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Ancient Healing In A Modern World

Special Report Reveals the Inexpensive, Natural and Proven Plant-Based Answer to Health and Wellness


Sometimes modern is good. Sometimes old is better.

In many cases, we instantly reach for a new, modern option when that may not be the best choice or decision. This is true in a lot of disease prevention and illness treatment applications. Sometimes it makes sense to turn to nature rather than technology and science for mental and physical health benefits.

If something has worked for thousands and thousands of years to promote health and well-being, prevent disease and illness, and treat illness and injury, and it is natural and side-effect-free, why do we instead choose modern medicines and preventives that are chock-full of harmful side-effects?

This doesn’t make much sense, does it? However, it happens every day. This is because Big Pharma is constantly blasting out media messages telling you that if you want to get healthier in any way, their man-made medicines are better than nature for achieving your health goals.

In many cases, this is simply not the case.

Modern medicine is great, but holistic wellness and natural health is a viable option.

Pull out your household cleaners and disinfectants. Unless you have wisely been purchasing organic, safe and natural cleaners and other household products, you probably don’t even recognize some of the ingredients on the labels of the products you use in your home every day, every week and every year. Man-made is not necessarily better.

You are a natural creation. You are a product of nature.

Doesn’t it make sense to turn to nature whenever safe as a first step when trying to achieve some health benefit? If you break a bone, you should obviously get to a doctor or emergency room as fast as you can.

But in other cases, such as clearing up skin conditions, treating heartburn, relieving stress and anxiety, improving your sleep and digestion, respiratory system health, cholesterol and blood pressure, there is a simple and natural answer you can employ at home to see very real, very quick and very substantial benefits.

The answer is essential oils (EOs)

As a product of nature, you are naturally linked to the trees, plants, herbs, spices and bushes that grow on Mother Earth.

Because of this, when the essence of these plant materials is harvested and applied topically, inhaled or ingested, they pass quickly through the blood-brain barrier in human beings, and instantly go to work delivering specific health-boosting properties.

  • Smell the aroma of lavender oil and stress and anxiety instantly slip away
  • Peppermint oil focuses the mind while simultaneously treating a number of digestive processes
  • Lemon oil provides nourishment for the skin, promotes oral health, and also relieves nausea

According To A Report By Grandview Research

U.S. Essential Oil Market Analysis By Product (Frankincense, Tea Tree, Sandalwood, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Citronella), By Application (Flavors, Fragrances, Aromatherapy), And Segment Forecasts, 2018 – 2024

The U.S. essential oil market size was valued at $3.36 billion in 2015 AND is expected to grow at a rate of 9% from 2016 to 2024

“Around 200 different types of essential oils are consumed all over the world annually”

The numerous health benefits of essential oils are expected to trigger demand in pharmaceutical and medical applications

“Rising demand for aromatic cleaning agents and bio-based personal care products is expected to stimulate demand for home care and personal care products”

Ancient Egyptians, Indians, Asians and other Far East nations have long understood the healing power of nature. They have been using essential oils, and still use them today, for a number of medicinal, religious, household and cultural applications.

If you would like another reason for harnessing the power of nature to improve your overall health and well-being, think about your checkbook

 Modern medicine and the science and technology involved in modern medical practices can be devastating to a family financially. You are prescribed one medicine that causes a side-effect which is treated with another medicine, and this cycle can go on continuously for years and even decades, wiping out a family’s financial resources.

In many cases, a simple and natural essential oil application has been proven to relieve and even eliminate chronic health problems that modern medicine could not fix.

However, you need to understand what oils are good for what benefits. How do you know whether to apply an oil topically or ingest it? What is a diffuser, and how can you use that to turn the essence of plants and trees into a healing mist you inhale? When buying essential oils, what is the difference between therapeutic grade and food grade?

These and any other questions you have about essential oils are answered in a new guide to natural health and wellness, titled …

 This report is available as an instant download, and in it you will discover …

Essential Oils:

To Boost Immunity & Fight Infections

Table Of Contents


The Making Of Essential Oils

How To Get Started With Essential Oils

23 Essential Oils That Boost Immunity & Fight Infection

Getting The Best From Essential Oils

Essential Oil Blends To Promote Health

Tips For Using Essential Oils

Final Thoughts

Sample Content Preview


Before we can tackle the subject of how essential oils fight infections and boost immunity, let’s first take a brief look at how essential oils are made.

WebMD says that essential oils are extracted from plants through either a steam distillation method or by being expressed mechanically. Not all essential oils are created equally, though. It’s vital that you only purchase true essential oils.

Read the label and if it states that it’s a scent, then it isn’t a real essential oil. The price point will also be a dead giveaway, real essential oils are affordable, but not cheap. Always check the ingredients list to make sure you are buying an authentic product. If it’s merely a replicated scent it won’t have the same medicinal properties as the real deal.

A real essential oil can be diffused, inhaled or massaged. Generally, you would combine the essential oil with a carrier oil before it can be used directly on the skin. Essential oils can also be used as a perfume (or in perfumes), as food flavorings, and for aromatherapy.

So, you have a variety of options for getting the best from your essential oil of choice. Of course, some of the oils lend themselves better to particular uses, but we’ll get into that later.
A diffuser is an excellent choice for most essential oils because it releases them into the atmosphere quickly. They can purify the air, improving the quality of the air you breathe, which reduces fungus, bacteria, and viruses that are lingering in your air. Diffusers come in a wide range of price points, too, so even if your budget is low, you will find one that works for you.

When it comes to inhaling essential oils, this (like the diffuser) gets the concentration to your bloodstream and lungs to carry to your cells.


1. Tea Tree Oil – this is probably one of the most famous essential oils because it is so versatile. It’s great at fighting viral infections, the cold and flu, as well as sinusitis. It’s often used to chase away mosquitoes and fight acne. However, one of its greatest (and most overlooked) powers is its ability to trigger white blood cell production.

2. Geranium – this essential oil can prevent hemorrhaging, relieve bloating, boost your mood, increase circulation, help to balance your energy, and assist in white blood cell activity.

3. Peppermint – it might not be considered as versatile as tea tree oil is, but it does have a reputation for being able to tackle a variety of problems. Peppermint oil soothes bowel problems such as bloating, constipation, gas, and indigestion. It’s also great for fighting nausea, soothing migraines, headaches, dry coughs, asthma, sinus congestion, and bronchitis.

4. Lemon – because lemon oil is a detoxifying agent it’s an excellent choice to provide your immune system with a boost. It can also relieve sinusitis, asthma, flu, and bronchitis. In addition, it can relieve the pain associated with sore throats or full-on throat infections. It can also increase white blood cell production.

5. Helichrysum – an anti-inflammatory essential oil, helichrysum, also known as immortelle, is great for relieving congestion, fighting sinus infections, and soothing bronchitis.

6. Bergamot – you may be more familiar with this being used in perfumes and aftershaves, but this essential oil also happens to be an expectorant, which is something often used to treat coughs. It’s also helpful in relieving depression and stress. It’s great for healing and boosting the spirits.

7. Grapefruit – cleansing, detoxifying, and packed with vitamin C, grapefruit oil can help boost your mood, relieve stress, and improve immunity.

8. Lavender – we usually think of stress relief when we discuss lavender. That’s true, however, lavender also serves your immune system. It’s antiseptic and it’s anti-inflammatory. Lavender supports white blood cell activity, thus bolstering the immune system. OF course, it’s also known for supporting sleep, which improves your body’s ability to heal.

9. Eucalyptus – when you have a cold you likely reach for eucalyptus lozenges. Well, it makes sense. Eucalyptus oil is an effective decongestant and expectorant. It will not only relieve congestion and provide your respiratory tract with soothing relief, it is great at fighting the cold and flu.

10. Frankincense – made famous by a trio of wise men, this oil has been used for healing for thousands of years. It is antimicrobial, thus boosting the immune system, and can help relieve anxiety. It’s also known for its ability to sharpen clarity and focus.

11. Myrrh – another of the ancient famous oils, myrrh is anti-bacterial, anti inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic. Which could explain why research is looking into its ability to assist in the treatment of cancer.

This Is Just A Snipping Of What You Will Find Inside This Comprehensive 20-Page Premium Guide To Boosting & Strengthening Your Immune System From Infections

You have probably seen several different types of healing modalities come and go.

Aromatherapy and essential oils have been used literally for thousands of years across multiple cultures for preventing illness, as well as for treating illness, disease and injury.

They still offer the same benefits today

This truly is a complete, all-in-one, one-stop essential oil and aromatherapy resource that can turn components found in nature into natural healers and health promoters

Get well with essential oils and enjoy a truly marvelous all natural healing experience.

Essential oils are such a large part of complementary and holistic medicine and can so impact your life in such a positive way, that every household should have a copy of our complete guide.


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The Essential Oils:

To Boost Immunity & Fight Infections

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