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Targeting the right market
What to look out for in your competitors
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eBook 1 –

How To Start Your Own Scrapbooking Business

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 
What Is Scrapbooking? 
Is This the Job for You? 
2 What to Expect with a Scrapbooking Business 
The Type of Work 
How Much Can You Make? 
Getting Started: Focus Small First 
Chapter 2: Do You Have the Skill? 
Creating Your Own 
Your Work Is More Than Just a Scrapbook 
Chapter 3: Setting Up Your WorkSpace 
Your Work Space 
Getting Those Supplies 
Tips for Saving Money 
Storing and Organizing 
Chapter 4: Contracts and Negotiations 
Setting Prices 
Doing the Negotiations 
Getting Paid 
Handling Dissatisfaction 
Chapter 5: Advertising Your Business 
Offline Advertising 
Online Advertising 
Advertising: Portfolios 
Chapter 6: Managing Your Business 
Day to Day 
Focus on Profits 
Chapter 7: Resources for Scrapbooking 
Chapter 8: Add On Services for Your Scrapbooking Business 
Online Services 
Digital Scrapbooking 
Teaching Others to Scrapbook 
Sell Kits 

Sample Content Preview


Starting your own scrapbooking business is not a small task, but it can be one of the best options available to those who are creative, looking to work from home or who want to share the experience they already have.
Scrapbooking is a fun project to do with your family. It is easy to relive all of those special moments with your children or with your friends. However, when you take on the scrapbooking of another person, often times to depict events that you did not partake in, you have to go one step farther. You have to bring through the memories they have without making it look like you were not there. It can be challenging.

What Is Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is the process of taking photos and memorabilia from past events and placing them into photo albums and books. However, the process is not just one in which you will throw together photos and call it done. Rather, you likely will invest in several key steps such as using decorative elements to embellish the book. You will also spend a good deal of your time focusing on adding descriptive text, whenever it is possible to do so.

The scrapbook is not only a collection of photos, but it is a representation of the special memories of the entire family. This often includes any items that help them to remember this special day, such as ticket stubs or a pamphlet from a special play. The key here is to take all of these items and to put them together, somehow, in a creative book that the family can hold on to for years to come. How you do this is really up to you, but it should always focus on the goal of the family for which you are creating the book.

Is This the Job for You?

Who is right for a business in scrapbooking? The answer to that question may be surprising. Determine if you fit within any of these sectors.

  • Do you love to scrapbook? You will need to love scrapbooking if you will make this a business for yourself. In fact, having a passion for the process is near critical to be successful in the industry.
  • Do you have the skills for scrapbooking? Not everyone will have the resources and skills to develop beautiful scrapbooks to charge money for. It is up to you to determine if this is something that you can do based specifically on whether or not you have proven skills in the process that it takes to make a scrapbook. A good way to know if you have skills, others will pay for is to display your work to friends. Let them see what you have done for yourself. If they ask you to do their own, simply ask if they would be willing to pay for such a service.
  • The final piece to the puzzle is to look at the way that you interact with others. Are you the type of person that can sit down with a person and chat with them for hours? You will be placing yourself in their life, after all, so you will need to have some level of passion for being around other people. In addition, you will need to sit down, talk about the scrapbook project and truly understand what the hopes are of others. If you can do that, you are right for this job.

However, there is one additional factor to keep in mind. Scrapbooking takes time and money to do. Even if you just did your own books, you may find yourself spending a great deal of time struggling to find the right resources. If you make this your business, you will need to dedicated skills, time and money towards the business to make it a true success.
If you can do these things, then this eBook will provide you with the resources and tools you need to get your scrapbooking business off to a great start. The good news is that this can be one of the most exciting and inspiring ways to build a successful business that you do right from your home, especially if you are passionate about it.

eBook 2 –

How To Start Your Own Daycare Business

Table of Contents

1, Introduction to the Daycare business 4
Demand for Good Daycare is High 
2, Getting Started 6
Education Matters 
What if i don’t have an education degree? 
You need a business plan 
3, Finding a Location 9
Home Based Day-cares 
Operating your daycare from a separate facility 
Finding a Location 
Other facility ideas 
4, Business basics 13
Who Will You Serve? 
Daycare Licensing Requirements By State 
Choosing an Insurance company 
5, Marketing to Your Customers 32
your sign 
A Brochure 
A grand opening 
Local media 
6, Customer service 34
7, Being profitable 36
up front expenses 
ongoing expenses 
tuition rates 
setting yourself apart 
8 Why daycares fail 39
financial failure 
Failure to adhere to legal guidelines 
failure to satisfy customers 
9 Creating a Long-term Plan 41
conclusion 42

Sample Content Preview

Introduction to the Daycare business

The daycare industry is a thriving one. In fact, this is one industry that the recent economic downturn has been very kind to. More stay at home moms have entered the workplace to help make ends meet, so more children have entered daycare than ever before. Running a daycare can be a smart career choice, since it’s a business that will always be in demand. In fact, in areas where there are few daycares, many have a waiting list for openings.

This doesn’t mean, however, that running a daycare is a snap, nor does it mean that you’ll be rolling in dough from this business. In fact, there are many hurdles to overcome in order to make a daycare business successful and profitable. You’ll have to learn ways to keep costs to a minimum while still providing all the expected services.

Demand for Good Daycare is High

Experts predict that the demand for daycare centres will continue to increase. This is fuelled by the fact that today’s mothers were likely in daycare themselves as children. Therefore, they may have very fond memories of the experience and feel comfortable leaving their children in daycare centres, so long as they are convinced that their children’s’ needs are being appropriately met.
Gone are the days when new mom’s left their children in the hands of Grandma while they were working. Today, it’s likely that Grandma is working, too. But, while today’s mom is comfortable with the daycare setting, she’s also better educated than mom’s from the past, so her expectations are high.

Today’s mom’s realise that the most important years of a child’s development are the years between age one and age six. So, they’re not looking for a babysitter; they’re looking for an age appropriate educational experience, in a loving and nurturing environment. They can likely find a babysitter at a lower cost than what a daycare will charge them. But, they’re foregoing the less expensive option for one that will give their children a better educational and emotional start.

So, if you’re going to be a daycare provider, you must demonstrate to your potential clients that you understand the needs of young children and that you have the experience, education and staffing to meet those needs. You’re talking about taking care of people’s children – understand that they will expect a lot from you and that they won’t tolerate care below the standard they expect. If you provide excellent care and stimulation for their children, you’ll be their hero. If you don’t, they’ll move their children to another facility immediately, and tell everyone they know about their bad experience.
Throughout this book, we’ll provide help to get you started on the road to running your own daycare. We’ll get you on the right track regarding licensing requirements and we’ll offer tips on how to run your business in a way that is profitable and successful with your clients. For those who love children, running a daycare can be a very rewarding experience. But, no matter how much you love children, you must understand that it’s still a business, and must be treated as such in order to be legal, successful and profitable.

eBook 3 –

How To Start Your Own Lawn Care Business

Table of Contents

Advantages of a lawn care business: 
Disadvantages of a lawn care business 
Questions to ask yourself: 
1 Starting Up 9
Goals and Objectives 
2 The Business Plan 19
Company information
Market Analysis 
Marketing Strategy 
Management Plan 
Financial Data 
3 Marketing your services: 29
Strategies for making sales 
Finding the right name for you and your company 
Traditional advertising 
Non-traditional advertising 
Creative advertising 
Other forms 
4 Growth 36
Growing Pains: Typology and characteristics. 
Personal limitations: 
Equipment and space 
Growing Pains: the Results 
5 Should I sell? 42
Conclusion 45

Sample Content Preview

Questions to ask yourself:

Can you work alone?
If you are fond of company and/or require a push to get going, do not consider any form of self-employment let alone starting up a lawn care business. The same applies if you spend more time procrastinating than actually working. You need to set a schedule. You may even have to lay out other schedules for employees. Furthermore, this type of business sometimes demands you do the job now before the grass grows any higher or the crab grass problem becomes worse.

Are you a self-starter?
You have to be able to put together a business plan. You must consider all the angles. You need to be confident in your own qualities and character to start and move on the project.

Can you initiate the project and maintain high levels of involvement from start to finish?
It is not simply good enough to start out at a high level of enthusiasm and commitment. You need to maintain a high level of energy and involvement throughout all aspects over the duration. If you do not see to the running of all aspects of your company/business, it will not be a success. Every business requires tweaking and ongoing maintenance. You have to be fully engaged in the process from the initial decision to the final move to sell the company. If you cannot commit yourself to a set period-of-time, do not begin to open a business.

Are you good at sales?
Can you sell yourself and your work? You will need to do this. At the beginning, you will need to sell both yourself and your work. You are new in a field where there is already competition. You have to sell yourself to clients as being the best for the job. You have to present yourself and your business as professional, reliable, apt and more than acceptable. If you are a one-person-show, you will also have to sell your business on paper, on the net and in other forms of media. You may even end up doing cable TV shows or radio talk shows to improve or garner business. Can you handle needing to be a sales person?

Are you a people-person?
If not you are wasting your time. The lawn care business is a service industry. By its very definition, this means you are serving other people. Therefore, your daily work and business involves public relations as much as it does lawn care. You must deal with people on a day-to-day basis to ensure your company is doing the right job. You have to talk to people to obtain more customers. You have to set up a means of communicating with possible customers. You also have to deal with employees. You will need to train and instruct them. In the process, you also have enough self-awareness to know who to delegate to and when. This also requires the psychological ability to understand the employees and their needs. Being aware will also help you in hiring the right people for your business and firing the wrong types. Hiring refers to not only the people you employ to work in the company but those you need to ensure you have the right logo on your vehicles, to print the business cards, to advertise your business on their website or in print and to handle your accounts.

Throughout the analysis process provided above, be honest in your answers. Be truthful in your assessment of your character. If you believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then consider it a step in the right direction. If you are a self-start, self-motivated and determined, this is a positive. If you are also a conscientious people-person, this is also a good indicator you may be successful. Yet, before you let yourself become too excited, launching yourself into the work immediately, you need to take stop and do what every sane and practical business person does. You need to sit down with pen and paper, or computer and printer, and set out your goals. You also need to formulate at least an elementary business plan. These two steps are an integral part of starting up.

eBook 4 –

How To Start Your Own Day Spa

Table of Contents

1, Introduction 5
2, Why a day spa might be the business for you 7
A Look at the Industry 
The Markets Where Day Spas Flourish 
3, Market Research Matters 11
Know Your Demographics 
Understand What Your Potential Clients Really Want 
Put it all Together 
4, Making the Initial Plan 15
Pick your Target Audience 
What Type of Spa is Right for You and Your Clientele? 
Select Your Price Points 
5, Fleshing Out Your Plan 22
Get to Know Your Competition 
Picking Your Theme 
Selecting Your Services 
Skin Exfoliation 
Body Treatments 
Hot Tubs, Saunas and Mud baths 
Aromatherapy, Yoga and Meditation 
Body Treatments 
Beauty Salon Services 
Extra Touches that Make a Difference 
6, Estimate Your Needs 32
Equipment You Might Need 
Basic Items: 
Anticipate Staffing Needs 
Pulling it off Even if You Don’t Have Experience 
7, Create a Business Plan that Sells 39
Information you need to include 
Funding Options that Work 
8, Don’t Forget the Legalities 42
Licensing and other issues 
9, Location, Location, Location 44
10, Preparing for Your Opening 46
What You Need Before Setting a Date 
How to Make Your Opening a Splash 
A Few Parting Words 
Resources 51

Sample Content Preview

Why a day spa might be the business for you

The very notion of opening a day spa may be appealing to you. This business is ideal for a service-minded individual who likes recognition for dedication and hard work. When you open an establishment like this, you have the unique opportunity to improve the quality of life for your customers. They enjoy the services and they leave refreshed and feeling better about themselves.

Day spas can be lucrative if you have good business sense. If you have outstanding management and organizational skills, you can opt to run the business yourself. You can also opt to hire a spa manager to help you keep your hectic schedule under control.

There are many things to think about when entering such a venture and your general interest in the day spa business is a first step. Interest is not enough to move you towards achieving success. You also must learn about the industry as well.

A Look at the Industry

Years ago, spas were reserved for the very wealthy or for people who wanted to lose weight. These facilities were quite popular during the 19th century. The Kellogg brothers operated a health spa that focused on healthy habits and a variety of treatments that were designed to help improve the clients’ overall health.

Proper diet was among the interventions used at the Kellogg spa. The Kellogg brothers invented Corn Flakes to promote a fibre-rich diet to their members. The cereal made an impact on the mass market in 1906 and it continues to be a popular, healthy choice for breakfast.

Spas typically focused on helping people improve or maintain their health. They have grown to address nearly every aspect of human wellness including spiritual and emotional. Today’s services offer whole body treatments and deep relaxation strategies that are ideal for overall health.

The development of the day spa helped to make these healthful and relaxing services available to the public. These facilities are appealing to a wide spectrum of customers, each looking for various services and products.

Consumers no longer have to go to destination spas to receive outstanding treatments for a reasonable price. There are elements of fashion, retail, health issues and aesthetic treatments in these facilities. There is even a hint of interior design as well.

The wellness movement is the driving force behind the day spa trade. People of various ages and backgrounds are now drawn to these facilities. The day spa is convenient because the consumer is only in the spa for as long as it takes to complete the treatment.

Much of the population looks at regular visits to the day spa as a requirement for good health rather than a luxury. Consumers no longer have to wait for a vacation or special weekend getaway to enjoy the treatments. These facilities have become an integral part of healthy interventions.

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