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Tired Of Dieting With No Results?

Revealed! A Stress Free And Easy Diet That Is Transforming Lives With It’s Secret Of Simplicity!

Say Goodbye to vicious fad diets that leave you worse than when you started, Read on to discover the method that is gaining popularity fast as a real, sustainable method of losing weight


It’s almost impossible to hide from the news and discussion about the obesity epidemic that’s taking both lives and shattering the quality of life world wide. It’s in the papers, on television and being blogged about on the internet almost endlessly.

If that’s not enough, unless you’re blind it’s hard to walk the streets of any big city or small town and not see the end product of this epidemic first hand.

The hard brutal truth is that people are getting fatter and fatter and this is a real health crisis that only a fool could ignore.

The question stands – what can we do about it? How can we turn the tide against obesity?

The answer is, of course, diet and exercise. There’s plenty of diverse ideas about both, some good and a few bad. This guide offers what I feel may be the perfect solution to a vast majority of people’s struggle with putting on fat. It’s fairly simple and packed with power, inline with both nature and common sense. Most importantly it works and works almost like magic.

The Intermittent Fasting Factor

Finally Lose Weight & Keep It Off Forever With Intermittent Fasting

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1 – What Intermittent Fasting Is & What It Isn’t 13

  • Scheduled Inter-Day Fast
  • The Bottom Line with Intermittent Fasting

Chapter 2 -Why Intermittent Fasting Is Such a Powerful Weight Loss System 18

  • Reason #1: You reduce your overall calorie intake without feeling like you’re “punishing yourself”
  • Reason #2: It is easier to adjust to a feeding schedule than changing food preferences
  • Reason #3: Intermittent fasting pushes people to eat more efficiently
  • Reason #4: Ketosis

Chapter 3 – Getting Started With Intermittent Fasting 28

  • First things first: Check with your doctor
  • Pick your feeding window
  • Decide on a start date
  • Plan your meal for full satiety for the rest of the day
  • Add some physical activity to your day
  • Sleep well
  • Drink when you get hungry
  • Extend your hunger waiting time

Chapter 4 – What To Do If You Fail To Eat Within Your Feeding Window 52

  • Adopt the right mindset
  • Focus on the fact that you are able to mess up and stop
  • Final note
  • Stay hydrated
  • Focus on your goals

Chapter 5Scaling Up Intermittent Fasting 63

  • Step #1: Eat-stop-eat
  • Step #2: 2-2-2
  • Step #3: 3-3-3
  • You May Want to Consider This
  • Adopt a Mindfulness Routine

Conclusion 71


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Hello and welcome to our short, beginners guide on how to finally lose the excess weight and keep it off forever with Intermittent Fasting

Are you tired of diets that tell you what you can and cannot eat? Are you sick of losing weight on a new diet only to see all that weight come back after a few weeks? Do you want your low healthy weight to be part of your lifestyle and identity instead of something you work on when you get “too fat”?

If any of these apply to you, intermittent and fasting might be the answer to all your weight loss issues. Seriously. If you check on the Internet, it seems that everybody’s talking about intermittent fasting. It seems to be the long-awaited solution that people have been dreaming of.

As the old saying goes, “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” There’s a reason why people are talking about intermittent fasting constantly. There’s a good reason why there’s a lot of noise about this concept.

Unfortunately, in the global weight loss industry, there is a lot of hype. It’s very easy to get sold a bill of goods when it comes to the latest and greatest weight loss system. Intermittent fasting is not immune to this. Still, despite the hype, exaggeration, and unrealistic claims about intermittent fasting, it does bring a lot to the table.

This book will help you separate reality from hype. What if I told you that you can lose weight by watching when you eat instead of worrying about what to eat? You probably would think that this is crazy because you’ve been told so many times before that you have to avoid certain groups of foods and eat other types of food.

Chapter 1 – What Intermittent Fasting Is & What It Isn’t

Let’s get real. When you hear the word “fasting,” all sorts of nightmare images come to mind. You start imagining yourself not eating at all. You start thinking about the hunger pangs. All sorts of thoughts enter your mind. You feel at the very least that you are robbing yourself of the pleasure of food.

If you’re reading this book, you love food a little too much. Own up to it. I did. There’s nothing wrong with falling in love with eating.

The problem is when we hear the word “fasting,” we think that it’s the end of the world when it comes to our love for food. I’ve got some good news for you. Despite its name, intermittent fasting doesn’t mean you stop eating.

This is what shocks a lot of people because when they hear about intermittent fasting and all the good things that it’s able to do for their friends and family, they’re very suspicious. In fact, a lot of people are downright skeptical. They think that automatically it doesn’t work. Why? The word “fasting” is part of “Intermittent fasting.”

The truth is you don’t fast at all. Seriously. If you define “fasting” as going a whole day without eating, I’m happy to report that you don’t fast at all with intermittent fasting. Let’s get that out of the way.

Intermittent fasting is simply all about scheduling when you eat within a day. It’s not about resolving to stop eating for the whole 24-hour cycle. That’s not intermittent fasting. At least that’s not the beginner version of interment fasting.

Chapter 3 – Getting Started With Intermittent Fasting

Now that you’re all excited about the benefits of intermittent fasting, the next step is to actually get started. A lot of people over complicate this. They just overthink it and pretty much make it all that much harder on themselves.

There’s really not much to think about. How come? Well, I’ve got some good news for you. You’re already fasting. That’s right!

For at least 6 to 8 hours every single 24 hour day cycle, you are already fasting. Since fasting is technically defined as a period of time where you don’t ingest any calories, then sleep is fasting. Isn’t that good news?

You’re already starting the game with an advantage. You already have 6 to 8 hours squared away. The only job that remains is for you to add a few more hours to that time window.

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Here they are:

Tips To Choosing Your Ideal Feeding Window

Ways To Ignite Your Weight Loss Efforts With Intermittent Fasting

Does Intermittent Fasting Help With Weight Loss?

Decide On A Start Date

Planning Your Meal For Full Satiety For The Rest Of The Day

The Dangers Of Intermittent Fasting

Adding Exercise Into The Mix

5 Steps To Better Health With Intermittent Fasting

Common Methods Of Intermittent Fasting

Sleep Better To Accelerate Your Intermittent Fasting Efforts

Sound Good?

Remember when I asked if you wanted the long way or short way?

Well, these videos will give you that unfair advantage and help you finally breakthrough so you can get results starting as soon as you finish watching the videos!

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