need tools and aides that will help you SIMPLIFY the whole process…  

… instead of leaving frustrated and asking yourself “what just happened?” because you didn’t even get to talk about the things you needed to.

(I’ve been there)

If you can successfully get all of your points across in an organised, quick, simple manner, you are THAT much closer to CLOSING the deal.

This brand new package of Instant Offline Power-Points, Presentation Checklist, Email Swipes, and More will help you get the job done FASTER and EASIER than doing it all by yourself… 

These Presentations Will Help You Touch On
Some Important Points When Meeting With
Business Owners…

Show Them That You Understand Their FRUSTRATIONS In Business

Explain The FACTS And BENEFITS Surrounding Your Service

Show Them Where Their WEAKNESSES Are

Show Them Where Their Competitors Are Having SUCCESS

Explain How YOU Can Help Solve Some Of Their Biggest Problems

Present Them With Your Solution On The SPOT


7 New Offline Consultant PowerPoint Presentations

You will receive 7 Ready-to-Go PowerPoint Presentations to help “you educate,” “impress,” and “close deals” when meeting with potential clients…

These are NOT just blank templates… they come with the content already on there so you can literally start putting it to use in your business ASAP.

You will receive a presentation for each of the following POPULAR Offline services:

Website Design

Mobile Websites

Local SEO

Social Media Marketing

Video Marketing

Reputation Management

Email Marketing

Each Section Of These Presentations Have Been Carefully Crafted
To Help You Cover 3 Important Areas As You Present, Which Are:


Common Small Business Pain Points

To show them that you UNDERSTAND their frustrations, the first few slides of all of the presentations go over the same common problems most local businesses are facing these days, such as:

  • Difficulty bringing in new customers and repeat business
  • Their competitors taking their share of the market
  • Their struggles to fully leverage Digital Marketing strategies to increase business
  • Lack of Time

Opening up the discussion about these problems is a great way to help build trust with business owners and show them that your TRUE INTENT is to help them SOLVE these problems.


Specific Problems and Suggested Solutions

The next set of slides get into:

  • Benefits and facts about the specific service you are offering
  • Going over their weaknesses related to the service you are offering
  • Going over their competitors’ strengths related to the service you are offering

There are placeholder slides where you can show them a picture of a specific problem you’ve found with their company in particular – such as low rankings, bad customer reviews, issues with their website, etc…  as well as what their competitors are having success with – such as high rankings, great customer reviews, proper website design, etc….

… boosting your credibility by making your presentations SPECIFIC to their particular business.


The next set of slides will help you start going in for the CLOSE:

  • How you can help them get started and what you will do for them
  • Make a limited-time special offer
  • Show them what some of your satisfied clients have to say about you

All presentation design styles are similar so  you can easily add/remove slides to cover multiple services and INSTANTLY establish credibility as an Online Marketing Expert!

Presentations Come in PPT and OpenOffice Formats for EASY Editing

Here’s a Snapshot of One of Them:


Ideas for Using These Presentations:

Use them in live meetings with local business owners

Use them in webinars with local business owners

Create presentations for specific companies and email them to your leads (can turn them into videos too)

Convert them into slide show videos

… and MUCH more!


7X Presentation Checklists


Want a Written Checklist to Follow for Your Presentations?  

You will receive a fully-editable checklist to help you effortlessly get through a sales meeting or webinar.

Trying to get your words together when presenting can be TOUGH.

Checklists are the perfect way to have notes on-hand so you can touch on all topics, see what’s coming up, and take notes along the way…


3X Done-For-You Lead Gen Email Templates


Do You HATE Cold-Calling to Reach Out to Offline Business Owners?

The good news is that you can successfully do this via email (and even direct mail) as long as you target the RIGHT kinds of businesses (already spending money on advertising).

Requesting an appointment is actually pretty short, simple, and to-the-point.

But if copy-writing isn’t your thing, you’d probably rather have something pre-written to work with.

To give you a jump-start, I am giving you 3 of my personal top-performing emails that generated REAL responses like this…


Brand New High-Quality Digital Marketing Report

Want a Report that You Can Leave Behind With Business Owners OR Give Away In Exchange For Email Addresses Online? 

You will receive one titled (3,400+ Words):  “Digital Marketing 2016:  Top 7 Success Strategies To Watch”

Sometimes, business owners are not ready to close with you after meeting with them, but that doesn’t mean that you should just walk away.

As a way to remain fresh in their minds, leave your mark by giving them this fully-editable short report that lets them know that digital marketing is here to STAY and is only expected to GROW.

You can also give this report away on your websites, social media sites, squeeze pages, or wherever you want to capture more leads…


Eye-Catching Digital Marketing Infographic


Infographics are HOT…

They are perfect for helping you capture attention, educate your audience, and get traffic to your website.

You will receive this Infographic that you can edit however you want and post on your website, social media, or anywhere else you want to capture leads.

Infographic Title: “Top 5 Digital Marketing Benefits for Small Businesses”

PSD File Included for Easy Editing…


Captivating Digital Marketing Lead Gen Video


Animated Ex-plainer style videos are PROVEN to convert well for any type of lead capture funnel because they are so engaging.

You will receive this eye-catching video to help you capture leads who KNOW they need to step into the digital age.

It is approximately one minute long and you will receive a version of the video with 2 call-to-action endings:  “Contact Us Today” and “Download Our Free Report Today”…  

Put it on your website or blog

Put it on YouTube and other social media sites

… and any other way you want to use it to generate new leads!

Here’s a Short Sample of the Video:


The Lead Gen Video in “Video Sales Letter” Style

Video Sales Letters CONVERT.

We’ve also created a Video Sales Letter style of the lead gen video above to give you even MORE flexibility in how you use it!

A Video Sales Letter is a sales message with “Presentation Slides, Text, and Voice” only… (no other distractions).

You’ll notice that many top marketers are using this style of sales video because it simply CONVERTS well for most types of audiences…

Again, you will receive a copy with 2 different call-to-action endings: “Contact Us” and “Download Our Free Report”

*** HOT BONUS ***

Overcoming Objections Cheat Sheet

Want Some Tips to Help You Handle Objections?

Meeting with an offline business owner can be very uneasy to say the least… ESPECIALLY if it’s new to you.

It’s inevitable that some of them will give you reasons for not moving forward with your services.

In most cases, these objections are a result of them either not fully understanding your offer… or just wanting more time to decide.

This cheat sheet will give you some insight to some of the most common objections and some suggestions on how to respond to them…



So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Having this package of content custom-created
would EASILY cost you £1,000+.

But you won’t have to pay that today…

My goal with this offer is to OVER-DELIVER!

Just To Recap… You Are Getting:

7 Professional Offline PowerPoint Presentations (Value: £300)

7 Presentation Checklists to Follow (Value: £50)

PLR Report Titled: “Digital Marketing 2016: 7 Success Strategies to Watch” (Value: £150)

An Animated Ex-plainer Lead Gen Video with 2 Call-to-Action Endings (Value: £200)

Video Sales Letter Style of the Lead Gen Video with 2 Call-to-Action Endings (Value: £150)

3 Appointment Request Email Templates (Value: £100)

PLR Infographic (Value: £100)

BONUS “Overcoming Objections” Cheat Sheet (Value: £50)

Ecover Provided in PNG, JPG, and PSD Formats for Easy Editing

All Documents Provided in MS Word, OpenOffice, and Notepad Formats for Easy Editing

Video Provided in MP4 Format for Easy Branding & MP3 Audio Files Included

PowerPoint Slides Provided in PPT and OpenOffice Formats for Easy Editing

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