Launch Your Coaching Program In 10 Days – Secret To Launching Your Coaching Program In 10 Days Or Less! 100% Guaranteed! – Audio Training Package Including Sales Funnel And Master Resale Rights


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Discover the Secret to Launching Your Coaching Program in 10 Days or Less! – 100% Guaranteed!



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Would you like to start a brand new coaching program and launch it in 10 days?

Here’s the way it would work:

You choose the topic of your coaching program.

Then you’ll create an outline of that coaching program.

You’ll then write a special letter that tells folks about the coaching program.

Then you’ll tell everyone you know – on facebook, your site, linkedin, and everywhere else you hang out – about your new coaching program.

1) I will give you amazing insight into how to use social media to launch it fast so you don’t need your own list (although in the long run, PLEASE build a list – that’s one big key to long term revenue and growth)

2) I am going to teach you some super-charged techniques in a relevant and exciting way to explode your approach to launching your coaching program

Now, here’s the thing, this isn’t for everyone.

If you aren’t ready to rock the world with YOUR techniques that you will share in your coaching program, this may not be for you.

If you want to sit back and just watch the money come in from your couch, like folks who buy into the get-rich-quick lie, this isn’t for you.

Launch Your Coaching Program In 10 Days

And if you don’t want to coach real live people in exchange for them paying you £97, £197, or even £39 a month or more . . . this isn’t for you.

But if it is for you, let’s get you signed up, cause I’m running this as a warrior special offer, so the price will go up each time someone enrolls.

This training is easily worth over £100 – and in fact, I’ve charged between £88 and £1000 for classes to teach folks these kinds of things –

But for today, you get it for just FREE..

Now, remember, in addition to the power-training recording, I’m going to GIVE you my Coaching Program Launch Course, worth £97, which you can study and IMMEDIATELY launch you coaching program.

How would that feel, to have your very own live coaching program in just 10 days?

If that would feel good, you’ll love this training!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

1) The EXACT plan for launching a coaching program in 10 days

PLUS – I’m going to show you how to do it using social media (meaning you can do it EVEN IF you don’t have your own list) – and you can especially use facebook to launch it!

2) I’m going to GIVE you my Coaching Program Launch Course to study, which will teach you exactly what to do and how to do it to launch your coaching program fast (like, in 10 days from right now, with an amazing case study!!!!).

And here’s what you’ll learn in the Coaching Program Launch Course Bonus Training:

It’s about 4 hours of audio training and here’s what you’ll Learn:

  1. How to determine the topic of your coaching program
  2. How to structure your coaching program
  3. How to find out exactly what your prospects want in your coaching program
  4. How to automate your coaching (exact tools)


  • How to create the first lesson
  • How to set up your first coaching call
  • How to do your launch campaign (using the system I personally use in my own launches)
  • How to get prospects primed to sign up when you send out your coaching sales letter

In addition, you learn all this:

  1. How to sign up as many clients as possible as fast as possible
  2. How to re-run your launch campaign each month to keep your coaching class full
  3. A secret method of turning £97 a month clients into big – paid – in – full – for – a – year clients
  4. A kick in the pants so you will just DO IT!

This is a highly – targeted, highly concise training.

It will walk you straight through the entire process, from beginning to end – You can literally launch your own coaching program on Wednesday of next week, if you simply follow the easy steps (I even give you a case study in the dating niche so you can follow along).

PLUS: I am going to give you an immediate download where I give you the complete launch overview in a one-hour recording so you can start planning things immediately!

PLUS: I am going to give you my £1,000 “How to Write a Coaching Program Sales Letter” training as an additional bonus –

What’s this worth?

Here’s the thing, if you simply enroll 10 clients a month, in a few months, you’ll have 30-40 people paying you £97 a month.

That’s £3,000 – £4,000 a month in additional income, for about 4 hours of work a month. That’s around £1000 an hour to you – from prospects who are already looking for coaching, and if they don’t buy it from you, they’ll buy it from your competitor.

And of course, if you enroll more, you’ll have more clients – if you enroll 20 a month, you’ll quickly have 60-80 or more people paying you £97 a month on autopilot…

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