Rich Marketer, Poor Marketer – Discover How You Or Anyone Can Apply The Powerful Precepts Of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ And Skyrocket Their Marketing Efforts With Only 0.4% Of The Effort – Includes Sales Material + Master Resale Rights

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“Who Else Wants To Become The Next Marketing Idol By Managing Their Money Like Donald Trump Or Robert Kiyosaki?”

Discover How You Or Anyone Can Apply The Powerful Precepts Of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ And Skyrocket Their Marketing Efforts With Only 0.4% Of The Effort!

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Dear Friend,

If you’re struggling in your marketing efforts, I completely understand how you feel.

When I started out, I was running around like a headless chicken… not knowing what to do and not knowing where to go.

I’ve joined every business opportunity on the Internet only to wind up broke.

I even attended many courses, outsourced work to dozens of ghostwriters and graphic designers (and fired many because they wasted my time..) and even attended money management seminars on how to manage and curb my costs in my business.

“Many Marketers On The Internet Do Not Know How To Manage Their Money With The Right Mindset, That Is Why They Often Run Out Of It Before They Make Any!”

Let’s be brutally honest with ourselves, here…

Running a business, even a low cost online business is serious business here. You don’t expect to attend a course on Internet marketing and hope to become the next Mark Joyner or Copy-blogger overnight – it’s just an unrealistic expectation.

Others have even more outrageous expectations from their marketing coaches – often blaming them when things go wrong even after their coaches poured in their blood, sweat and tears into teaching and helping their students succeed.

It is downright ungrateful and wishful thinking!

Let me tell you the cold hard facts:

– How long did it take you to complete a degree?

– Do you expect to earn a CEO’s salary the moment you graduate?

– Did you spend tens of thousands on dollars on it?

– Do you expect to recuperate your investment on your degree overnight?

– With that salary, can you recuperate in 5 years?

No wonder people do not succeed in marketing! Their expectations are all wrong!

Make no mistake about it…

“The Majority Of Financial Blueprints Currently Out There Is Unrealistically Wired For Poverty, It Is A Sure Sign That They Will Have A Hard Time To Succeed In Marketing Their Products!”

It is time to change the way of thinking.

“As a man thinketh – so is he…”

That is why it is stupid to become a rich marketer if you are thinking like a poor marketer!

There is nothing you can do about your wealth if you do not think like a wealthy person.

Your financial destiny will be set in stone if you do not go straight to the source.

Rewiring your source is going to be the biggest necessity in life because everything you know about being rich or poor is going to be challenged.

It might even go against the grain of everything you are thinking.

But have no fear – what you are about to see will help you to short cut your financial education the right way.


“What If You Had The Exact Tools You’ll Ever Need To Rewire Your Financial Blueprint And Skyrocket Your Marketing Efforts?”

Imagine… if you have everything you’ll ever need to jump-start your understanding on this important subject.

Do you think you can save you tons of heartache and trouble? Do you think you will be able to save tons of money and get enlightened as quickly as possible?

I’ve poured in hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to put this financial blueprint together for you.

I know it will work for you because I’ve walked down this lonely road before without a guide or a mentor.

I’ve cried in bed to wishing that others will not experience the financial destitution of walking down the wrong path.

In short, I don’t want you to go through what I had to go through. You deserve better. You can be more efficient. With the years of experience I’ve poured into this book, you will lack nothing.

Are you ready?

“Introducing… Rich Marketer, Poor Marketer!”

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: The Rich Marketer Poor Marketer Concept

Chapter 2: When Is a Niche Not a Niche in Marketing

Chapter 3: Building a Unique Niche Approach in Business

Chapter 4: Marketing Strategies and Your Personal Niche

Chapter 5: Social Networking and Niche Marketing

Chapter 6: Facebook Marketing— Mingling Business and Social Activities

Chapter 7: Twitter Marketing— Tweeting for Business

Chapter 8: LinkedIn Marketing— Building a Strong Online Presence

Chapter 9: Building a Powerful Presence Despite the Current Economic Situation

Chapter 10: Ten Things Rich Marketers Hide from Their Poor Counterparts

Wrapping Up


In This Book, You Will Learn:

All about the basics of financial understanding! Gone are the days of thinking like an employee’s mindset where you get paid for an hour’s wage. It is crucial to start thinking like an entrepreneur!

How marketing in the 21st century has changed drastically and how you must adapt in the Internet age!

What are all the important criteria when it comes to choosing the most suitable marketing models and forget everything you know about traditional marketing – it is outdated and obsolete!

The techniques on how to create unlimited income streams and break your mental barriers when it comes to wealth.

Creative methods when it comes to building the right marketing channels and how to build the right relationships with your people so that you can achieve success easily.

What are the best marketing trends that will yield the best income streams for you.

Powerful tips and strategies on spending and saving money, managing your wealth effectively and how to overcome any other problems

The most critical thing you must change if you want to survive in this industry in the long run!

And so much more!

Sample Content Preview

Chapter 7: Twitter Marketing—Tweeting for Business


Twitter is another very popular social networking resource that works on a totally different concept. This resource has become popular due to its use of micro-blogging. You can post small bits of content here, known as micro-blogs in general and tweets in particular, that tell people what you are doing. You can give people links to your business. You can create a base of people who follow you. Your followers can be followed by other followers. In a very short time, you might have a large number of people who are following what you say on Twitter.

That can work amazingly well. These people have decided to follow you. So, by implication, these people are interested in what you want to say. They have faith in your tweets.

Hence, the rich marketers will never want to lose out on this opportunity. Tweeting for business is what everyone is doing right now, and this is one area you should focus on as well.

Twitter Marketing—Tweeting for Business

Business in today’s world is no more limited to offices, documentations and business meetings only. It is more global and social now; tweeting for business is an interesting concept. Twitter provides a platform to the people in business to make more contacts and do marketing of their company and products.

Twitter is a micro blogging site where people can do promotions but shameless and obsolete marketing is not allowed. It is not a way of starting or promoting a business. It is only a platform to promote your own self, your ideas and new products. It is used for forwarding your business rather than launching it.

All you need to do is log on to the Twitter and become a follower. By following someone, you have the capability to show your likes and dislikes. It is not limited to be a follower only; you have to give feedback and opinions on different subjects within limited 140 words; it should be crisp, short and unique. By posting your comments and feedback, you are showing your presence there. It is necessary that you develop a social interaction with different people on the site. If you do not interact with them and only post your ads then people might think that you are a scam. Make healthy relations with people so that they start following you. Only then you would be successful in convincing people about your business plans and products.

Tweeting for business is like establishing a brand image. For example, when a specific brand is being launched the manufacturer uses many different ways to promote it and make people well aware about the brand. Advertisements also use the same technique, like they don’t sell brands but they sell ideas. People usually accept and adopt them as a part of their life styles. Only after building an emotional relationship with the product, the brand loyalty develops among the consumer. Similarly for promotion of business, you must build a relationship of trust with your followers and Twitter is the best available platform for this purpose. Writing a profile with your biography is the first and most important step, so that people know about your qualifications, experiences and business and will start following you.

After that, you must keep on tweeting on other tweets. Do not hesitate to express your opinions and point of views on different subjects. If you do not agree with something, feel free to disagree but don’t be rude; selection of words should be careful. Build arguments and support your point of view with solid proofs and statements. It will show others that you have some knowledge and you have an ability to be determined to your beliefs. This will definitely increase your follower ship. Keep contact with your followers, discuss things with them, share your ideas about promotion of your business and fields of your interest, state about what your business wants, don’t fear to give statements and don’t be afraid of oppositions. Ask questions to others; it is a platform for two way communication and their responses will appear as a review for clients and followers. Always share links and informative things on Twitter and ask people to follow.

Hence, tweeting for business is excellent way to compliment your company and show the internet presence. Do not confuse it with a social networking or just any other business site.

“Here Is Your Unbeatable Money Back Guarantee!”

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Read it. Absorb. Apply it to your existing business. Observe the results.

If for any reason at all, you’re not satisfied with this product whatsoever, just contact me, let me know why, and I’ll refund your purchase, provided you delete the copy off your hard drive.


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