HTML 4 Newbies – Discover The Basics Of HTML To Help Build Profitable Websites Exactly How You Want Even If You’re A Techno-Phoebe Or A Complete Newbie – Includes Sales Material + Resale Rights

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***NOW LIVE! Discover The Secrets To Creating Your First Website With Simple HTML!***

Discover The Basics Of HTML To Help Build Profitable Websites Exactly How You Want Even If You’re A Techno-Phoebe Or A Complete Newbie… Starting Today!

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This essential video course is designed to show you how you can quickly and easily learn the basics of HTML so you can survive the online world.

If you want to set up any type of web-page or landing page, you absolutely must know HTML. The reality is that even if you are using visual HTML editors, you will still run into basic coding issues that often prevent you from moving forward.

Does that sound familiar to you?

You’ve been running away from trying to learn basic HTML code because it just looks too complicated, but the reality is that these problems will appear repeatedly. Soon you will find yourself running in circles – frustrated!

Learning just the basics of HTML code will allow you to create hyperlinks that link to other websites, add pictures, format your fonts and text, and make your content far more search engine friendly.

Even when you encounter site builders or content management systems like WordPress, you will still need to know basic HTML code.

The truth is that compared to a lot of other languages, HTML is the easiest to learn.

So now is your chance – if you’ve always wanted to build web-pages, but were intimidated by the code, this course will help you learn the basics so that you can survive and even thrive in the online world.

Introducing HTML 4 Newbies!

Video 1 – Introduction to HTML

In this video we are going to give you a quick overview of the video course itself. This way you know exactly what to expect. You’ll also learn the basics of how HTML is structured, and by the end of this video you should fully understand why HTML is a lot easier to code, giving you the confidence, you need to move forward.

Video 2 – Hacking Without Knowing Code

In this video we will be covering the best WYSIWYG Editor. The reason being is that before I teach you some basic HTML code, I want you to be able to know how to use these user-friendly editors. This will build your confidence, which you can take forward into learning basic code. I’m also going to show you a super easy trick to hack your way around without needing to know HTML.

Video 3 – Open and Close Tags

In this video you will learn the basic open and close tags. By understanding this concept and how HTML is structured, it will make more sense as you begin to dive in head-first.


Video 4 – Headings

The first HTML code that we are going to start with is going to be heading, simply because you will be utilising this within just about every single web-page that you edit or create. We’ll talk about different sizes of headings and how to differentiate between them.


Video 5 – Break Tags

Once you have gotten your feet wet with headings, it’s time to move on to break tags. Break tags allow you to break up your lines.

This comes in particularly handy when trying to add line space between images or even text. In fact, when I look back on editing basic HTML, I realise that this is one of the most widely used tags you can learn.

Video 6 – Basic Formatting

Let’s move on to basic text formatting, which consists of italicising, Using bold, underlining, aligning, and simply making your text look good.

Video 7 – Lists

There are two main types of lists – ordered lists and underscored lists, a.k.a. bullet lists. So, in this video I’m going to walk you through step-by-step as we begin to create these from scratch. By the end of this video you should be confident enough to create your list.


Video 8 – Image Tags

Another widely used tag is the image tag. You can call an image at any location with that, be it on someone else’s website or even your own. Checking an image is another very important HTML code because you are likely to run into it very frequently. You can also make your images search engine friendly by utilising what we call alt tags. More on that in this video.

Video 9 – Hyperlinks

One of the most common tags that you will run into is the hyperlink. This is a link that you create that will link to an internal link within your site or to an external link on a different website. This allows you to send a visitor to a different website. Once you conquer the hyperlink then you should feel more confident simply because you can use these tags within WordPress or any other content management platform, and anything that reads HTML.

By the end of the video course you should feel confident enough that you can go out into the world and edit existing websites without having to hire an expensive coder.

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Take Your HTML Skills To The Next Level!

These video lessons packs a serious punch. There’s so much more than this; in fact, you’ll be able to create a website all on your own. You’ll wonder why you ever hired someone to do it for you in the first place.

So, go ahead and grab these powerful videos now. HTML couldn’t be easier, with each lesson being a small fraction of the cost of paying a developer to make changes to your website for you. In fact, these lessons pay for itself after just the first few edits you make! What could be better?

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