Raiken – If You’re Tired Of Buying The Same Online Methods Over And Over Again, And You’re Looking For Something New, Raiken Will Be A Breathe Of Fresh Air For You. Inside, You’ll Get A Step-By-Step System For Making $239 Per Hour Starting Today – Includes Cloud Application Only, For Unlimited Personal Use

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This Weird Method Makes
$239 Per Hour

With NO Videos, NO Websites And NO Paid Traffic

100% newbie-friendly

Not affiliate marketing.

You’ve NEVER seen a course or training about this before.

No website, No List, No Videos…

This has nothing to do with getting clients, consulting, or cold calling.

Results come QUICK…

Easy and repeatable

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Even A Total Newbie With ZERO Experience Could Set This Up In


Dear Fellow Marketer

There’s A Serious Problem
Online Right Now

This is where I’m supposed to tell you about how hard it is to get traffic and that’s why you’re failing to make money…

Or, that you’re spending too much time hopping from method to method and that you just need to focus on something…

Or, I could tell you that most of the gurus out there are lying to you so that you buy yet ANOTHER training course that leads you down the rabbit-hole of “buying stuff” and not making any real money…

Depending on how you’re trying to make money online, all of the above is true…

But that’s NOT what I’m here to talk to you about today.

I’m Pretty Pissed Off

 Here’s why…

As I was going through my email the other day and looking at all the various launches and courses to see what’s out there…

…it’s very clear that pretty much everyone is taking the same old, worn out affiliate marketing methods and trying to sell them as something fresh and new…

 Talk About Being LAZY!

 Don’t get me wrong, there is most definitely money to make with affiliate marketing and pretty much all the other online methods you’ve seen before…

 But, it’s annoying to buy a course hoping to see something fresh and new to find out it’s pretty much the same old method packed up with a little differently.

You Know The OLD Phrase
You Can Put Lipstick On A Pig

Seeing all the same old stuff being sold over and over again…

I got super excited when I started talking to my fellow YouTube buddy, Steve Raiken the other day…

Steve and I both love giving massive value on YouTube to our subscribers.

It’s been said many times that we give WAY more value than most paid courses freely on YouTube.

That’s Something I’m Proud Of.

I know what it’s like to struggle and I like helping others that are struggling or just starting out to get big results online.

Anyway, Steve and I were chatting about the ‘state of the market’ the other day, and he told me about a BRAND NEW method he’s personally been using to bank $$239 Per Hour

I was FLOORED when Steve started showing me what he was doing!

Here’s What I Love About Steve’s Method…

It’s Actually Something New And Fresh – I’m Confident You Have Never Seen Anything Like This Ever Before…

It Has NOTHING To Do With Affiliate Marketing, Creating An Info Product, CPA, Membership Sites, Or Any Other Method You’ve Heard Of.

You Don’t Need A Website
To Do This…

You Don’t Need Any Special
Skills Or Experience…

His Method Is 100% Newbie-Friendly – All You Need Is Steve’s Step-By-Step Training And You Can Make Money With This…

You Can Get Started With His Method Today… And Make Money TODAY!

Did I Mention It Has NOTHING To Do
With All The Common Methods You’ve Seen Before? 🙂

Look How Much Steve Made
Last Month With This SIMPLE

And What I Really Love About This Is It Works For ANYONE That Follows Steve’s Simple…

Unfortunately until now, if you wanted to learn this method for making $239 per hour, you’d have to invest hundreds of dollars and have Steve train your personally…

But after a little arm-twisting, I was able to convince Steve to bundle his simple method into a step-by-step training course and release it to the public…

So now YOU can make $239 per hour with Steve’s simple, never-before-seen method…


If You’re Tired Of Buying The Same Online Methods Over And Over Again, And You’re Looking For Something New, Raiken Will Be A Breathe Of Fresh Air For You. Inside, You’ll Get A Step-By-Step System For Making $239 Per Hour Starting Today!

Why Do We Call This ‘Raiken?’

Well, Steve’s last name is Raiken, but the real reason is that this method is so awesome, unique, and new, that we really couldn’t think of any other name that would make sense…

…so we named it after the creator.

Inside Raiken, You’ll Get…


This training takes you by the hand and shows you everything about this brand new method for making $239 per hour.

No Stones are Left Unturned – You get everything you need to start making money TODAY.

‘Quick Start’ Real Life

This case study shows how anyone can start from ZERO and quickly scale up to $239 per hour.

Follow along and do this yourself to start making money fast.

You’ll Discover Things Like.

How To Get Up And Running With This Method Today… That Actually Makes This Sound More Complicated Than It Is… There’s Virtually No Setup Time, And You Can Make Hundreds Of Dollars TODAY.

Why This Is Better Than Pretty Much Every Online Method You’ve Ever Tried... Unlike Other Methods That Are Prone To Saturation Or Rapidly-Changing Technology, This Method Will Work Today, Tomorrow, And For Months And Even Years To Come.

Don’t You Hate Worrying About Getting Traffic? You Don’t Have To Stress About Traffic With This Method Every! This Has Nothing To Do With Running Ads Or Jumping Through Hoops To Get Traffic… Everything You’ll Ever Need Is Built-Into This Method…

The Simple Steps To Start Making Money Right Away… One Of The Best Things About Raiken Is That The Money Starts Coming Really Fast… You Can Make Money Today, And Inside, You’ll Get A Step-By-Step Plan To Do Just That!

How To Quickly Scale Up Your Income To $239 Per Hour! That’s More Than Most Doctors And Attorneys Make…

Although $239 Per Hour Is Pretty Common, Steve’s Made As Much As $1,000 Per Hour With The Raiken Method, And Inside, You’ll Discover EXACTLY How He Did It…

You Get Everything You Need To Use This Method To Create A Life-Changing, Job-Destroying Income, And Inside, You’ll See How Steve Used This Method To Fire His Boss Within Just A Few Days Of Getting Going…

Plus, Get Access To Insider Information That Makes This The Easiest Money-Maker You’ve Ever Seen!

The simplicity of Raiken will blow your mind and make you wonder why you’ve been wasting your time for so long trying to make money with other methods…

But don’t just take our word for it…

Others Have Paid $997+ To Learn This
But You Won’t Invest Anywhere Near That Today…

Because this method is new, it works like crazy, and has the power to thousands of dollars in your pocket THIS WEEK, we considered charging a lot more money for this.

Others have paid $997, or more, to learn this method…

And we thought about making access super limited and turning this into some type of live training course with a big price tag.

That might still happen, but for a limited time, you have the chance to get your hands on Raiken for the low, one-time investment of just… £9.99

Usual Price: £27.00

Today Only: £9.99

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