Jack Jacker (Gold) – This Is A Perfect Solution For Anyone Who Wants To Make Money With Niche CPA Or Affiliate Offers – Includes Video Tutorial, For Unlimited Personal Use

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With Jack Jacker (Gold) you get instant content, instant authority, and an easy way to get both traffic and clicks!

This is going to be perfect for anyone who wants to make money
with niche CPA or affiliate offers!

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Check Out An Example Page Below On Just Some Of The Ways You Can Use Jack Jacker Gold WP Plugin…

This Amazing WordPress plugin builds authority, traffic and clicks in just a few minutes. So easy anyone can do it, no matter how non technical they are.

Jack any website and put your call to action bar over it, your own custom HTML, and even change all the links on the jacked page to anything you want!

Does not use IFRAMES, this means you can use social links to get easy traffic to your jacked pages!

If you’ve never heard of Jack Jacker (FREE) version, then you must be living under a rock…so, let me enlighten you. Jack Jacker allowed you to “Jack” someone’s content and put a call to action button over their page. This is great if you are doing Social Media Marketing and linking people to popular blog post.

But NOW Jack Jacker Gold has been created! This allows you to have even more capabilities.

  • Jack All Of The Page Links & make them lead to your designated URL
  • Add Your Own Pop-Up Box Code or Custom HTML To The Page


This plugin works great if you are doing any kind of niche marketing, CPA marketing, or affiliate marketing.

You see…if you are just beginning with Internet Marketing, you usually have two main problems.

  • You Lack Authority
  • And You Lack Good Quality Content On Your Page

By using Jack Jacker Gold, you can fix these two problems instantaneously! By simply “Jacking” high quality blog post or website content. This will instantly make you look like an Authority figure by displaying this high quality content like it was your own.

I know it may sound complicated, but it’s as simple as finding a blog post that is popular, copy the url and paste it in the Jack Jacker Gold software, fill in the other options you want. And presto…you now can use the special link created for you in Jack Jacker Gold to post on social media sites.

Basically, what happens is…they will see the blog post page that you linked to, but it will have your own “Call to Action” bar on the top of the page. And…if you chose to jack the links on the page, then all the links will go to your designated URL of choice.

And don’t worry…there is nothing grey hat or black hat about this… Jack Jacker Gold does not use iframes like other software or plugins that work similar to this that may violate copyright rules.


STEP 1 – After you purchase the plugin, install it on your WordPress Site of choice.

STEP 2 – Create a new WordPress Page and name it according to the ‘niche term’ you are promoting. Then publish it!

STEP 3 – Next search Google to find a popular blog or article pages that represents what you are trying to promote or that is in ‘reference to’ the same topic that you are promoting.

STEP 4 – Open the Jack Jacker Gold plugin from the side bar menu, then click on “Create New Jack”.

STEP 5 – Select a WordPress page from the drop down bar menu, this would be the page you just created in STEP 2.

STEP 6 – Add a ‘Jack Title’! This is for your reference only to remember what the jack is. Next, add in the URL to jack. This would be the URL you copied from the Blog or Article you found on Google.

STEP 7 – Choose the Bar Colour (bar that appears on the top of the page). Then choose the Bar Text (this will be your ‘Call to Action’ text that appears over the bar). Next you can choose the Bar Text Colour (the colour of the text on the bar).

STEP 8 – Finally, put in the Link URL that you want the call to action to link to (ex. your affiliate or CPA affiliate link) Next, you can add Custom HTML in the box such as a pop up code made in another program to add even more ways to get your visitors to act!

STEP 9 – Now, you can say ‘YES’ in the “Jack Page Links” drop down box to change all the links on that page, to link to your affiliate URL link. Then click the ‘Save Now’ button.

STEP 10 – And lastly, you can click on the ‘View’ button to see how it will look on your site. Next, head to your favorite social media site to post your new link of the page you just created and start generating some traffic to your affiliate, or CPA link.


Here’s how Jack Jacker Gold works! It actually puts the content on your website, it’s not making a copy of the content using iframes, if it did, it would be copyright infringement! And that’s NOT what Jack Jacker Gold is about!

It actually ‘ask the website‘ for the content on the fly, and then simply displays the content that the website responds with. This also means that your article will always be updated to, because when they update, you will be getting the latest version of the updated content.

And…another cool feature is, that all the meta tags and graphics are now associated with your site.

Why is this important?

Because, now when you post your link on Facebook or other social media sites, it’s going to pull in the graphics and text from the site. And when they click on your post, they will see your call to action bar on the top of the page. Plus, the best part is... when they scroll down to read the article, the bar follows them!


Pick up your copy of Jack Jacker Gold today! And start generating more traffic and sales to your sites.


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