Purpose Driven Business Models – Easily Create Your Very Own Business Model Revolving Around Your Passion Or The Things You Love To Do – Includes Sales Material + Private Label Rights

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“Who Else Wants To Make Big Bucks By Following Their Passion And Doing Only What They Love?”

Discover How You Can Easily Create Your Very Own Business Revolving Around Your Passion Or The Things You Love To Do!


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Most of the time, people live in a 21st century prison.

Do you know what this modern prison is? It’s modern slavery to the things that you do not like to do.

Most people live their lives half awake in the morning because they are either in a job that they don’t love or they hate the business they are running.

The common excuse is that they do so because they want to make a living.

But if you are not enjoying what you are doing…

You Are Simply Existing And You Are Not Living Your Life To The Fullest!

It’s a known fact that people do not go all out to do what they really love. People tell them that it is a waste of time. They fall into the trap of conforming to other people’s expectations and small goals that they do not live life to the fullest!

Is your life like that?

Wasn’t there a time that you wanted to do something?

A time that you SERIOUSLY wanted to get something done and not only have results but high fulfilment at the same time?

Are you simply existing or are you ready to live your life to the fullest by embracing your passions?

You have to make a choice:

Do What You Love… Or Live Like A Slave To Your JOB!

You might be facing the following obstacles:

  • You like doing something but you don’t know how to turn it into money!
  • You can’t find the right vehicle to move your ‘product’
  • Everyone tells you that it can’t be done!
  • You don’t even know where to get started!
  • Many more worries…

Well fret not…

With these strategies that I’m about to share with you, you will have no problems when it comes to living a life filled with passion (and a chance to make big money at the same time)!


“Purpose Driven Business Models”

How To Follow Your Passion To Build Your Business

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
Discovering Your Passion

Chapter 2:
Your Passion Can Make You Rich

Chapter 3:
Principles and Ethics

Chapter 4:
Using the Internet to Monetize Your Passion

Chapter 5:
Passion Income Strategies

Chapter 6:
Writing eBooks as a Moneymaking Passion

Chapter 7:
Blogging as a Moneymaking Passion

Chapter 8:
Social Networking as a Moneymaking Passion

Chapter 9:
Other Ways of Monetizing Your Passion

Chapter 10:
Some More Methods

Sample Content Preview

Chapter 3: Principles and Ethics

It is quite possible to make money out of your passion, but as it is with any other moneymaking opportunity, you must remember that there are some principles and ethics that you need to follow. We shall take a look at some of them here.

1. It is highly important that you respect whatever it is that you are dealing with. If your passion is coin collecting, make sure you bring about the right reverence to your activities. You cannot start blatantly criticising and abusing this subject. Well, you could criticise, but then you have to justify what you say. Remember that you are trying to make money here. Since your target audience is going to be other people who are also passionate about this subject, you will not earn anything if you sling mud at it without reason.

2. Be knowledgeable. People who will come to you already know the basics. What they want to learn is the viewpoint of another expert in the subject. Make absolutely certain that you know all the terms well and that your facts are right.

3. Keep up with the times. Things are going to change fast, whatever your scope of interest is. Always keep on the move learning new things. It could be a great idea to use Google Alerts which can tell you what’s happening around you.

4. Be responsive. When people reach out to you, they are hoping to commingle with someone else who has the same likes as them. They are reaching out with some expectations in their mind. Don’t belie these. If you do, you are effectively stopping other people from reaching out to you as well.

This brings us to the fifth principle. Always network with people. If you are trying to make money out of a subject that you are very passionate about, network with other like-minded people. The more people you network with, the more will you be talked about.


The best resource to monetise your passion is definitely the Internet. Here is how you can use it to help you make money.

Chapter 4: Using the Internet to Monetise Your Passion

If you are looking for the most effective way to make money out of a particular niche, the best way you can do that is by tapping into the various reserves that the Internet has. There are various benefits in doing that. First of all, you are going to find your audience here. If your subject of passion is a very narrow niche, you will find it very difficult to find other like-minded people anywhere else. But, on the Internet, you can easily reach out to them. You can get you target audience.

There are various ways in which you can do that. Writing articles is one way. When you write an informative article and put it up on the Internet, people who are interested in that particular subject are going to read that. If they like the article, they will visit your website or blog that is advertised with the article. In that way, you bring interested people to you.

Blogging is another lucrative way. When you blog, you are actually bringing out your opinions on that particular subject to an open audience, who can interact with you. It becomes a great portal for them to share their views and learn new things as well.

At the same time, there are several ways in which you can milk this traffic in a financial way. You can make them pay you for the services you offer. And, on the Internet, there’s no limit to the amount of money that you can earn.

With traditional methods (i.e. non-Internet methods), you will find it very difficult to make money. At the most, you could mix with people through a club or something like that. But, you couldn’t hope to monetise them.

Hence, if you are serious about making money out of the subject of your passion, you need to know about how to tap the numerous resources that the Internet has to offer.


Read on to know about what methods you must use when you are trying to convert your passion into money.

Chapter 5: Passion Income Strategies

So, how do you plan a strategy to monetarily tap into your passion? There are some qualities that they must possess.

Their Potential

It is necessary that the strategies have a good potential. When we speak about potential in the context of the Internet, we mean that they should be able to reach out to your niche. So, if you are considering article marketing or blogging, you have to do it in such a way that it reaches it to people who might be interested in what you have to say. You might not want to use a method such as affiliate marketing, for instance, because you might feel this method won’t reach out to your niche.

Your Own Comfort

Another thing that you need to think about is that you should be comfortable using this particular method. You should have the technical knowledge to use this strategy. There are ways in which you can hire people to accomplish tasks for you, such as you could hire someone to set up a blog for you or someone to write content for you, but it is important that you have the overall know-how about the strategy that you are using.

The Expense

All right, we are trying to make money out of something you are passionate about. The keyword here is that you are trying to ‘make money’. So, should you invest a lot at the start? On the Internet, you are likely to find ways that can help you promote your substance for free as well as for a lot of money. The efficacy of these methods will be different. But, you need to do your research and find out a method that doesn’t cost much, but reaches out to your target population.

Plan out your strategies such that they will work out for the long term. You don’t need to use a method that will not pay you out tomorrow. At the same time, plan out a strategy that won’t impose a lot on your time. There are several methods that you can use spending only a few minutes of your day, which we shall be seeing shortly.

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