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Hi there fellow marketer!

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ve bought your share of disappointing PLR packages before?

Packages that looked fantastic on the sales page…

That are supposed to be easy to edit and launch almost instantly…

That promise to give you a whole new business that will run on auto forever…

Then reality sets in…

The content is never as carefully written as the sales pitch!

It takes a lot of work to get it to a level where you’d even consider putting your name on it.

And while you’ll sell a few copies to your list, after that it just fades away.

And before you know it you’re out looking for your next PLR Package…

Hoping maybe this next one will be different.

Well after years of doing all this over and over, with countless PLR products, I got tired of waiting for someone else to get it right and decided to make my own…

I had a pretty good idea by then of what I considered the perfect PLR package

It needed to be high quality content… well research and well written. Quality information that anyone would be happy to put their name on.

It needed to be in a high demand and evergreen niche… you don’t want to waste a minute of your time on something that will fade away in a few months time.

It needed a professional website that was easily edited and managed. No more tired-looking one page templates… or worse, editing countless html files… hoping you don’t miss anything… or wishing it was easier to somehow make it your own.

It needed to sell… obviously… but it needed to keep on selling… and have other revenue options that would keep on going long after the initial sale.

If it was a hot niche, it made sense to incorporate affiliate options to turn one-time customers into lifetime referrals in multiple relevant affiliate programs.

And building on that… why not use the product itself as an automatic downline builder, and grow a cash-generating network in multiple relevant MLM programs?

Here’s How You Can Start Selling Your Top Quality Crypto Training Products TODAY, Using Crypto Wealth Strategies PLR

Quick & Easy Set Up
Just download your package, update your links, upload to you hosting & start selling today.


High Quality, High Value
front-end product you can easily sell for $67 plus a high converting downsell option too!


Plug & Play Website
pre-built sales funnel, plus pro marketing graphics, ad banners, emails swipes and more


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Online Marketers, Offline Business Owners, Everyday Consumers… Millions of people are looking for this training already…

Bitcoin is now one of the TOP 5 Search Terms In Google! And it’s still just getting started…

Niches don’t come much hotter than Crypto Currencies.

This one is in the news CONSTANTLY these days…

new Bitcoin price highs… almost daily

new mainstream adopters… people, businesses, even whole countries!

staggering predictions about just how high this thing might go.

And these aren’t just die-hard crypto fans talking either…

These are respected people and well-known organisations... Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, The Economist, Business Week… and more are weighing in every week…

And one thing is for certain:

Your subscribers want to know how can they can get a piece of it too!

So as big as Bitcoin is now, the fact is, it’s only just getting warmed up!

Top marketers everywhere know that selling info products to a hungry market is a $80 billion industry. And niches don’t come any hungrier than Crypto Currencies.

So the question isn’t whether we should be earning and investing in CryptoCurrencies. The question is how can we get started ASAP?

With this powerful training, business owners, marketers and even total newbies will learn exactly how to start earning Crypto Currencies and then put their profits to work in a seriously profitable Crypto Portfolio.

And today I’m proud to introduce to you

Crypto Wealth Strategies

High Quality Training with our exclusive PLR License

Learn, Earn & Invest… Fast Track Crypto Capital Growth & Passive Income

Our exclusive training is crafted to provide you with all the information, tools and strategies to get you started earning and investing in CryptoCurrencies… fast.

Our strategies show you exactly what you need to do to make a quick start right now and then leverage your early successes to establish a long-term and highly profitable Crypto Portfolio.

Check out some of the segments and tips that you will discover after downloading our Crypto Wealth Strategies training

Introduction / How To Use This Training

Chapter I: How Bitcoin Works… We keep the techno-jargon to a minimum and just cover the essentials you need know to be a smart investor.

Chapter II: An Overview of our Approach…We give you the big picture so you can see how your own portfolio will come together.

Chapter III: Building Your Initial Investment Kitty Fast… we share the secret niche that will fund your entire crypto investment!

Chapter IV: Structuring Your Crypto Portfolio… using a diversified approach to make it safe, secure and profitable.

Chapter V: Fast Start Combo Investments these powerhouses will take a small investment and get you off to a flying start.

Chapter VI: Hands-Free CryptoCurrencies Mining… Avoiding the time & money drain and finding miners that will keep working.

Chapter VII: Simple CryptoCurrency Trading Strategies… including how you can find (and buy into) the next big thing before it happens!

Chapter VIII: Essential Preparations Before You Invest… Crypto 101 as we show you how to get a wallet, purchase, manage and spend your Altcoin.

Chapter IX: Implementing Your Crypto Action Plan… this is where the rubber hits the road… just work through the checklist and watch it all come together.

Chapter X: Long Term Portfolio Management… Managing risk, leveraging your top performers, mistakes to avoid and opportunities to watch for…

Chapter XI: Low Cost Starting Strategies… 4 powerful options that will let you get started in Crypto for the price of a pizza!

Resources Directory… Recommended resources to assist you to continue your education and further diversify your Crypto Portfolio.

We’ll introduce and explain every tool and every service… in layman’s terms… and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about which components you need to add to your own crypto investment strategy.

By the time you complete this exclusive training you’ll have your own easy-to-follow roadmap AND you’ll already have additional revenue streams in place to fund it.

This is a proven, step-by-step Action Plan that will transport you from wherever you are right now, to wherever you want to get to with your Crypto investment business.

All in the shortest time possible.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside Crypto Wealth Strategies

When you order this amazing package today, you get two separate products you can sell to your own customers…

You get the Training Package plus several valuable Bonuses…

Plus you get all the tools you’ll need to start the Crypto Wealth Strategies PLR package today..

Module #1. Crypto Wealth Strategies eBook

A Quality Product You’ll Actually Use Yourself

You get the 80+ page PDF eBook for your personal use setting up your own Crypto Portfolio. This is guaranteed no fluff… just valuable must-have info and easy actionable steps. This is well researched and well written, packed full of practical information and easy to follow instructions.

We also give you the source document so you can edit it any way you like, add your own name, insert your own affiliate links and start selling it immediately. And because it’s PLR, every copy you sell will be out there working for you forever… your own stealth affiliate commission machine.

Module #2. Crypto Action Plan & Resource Guide

Crypto Action Plan & Resource Guide

Both of these are extremely valuable for both you and your customers. The Crypto Action Plan will walk you through the entire process is easy, actionable steps, while the Crypto Resources Guide will come into its own after that, as you further your Crypto education and find reliable news and information to help you manage your portfolio.

Both of these are fully editable and contain links to high paying crypto affiliate programs so be sure to swap in your own affiliate links for recurring income from your customers future purchases… for ever.

Module #3. Complete Professional Mini Website & Sales letter Copy

Complete Professional Mini Website


You’ll get a compelling Sales Page just like this one… the proven high-converting sales letter, all the content, the presenter video and all the sales graphics.

Just make a few quick edits and upload and you are open for business.

We take it even further for you though, and provide the entire mini site… sales letter, download page, all the legal pages… as a simple WordPress Installer file… you can literally install this mini site with one click!

After that you can update all your payment, download and affiliate links in one place on the WP dashboard. No more scrolling through pages of HTML code hoping you don’t miss anything important! 

Best of all, because it’s built on WordPress, you can easily change the theme, add new content and turn this minisite into your own unique Crypto Website that you can build on for many years to come.  (More on that shortly!)


Module #4. Professional Sales Video & Script

Professional Sales Video & Script

You get the presenter style video from the top of this page… you can download it if you like or just play it direct from our YouTube account.

We also include the full script of the video in case you want to make some changes and record your own version.

Plus we provide several different versions so you can pick the price point / discount level that matches your offer.

You can even test multiple versions to find your best option for your audience.

Module #5. Professional Marketing Materials

Ad Banners, Email Swipes, Cover Graphics & More

You get everything you need to promote your package as well.

From the graphics department you’ll get dozens of high quality Ad Banners in all the popular sizes, plus professional 3D Cover Mockups and Bundle Graphics as ell.

We also provide dozens of Email Swipes, a sample Autoresponder series (for following up on your free report subscribers) plus Bitcoin articles, Tweets, Ads Swipes and more.

Plus we’ve sourced four fantastic free traffic guides to guarantee you traffic, leads and sales…  so you can set up your site, turn on the traffic and put this  package to work.

Module #6. Easy To Follow Instruction Manuals

Easy For You… And Your Customers!

The last thing you want is disappointed or frustrated customers, so we’ve split these up to keep it super-simple…

  1. Editing & Publish Your Book
  2. Set Up Your High-Conversion Sales Page
  3. Complete Affiliate Program Guide

These will walk you through every step of the process, all the while avoiding PLR Information Overload… So you and your customers will have an easy run editing the package and publishing it ready for sale, in the shortest time possible.

Crypto Wealth Strategies Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee

Join Us to TEST DRIVE the entire package for the next 30 Days and ALL the Risk Is On Me!

Our step-by-step Crypto Wealth Strategies Training is going to show you and your customers exactly how to launch a powerful and profitable Crypto Portfolio.

How to leverage the included Bitcoin Bank Builder for even faster results.

And of course, how to set up your own Pro Crypto Mini site selling your new  training products…

Take full advantage of the training, all the downloads and all other resources included.

However, if for any reason over the next 30 days you’re not thrilled with the content and training, just contact our support desk for a hassle-free refund. You’ve got nothing to lose and an entire month to put this proven package to use for your long-term results.

Crypto Wealth Strategies Is Your Complete Crypto Business-In-A-Box

So by now you should see that this Crypto Wealth Strategies guide is you complete solution for learning, earning and investing in the coming Crypto Boom.

So lock-in this opportunity and download our “Crypto Wealth Strategies” PLR package today

Yes!I’m ready to launch my Crypto Portfolio using the most powerful and effective strategies available. I need to stake my claim in this new crypto gold rush so I can reap the rewards for many years to come.

So please send me my copy of your “Crypto Wealth Strategies” Training Package with PLR! I’m ready to apply these really easy to follow techniques right away before the mainstream catches on!

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To your success,


P.S. Remember, that I have you covered with my no fuss, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee… All the risk is on me.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

How Safe Are These Investments

You should be clear up front… Crypto Currencies are new and can be very volatile… which creates a higher level of risk. But like most investment opportunities, it’s the high risk that generates the high rewards. I believe we’ve put together a sound strategy that manages that risk, but you’ll need to access that in the context of your own situation.

So some of the options we use are quite speculative… and we warn you about those… but most are simply using well established business services to generate a good return on a modest investment. And the real power comes from the built-in Bank Builder, and the way we reinvest those profits.

We do talk a lot about risk management in the training, but at the end of the day, you should always do your own due diligence and seek professional advice if you have any concerns.

Do I Need A Domain Name & Web Hosting?

Yes, you do… but both a pretty cheap these days and you’ll find got step-by-step instructions in your package, plus help with using FTP to upload your sales pages. If you’d really prefer to avoid all these technical chores though, we’ve got an offer coming up that might interest you… we’ll tell you about that shortly!

I’m Not Very Technical… Do You Help With…

We’ve split the set up into a couple of different step by step guides to avoid information overload and get you through the process as quickly and easily as possible.

Setting up Your Affiliate Accounts. If you can fill out a form you can do this. We tell you where to go (nicely), what to enter, and where to enter it. It is a little tedious, but it’s a one-off that will pay-off for a long time to come.

Editing The eBook. Again a little tedious, but not difficult. Just swap out our links for you links and your done. You can of course do more editing if you like… ie. your name, website and contact/social details?

Setting Up Your Sales Page. You can open these pages in any Text Editor (ie. Notepad) and just swap out our payment link (PayPal) for yours, plus you’ll need to enter you name and contact details. Upload those to your hosting and you’re open for business.

Need a Domain Name and Web Hosting? We’ve got walk-through to help you there if you’re new to this. We’ve also got an offer we’ll show you shortly, where we can set it up and host it all for you.   

Can I Do This On A Budget?

Absolutely! We’ve got a few options to get started that are low-cost and even totally free. Obviously it goes faster if you have a bit of a bank to start with, but if you don’t just focus on the Bank Builder strategy for a little longer and you will catch up fast.

Licensing Terms: Unrestricted Private Label Rights

You have full PLR rights to this. You can make any changes you like and distribute it as you wish.

– Email it to your list promoting the CWS package.
– Share it on your Social Media accounts
– Give it away as a list builder on your website
– Bundle it as a bonus with your own products…