Self Defence 101 – Learn The Basics Of Self Defence, Teach Yourself How To Fight Your Way Out Of Any Given Troubles Head On Without Fear – Includes Sales Material + Master Resale Rights



“Learn The Basics Of Self Defence, Teach Yourself How To Fight Your Way Out Of Any Given Troubles Head On Without Fear!”

Learn How To Defend Yourself Even With No Training For Your Life And Safety!

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Acquire a game plan, avoidance ought to be your first goal but if somehow this has failed you then your following option ought to be escape. Avoidance is a great deal controlled by your cognisance which may be heightened by increasing your self-defence knowledge through reading and research. If running or walking off isn’t an option either then escape is by all odds your next option. If this calls for a physical battle then you ought to look to make this encounter as abbreviated as possible. The longer it continues then the odds might be against you. Many people have never heard if this and have no idea how to go about figuring out where they are or how to change it.

If You Want To Feel Safer And Improve Your Overall Life Then Have A Look At Self Defence 101!

You know why most people have a tendency to not achieve the feeling of safety they desire in their overall life? It’s because they don’t know that it helps to realise who the foe is and learn to distinguish their movements, even rituals that are common among particular types of attackers. Women are likely to come across a different sort of attacker than those that men are expected to face. Normally women are much more expected to take-on men like muggers or rapists as contrary to other women.

People who struggle in feeling safe in life will find these things in common:

  • They don’t know how to break away.
  • They have no idea how to use postures.
  • They are struggling with how to use body tools.
  • They also don’t understand placement and hits!
  • Many more problems untold…

Well don’t worry…

With the strategies that I’m about to let you in on , you will have no problems when it comes to learning the truth behind feeling safe and defending yourself!


“Self Defence 101”
Learn How To Defend Yourself Even With No Training!

Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Some Background

Chapter 2:
Break Away

Chapter 3:
Differences in Martial Arts and Self Defence

Chapter 4:
Postures and Body Tools

Chapter 5:
Placement and Hits

Chapter 6:
Escapes from Basic Holds

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Chapter 1: Some Background


Here you will find a general idea of just what will be covered here.

The Basics

The strategies in this book originate from Jiu-Jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu itself forms the cornerstone of a lot of other Martial Arts, the origins go back thousands of years and are still utilised by Military and police in general. The strategies here have been updated to suit contemporary situations, they’ll differ somewhat from person to person but essentially everybody, young and old can execute these strategies which are easy to learn but might take longer to perfect.

It’s through repeating and teaching to other people that makes you ask yourself the necessary questions to help you really comprehend the strategies. When you’re learning, don’t be in a whole lot of a hurry to rush on and cover the following strategies. Take your time and let the concept to be soaked up.

This system is assembled of assorted concepts; it’s far easier to learn a couple of concepts than to learn a different strategy to counter each different type of attack.

We have adopted some of the very primary concepts used to produce a range of breaks away blended with some primary hitting and placing. Together they’ll give you a great feel for some of the basics of self-defence.

Right now, you might well live in a place where you feel it’s safe and unnecessary for this type of book, but will it forever be like that? Is the region expanding with new individuals bringing in different thoughts and values with them? Will you leave that region to travel for work or even fun? It may be very useful just to learn some fresh ideas. Open your mind and have a look at the situation from a wider point of view, there’s no harm in being prepared for the unforeseen.

These strategies use Gross Motor Skills (basic body movements) so they’re easy to learn and execute. Strategies or concepts must be easy to be effective under pressure.

These are crucial factors as strategies must be easy enough to be performed under pressure. Rehearse these strategies with acquaintances and family. The more you rehearse the more innate they’ll feel. Likewise practice your freshly learned skills in different places, the kitchen, bathroom, front room, or garage and so forth. If you spend much of your time in little rooms or spaces, then don’t confine your practice to the big open space of a gym. You must rehearse in environments that are applicable to you.

As part of your consciousness, it helps to realise who the foe is and learn to distinguish their movements, even rituals that are common among types of attackers. Women are likely to come across a different sort of attacker than those that men are expected to face. Normally women are much more expected to take-on men like muggers or rapists as contrary to other women.

If we understand the foe, then we have a far higher chance of defeating them. There’s much deception that comes with these individuals and commonly the bigger the crime the bigger the deceit. Not all aggressors will fit that stereotype affiliated with “The Bad Guy” and rather often you may not even have to look beyond your own loved ones. We hear accounts of domestic violence on a day by day basis.

Attempt not to get ensnared in your own little bubble and be cognizant that there are individuals outside of your domain. Whether we like it or not there are individuals out there whose aims are not always beneficial. Perhaps you’ll never run across individuals like that but then again perhaps you will or perhaps you already have. It may be in the workplace, in the house, on the street, in a barroom or even on the road, it truly may be anyplace. Don’t turn off, that’s just the type of individuals that vultures seek.

Foul things occasionally happen to good individuals and don’t think that it couldn’t occur to you because it may. I’m surely not saying that it will, but it may. We hear of matters happening day in and day out and by just being cognizant that it’s out there is a huge step.

Chapter 3: Differences in Martial Arts And Self Defence


I’d never disrespect one combat art over another. I’d advocate that you check into the assorted types available to you and ensure the one that you pick fulfils your standards, whether you wish to be more involved in a traditional art, a competitor sport, sustain fitness, a family recreation or strictly for self-defence. Go and view a couple of classes and see what you think for yourself, talk to the teacher and if it’s self-defence that you’re interested in and then see to it that they commit a large portion of their teaching specifically to self-defence education.


Traditional soldier like arts frequently commit a good deal of time to Kata, which are episodes of moves and strategies, simulating an individual taking on one or more adversaries. Frequently they call for speed, power, good poise and flexible. These may be a great training aid but provide little help when it comes to pragmatic modern self-defence. A lot of arts don’t prepare you for when an aggressor comes in close contact or takes you to the ground as these might not be strategies that are allowed under the rules of a certain style. Remember in a street fight or assault, anything goes.

For a minute, picture 2 jocks in a tournament facing one another.
They’ve prepared for a long time; physically they’re in good shape. Keep looking and 1st let’s remove the referee collectively with the rules that he was there to impose, now anything goes, they’re not confined to the same assortment of moves that they’re both accustomed to. Remove the gloves, the foot pads, padded head gear, groin shielded and mouth guard. Remove the mat and substitute it with concrete, let’s add a few brick walls and remove the lighting.

Remove the crowd and anybody else there who might have been quick to jump in and break them up as one person is beat beyond unconscious. In fact, let’s alter the surroundings to a back alley, perhaps a kitchen, a bedroom or even a bar and let’s make available all the arms in each of these surroundings: glass, steel bars, screw drivers, knives and additional items that you might not even know as a weapon. There’s a different type of mentality required for a street encounter that isn’t inevitably covered by the normal Martial Arts class.

In most cases it might not even be such a prepared standoff but most likely be originated with a blindsided onslaught, a mugging or even a tried rape. Alter the odds and substitute one of the battlers with another who’s 50 pounds lighter so it’s no longer a match battle, alter the aggressor to 2 men or more. Now a lot of these competitive jocks might well be in good physical shape but are they groomed mentally for such an encounter? In most cases, the answer is nah.

Many knowledgeable martial artists have fallen apart in a street fight chiefly because of the mentality required and likewise, what works in the training hall might not be practical on the street, particularly if space is confined.

Would you pick to hang around to discover how you fared in a situation where the odds are heaped against you? I’d suggest right now that if there’s a front entrance take it, if there’s not then take the back entrance and if there are no doors then cause one. If you choose you can always be the person remembered for encountering four guys and never survived. Avoid, break away and approach ought to be your options, in this order.

The detail here is that just because somebody is believed an expert in the Dojo, in a certain style; it doesn’t inevitably mean that they’re an authority in self-defence. In a few cases they might well be but the 2 don’t go hand in hand.

Vehement spots are often glamorised by Hollywood with a hero utilising a range of fancy strategies against many aggressors with a mixture of weapons, but the truth is anything but, it’s bloody, ghastly, and dirty and often ends in demise. Those lucky enough to endure might end up with broken bones, banged up in faces, or any number

of grievous injuries, in many cases inducing physical and mental scars that might never heal.

It’s crucial to train and rehearse in a way that you would like to respond if you ever did face a true situation. If you’re always pulling your punches 2 inches away from hitting the object in training, then the chances are that your innate reaction under pressure might well be the same. In training get your aggressor padded up so you can respond with some true full on blows. You don’t want your training partners to forever be meek either, ask them to stand firm and make it hard and you do the necessary to make the strategies work


Think about for a minute what it is that makes us feel frightened. The fact that you might get gravely hurt, defaced or even killed by this individual standing in front of you. You have family; youngsters, hubbies, wives, buddies and so forth waiting for you at home that you might never see again.

Now you must tell yourself that this lowlife standing in front of you isn’t going to refuse you that right to get home to your family, the individuals you need and who need you.


If that calls for you are sticking your fingers deep into somebody’s eyes, then so be it. Begin thinking more along the lines of what you’ll do to them instead of what they may do to you.

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