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Dear Bride To Be,

You have been dreaming of your wedding for so many years, fantasising about how the music, the dancing, the friends and family present to help you celebrate the start of your lifetime commitment to your partner.

You’ve envisioned how your day will begin, with your maid of honor and bridesmaids there to support you every step of the way.. laughing with excitement as you have your hair and makeup done, knowing that within just a few short hours, you will finally marry the man of your dreams, and start a brand new chapter of your life, one that will be the most fulfilling journey you’ve ever taken.

You probably have your colors picked out, the style etched in your mind, and your own unique personality embedded into every elements.. every last, little detail.

You know exactly what you want, and you are ready to begin the process of putting it all together for that one big day that is approaching faster than you ever imagined..

You’ve come to discover that planning the perfect wedding is not only exhausting, frustrating and time consuming, but exceptionally expensive. Even if you trimmed down on the number of flowers or even the amount of guests, you are still way over budget.

It feels as though you will end up having to scrap the fantasy wedding you’ve been dreaming about, and perhaps go without some of the special elements that you really hoped could be included.

But do you, really?

Every year, wedding planners are hired to organize and plan weddings, sometimes elaborate, sometimes simple and intimate but regardless of the wedding type or theme, one thing is crystal clear:

Wedding planners can stretch every dollar, fitting every important aspect of your wedding into your budget, regardless how small your budget is.

The problem is that not everyone can afford a wedding planner, after all if you eliminate the need for a wedding planner, you just added a few hundred (if not thousand) dollars to your budget, right?

So, what do you do? You know you need the skills and knowledge of a wedding planner, but you would rather not have to spend money on it..

Well, here’s your complete solution to planning your OWN wedding as if you were a skilled wedding planner with years of experience in the business!


Planning Your Wedding Pack

“Discover The Industry Trade Secrets Of A 15 Year Wedding
Planning Veteran Who Will Show You How To Have A Luxurious
Wedding On An Absolutely Shoestring Budget!”

Here are just a few of the many insider tactics to planning a wedding on a budget that you will discover within the pages of the Wedding Planning Simplified guide:

Discover exactly what you need to say when dealing with wedding vendors so that you are able to negotiate the best deals, stripping away hundreds of dollars in costs!
Tried and tested methods of purchasing your wedding attire at insanely reduced costs,regardless of how big your wedding party is! These strategies have saved couples thousands of dollars in costs that could be put towards your honeymoon!

How to choose the right reception location to ensure that your day is the best that it can be! Choose the wrong location and your wedding reception will be an absolute disaster! I will reveal the insider strategies of choosing the ultimate reception location regardless of your location or budget!
How to save $200.00 on your wedding invitations, instantly! These proven strategies will shave hundreds of dollars of your costs, easily!
How to plan out every detail, every element like a pro!! My step by step blueprint to wedding planning will ensure that you address every element like a professional wedding planner, giving you the ability to scoop up deals that are never available to “regular” brides without a representative doing business for them.

And much, much more!

eBook 1 –

40 Day Guide To Planning Your Wedding

Table of Contents

1 How To Use This Guide 4
2 Day 1 to Day 5: You Are Getting Married! 5
Step 1: Talking About Goals 5
Step 2: Telling Mom 5
Step 3: The Initial Budget 6
Step 4: Who Is Paying for What? 7
Days 1 through 5 Personal Goals: 7
3 Day 6 to Day 10: Formulating Ideas 8
Step 1: Who Is Helping You Plan? 8
Step 2: Who Will You Hire? 8
Step 3: Going it Alone? 9
Step 4: Know What You Want 9
Step 5: Guest List Planning 10
Days 6 through 10 Personal Goals: 10
4 Day 11 to 15: Big Stuff First 11
Step 1: Where Will Your Wedding Be? 11
Step 2: Dress Shopping 12
Step 3: Wedding Rings 12
Step 4: The Cake 13
Step 5: Floral Needs 13
To Do List So Far: 14
5 Day 16 to 20: More Decisions 15
Step 1: PIck The Venues 15
Step 2: Catering and Food 15
Step 3: Wedding Party Attire 16
Step 4: Get Your Invitations Done 16
Jot Down Notes and Goals for This Week: 17
6 Day 21 to 25: Focus On Wedding 18
Step 1: Meet Religious Requirements 18
Step 2: Meet With On Site Planner 18
Step 3: Wedding Day Timeline 19
Day 21 to 25 Notes: 19
7 day 26 to 30: More Plans 20
Step 1: Photographer 20
Step 2: Music! 20
Step 3: Gifts For Wedding Party 21
Step 4: Odds and Ends 22
To Do List and Personal Notes: 22
8 Day 30 to 35: Pulling It Together 23
Step 1: Transportation for the Wedding Day 23
Step 2: Pick Music 24
Step 3: Finalize Plans With Reception 25
Step 4: FInalize Ceremony Site 25
Step 5: Flower LIne Up 26
Step 6: Photography LIned Up 26
Notes and To Do List For This Week: 27
9 Day 36: Get Prepared 28
Step 1: Guest List Finalization 28
Step 2: Arrange and Have FInal Alterations 29
Step 3: Set Up Tanning 29
Step 4: Check In with Reception and Wedding Coordinators 29
Step 5: Finalize Payments 30
Your To Do List: 30
10 Day 37: Fittings And More 31
Step 1: Groom Fittings 31
Step 2: Bridesmaid Fittings 31
Step 3: Pick Up Wedding Rings 32
Step 4: Vendor Follow UP 32
To Do List and Personal Notes: 33
11 Day 38: Spa Day 34
Step 1: Make A Spa Appointment 34
Step 2: Nail Appointments 34
Step 3: Teeth Appointments 35
Step 4: Hair Appointments: Ladies First 35
Step 5: Hair Appointments: Guys 35
Personal Messages and To Do List: 36
12 Day 39: The Rehearsal Dinner 37
Step 1: The Rehearsal 37
Step 2: The Dinner 38
Thoughts, Ideas and Game Plan: 38
13 Day 40: The Follow UP 39
Wedding Reception: 39
Wedding Ceremony: 39
Wedding Vendors: 40
Wedding Attire: 40
Wedding Day Schedule: 40

Sample Preview Content

Day 1 to Day 5:
You Are Getting Married!

No matter if you have been planning on this day for months or years, or dreaming of it since the day you could walk, you are now finally getting married. After the excitement of this very special day wears off, it is now time to start considering the plans for your special day.

Step 1: Talking About Goals

In this chapter, your goal is to come together and talk about the upcoming marriage. You will need to talk about what you each hope to accomplish in this very special event. Although, many men do not play a specific role in planning each aspect of the wedding more men than ever are getting involved. They do have the right to make this their special day too, of course. So, step one of your plan should be to talk about what your goals are.

What to talk about:

  • What do you imagine your wedding to be like?
  • What does your soon to be spouse believe is the perfect wedding?
  • Do you want a large wedding or a private, small wedding?
  • Do you plan to have a lavish event or a simple celebration?
  • What are weddings like in your family, and his?
  • What things do you really hope are not part of your wedding?

Talk about these areas with your significant other. Find out what their opinions are and start talking about the special day. Do not make any firm decisions, but do talk about what your hopes and dreams are for this very special occasion.

Step 2: Telling Mom

Hold on…telling your parents about your wedding is a good thing, so why is this such a big deal? It could be some parents want to immediately step in and take over the planning. It could be that your parents are not sure you are ready, either.

Telling both sets of parents can be a lot of fun, if you present it in the right way. Keep yourself positive and motivated. In some families and religions, it is still proper for the man to approach the father of the soon to be bride and ask for her hand in marriage. If this is something that would be the expectation, go for it.

Some ideas:

  • Keep it private and quiet. Most people want time to celebrate, not sit quietly in a restaurant.
  • Be sure to give yourself and your parents enough time to soak in what you are saying. Do not expect an immediate reaction.
  • Do keep them in the loop. Even if you will be doing the work of planning the wedding yourself, you want to be sure they know what is happening.

Telling Mom and Dad may be one of the easiest assignments for you thus far. On the other hand, it may be a challenge. Do not wait, though. If you wait to tell them for several weeks, chances are good they will be more frustrated later.

Step 3: The Initial Budget

Now that everyone is happily celebrating your soon to be wedding, the next step is to set the initial budget. There is no way for you to know how much the dress will cost, how much the reception hall will be or what amount to set aside for flowers. Yet, you may need to cap the wedding at some level right now. For most couples this is the amount of money available to them.

Here are some things to think about:

  • The average American wedding can range from $10,000 to $25,000.
  • You can cut costs along the way to have a glamorous wedding for less.
  • Do not assume that your parents are paying for the wedding. Many parents simply cannot afford the cost of a wedding in these difficult times.
  • Set a budget at the low end. Know what the high end is, too.

Going into debt is something that many couples end up doing right from the start. The problem is, if you max out your credit cards on your wedding planning, there is little for a down payment on a home or that fabulous honeymoon you are thinking. Therefore, keep the short-term goals of wedding on your mind, while still realising the important of long-term financial goals.

eBook 2 –

Planning Your
Wedding Starts Here

Table of Contents

Formulate a Guest List 3
Formulate a Budget 5


3.0 Negotiate . 6
Venue 7
Catering 8
Equipment 8
Linen 8
Food & Drink 9
Bar 10
Marquees 10
Lighting 10
Wedding Planner 10
Local Cottage Industry 10
Wedding suppliers offering coordination 11
Venue- based coordinators 11
Independent planners 11



Choosing a florist 13
Choosing a photographer 14
Choosing a videographer 15
Choosing a wedding dress 17
Princess Bride 17
Fashion Bride 18
Practical Bride 18
VAT 20

Prior to the Event 20
Invitations and Other Stationery 20
Final Checks 20
Itineraries 21
Other things to consider 21
Table Plan 21
On the Day 22
Photo calls 22
Announcements and Guest Flow 22
Receiving Deliveries 22
Extra Costs 22
Music 22
Speeches 22
After the Event 23
Return of Hired Items 23
Finalize Extra Costs 23
Transportation 23

Checklist 24

Sample Preview Content


Whether your budget is tight or whether your budget isn’t an issue, everyone likes to receive value for money and get the most for what they are spending. So although it’s hard to do, think with your head not your heart, you will not get value for money if you can’t do this! The suppliers for your wedding/partnership are businesses and therefore primarily want to make money! Do your research; find out what you get for your money; ensure your comparisons are like for like. Then set your budget at a level you’re happy with. If you want to spend more in one area at a later date, and then cut back in another if you need to pull your budget back.


You cannot really formulate a budget until you have a guest list, as feeding your guests will take the largest chunk of your budget. Many planning tools recommend this be done later, I feel that this is something that should be done right away as it will help you set your budget and make important initial decisions. Many couples decide on a number of guests and then later reduce or increase those numbers. If you do this and make venue decisions based on your initial guest numbers, you may turn down a venue you really liked because it wasn’t big enough only to find that later you have reduced your guest numbers sufficiently to have chosen it. Similarly, you may choose a venue that only just accommodates your guest numbers and later want to increase those numbers and can’t because you are restricted for space. In our experience guest numbers often fluctuate from your original decision.

If budget is an issue to you, the guest list must be succinct. Invite close friends and family, don’t get carried away and don’t be coerced into inviting people you don’t want to (unless the coercer wants to, or is paying!). This is perhaps the only opportunity you will get to make the world revolve around you and get away with it, inflict your will, don’t be pushed! If people really love and care about you, on your day they will understand your wishes, it is a sensitive issue and should be talked through and handled well. Formulate your guest list by writing down the names of everyone that you think you would like to invite, don’t inhibit yourself at all.

Once this is done use a list like the following to categorise the people on your list.

  • People who must be invited, Mums and Dads, siblings, best friends, people who are present and important in your life.
  • Friends that you still see or keep contact with, work colleagues (if you’ve worked there a while), sports teams.
  • People you have recently met, who whilst are present in your life haven’t been around very long, new work colleagues.
  • Friends you haven’t seen in a long time and don’t keep contact with, also family members that you don’t have a relationship with and make no effort to see (cousins, aunts).

This should help you prioritise who is really important! The people who fell into 1 and 2 should get an invitation to the whole event; those in 3 should be invited to the evening event. Those in 4 should not receive an invitation, there are reasons you don’t keep in touch, be true to yourself. Consider if you want to continue a relationship with these people or will your relationship continue to diminish? If you’re feeling generous some 4’s may be invited to the evening event. This is the category over which you are likely to be pushed, or feel guilt, remember whose big day it is, and who’s paying!

Don’t feel obliged to invite people to your wedding/ partnership just because you went to their s 10 years ago. People change, life moves on and if you haven’t had contact with those people in as many year s, it’s as much their fault as it is yours! Remember, there will be people who came to your wedding/partnership who won’t invite you to theirs, for a number of different reasons. Ask yourself this, if you weren’t getting married would have even thought about this person?

Keep this list and update as you go, as it will also help you to organise your table plan later.


Usually, over one third of the wedding budget is spent on providing food and drink for guests. With sensible venue choice, planning and good negotiation the amount for the meal package published tariff can be as much as HALVED!

It is likely that other costs will fluctuate, but are unlikely to impact your budget as much as your catering or venue choice, so don’t fret about not being very accurate about the other costs at this stage. If you are concerned that your budget is tight and want to get this right, a consultation with a wedding planner can assist you with this. A wedding planner can negate the cost of hiring one, by ensuring the best value for money and removing stress whilst giving you back you time.

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