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This content bundle includes:


Audio books have ballooned into a $1.2 billion industry, up from $480 million in retail sales in 1997. – Wall Street Journal

This bundle includes an audiobook with 10 Mp3 chapters.  These professionally recorded audio files are perfect for creating videos or audio files. Please see below (Article section) for the MP3 titles. Provided in the following format: .mp3


Ten 400+ word articles that you can post and repurpose any way you want.  The articles are provided in the following formats: .doc | .txt | .pages

Article Titles:

5 Top Tips for Introverts Who Stink at Networking

Affiliate Marketing The Perfect Business for the Introverted Entrepreneur

Are You an Introverted Entrepreneur Practice Makes Perfect

Success Tips from Famous Introverted Entrepreneurs

The Advantages of an Introvert Extrovert Entrepreneurial Partnership

The Wearable Icebreaker Entrepreneurial Introverts Can Wear to Get People Talking

Top 5 Sales Tips for Entrepreneurial Introverts

Top Introverted Entrepreneur Complaint I Hate Selling

What It Means to Be Both an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

Why Introverts Make Perfect Entrepreneurs


The above articles formatted into 2 separate mini-reports.  These reports include areas for your branding and website. The articles are provided in the following formats: .doc | .txt | .pages

Quote Posters

These 20 large images (800px by 1000px) are created by our in-house designer.  Each poster includes a quote related to the content bundle’s topic. These posters can be shared on your website, blog or social networks.  Provided in the following formats: .jpg | .psd (editable)

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