Cliks It – Cloud Based Software That “Steals” Your Competitors Authority To Build YOUR List And Make YOU Money On Auto-Pilot – Includes Full Instructions, For Personal Use Only

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If you share content in your business and you AREN’T getting paid for it… You need to read every word of this page!


Dear friend,

THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT CONTENT SHARING: It seems INSANE that nobody is talking about this… But it’s a massive elephant in the room. And the more that you ignore this growing problem in your business, the more money you end up leaving on the table for OTHERS to claim at your expense…

Just think about this for a moment…

How many times per week do you share something on Facebook?

Either your Facebook business page, or your personal page…

What about twitter?

If you’re like the average user, you share content up to 18 times per week!


TRANSLATION: You are working to build,someone else’s business for free!

Let that sink in for a minute…

I would imagine you’ve even felt:

-Frustrated that big time content mills like million-dollar magazines generate “shareable” content faster and more prolifically than you can… It’s almost like you are FORCED to share their stuff in order to remain relevant to your customers and clients…

-Trapped by the fact that you have to CONSTANTLY spend time sharing relevant articles and interesting posts WITHOUT seeing any direct return on investment for your time spent sharing…

If so, you’re not alone…

And You Aren’t Overreacting Either…

This Is A Serious Problem For Businesses Operating Online In 2018

You see, not that long ago I realised something…

Every time I shared a piece of content I was building somebody else’s business WITHOUT getting paid for it!

But I was stuck between a rock and a hard place…

My clients, my prospects, my customers, and my loyal fans all expected me to continue to share relevant and related content…

In their eyes it made me the authority.

It kept them “entertained” and it was an easy way for me to hold their attention…

And on top of THAT I was constantly sharing stuff on my personal Facebook and twitter accounts just with my friends and family…

I sat down and thought about how long it was taking me to create quality content to share with my followers online, I was spending 10 hrs plus per week just creating content to share, BUT it still wasn’t as good as the content I was sharing from other authority sites.

Then one day I had this thought:

“If I’m Building Their Business…
Shouldn’t I Be Getting Paid For It?”

The short answer is: yes!

You should NEVER work for free.

Especially not to build somebody else’s business by sending your precious client, customer, and prospects to their pages…


You also SHOULDN’T have to create 100% of the content that your business needs to survive…

So I came up with a solution:

How could I share content on my social networks that people wanted to read? And do it in a way that didn’t take me hours and hours of writing and researching BUT at the same time build my own business.

So here is what I did…

I picked 30 quality articles from 10 different authority sites, these where sites that people viewed as trustworthy sites. The content was all about making money from email marketing.

Sites such as the huffington post and hubspot…sites people visit everyday and trust

I shared the articles the way I normally would the only difference was I used my new software, so every time I shared one of the articles an optin form opened when they were half way down reading the article.

The optin was to a free report on how to make more money using email marketing.

So what did the user think?

Well the page they were viewing was a trusted site and an authority one.


Cliks.It works because it’s based on something called: borrowed authority.

It’s the same idea behind putting those “as seen on…” Stickers all over your website. It’s authority by association.

When you use Cliks.It to create branded, shareable links of other people’s content, what happens is that you are automatically associating your brand, your business, and your offer with the high level authority of the content that you are sharing…

And it’s 100% legal!


Step 1. Find A Juicy Piece Of Content.

Use one of the many authority sites people read and trust. Find content related to the niche you want to sell.

Step 2. Create Your Specialized “Sharing Link”

We have four different types of link sharing features so we have one for every scenario.

Step 3. Share The Content With Your Audience

You can use our in built software to share your content you don’t have to even leave the dashboard.

Step 4. Your Affiliate Links or Call to Actions Are Shown Right On the Authority Page

Start collecting leads, or even sell to them directly on the page. Borrow that website’s trust

Use Cutting Edge Technology To Turn Shared Content Into Your Personal Billboard

With Cliks.It unique and one-of-a-kind technology you can:

FINALLY start adding revenue streams to your business just by simply SHARING OTHER PEOPLE’s CONTENT… And you don’t even have to ask permission to do so…

Turn a simple social content share into 386 brand-new leads in less than 24 hours… Without having to create a single piece of content yourself…

Legally “steal” brand authority from the largest companies in the world… Without having to contact PR people, sit down for negotiations, or even leave the comfort of your home office…

Generate up to £2,850 per month in 100% PASSIVE income just by doing what you ALREADY doing no extra work needed…

Turn your list building campaigns, product offerings, and link building programs VIRAL by piggybacking off of globally popular brand names like the New York Times, the Cosmopolitan, and more…

Completely eradicate the need for creating content yourself JUST to get likes and shares… If you struggle to keep up with the ever increasing demands of your audience to produce consistent content on a WEEKLY or DAILY basis… Just use Cliks.It to share other people’s content WITHOUT losing your own brand equity… and save yourself the stress…

Use your competitors brand and authority against them by sharing their pages BUT offering your products or opt-ins. Use their trust to build your brand by doing what you do everyday.

See which is the most popular social medium for your shares, track engagement, time on site and more. Quickly see which platforms are the most popular for sharing your content and driving visitors to your offers or leadpages…

Share your content directly from our platform making it super simple to share multiple pieces of content quickly and easily. Save time by our one click share.

Setup multiple campaigns to track which shared content works best for you, use campaigns to separate your niches and sites. You can see at a glance which content for which niche is giving you the best return on your time.

List building becomes easy when you are using high quality authority content to get your message across, it makes your viewers much less reluctant to give you’re their names and emails…because they trust authority brands.

And much, much more…

 How This Works

Cliks.It uses a very simple process to embed your money making tools on to authority sites.

It works like this:

First, you log into the dashboard like this:

Second, you create your link by using the “link building feature”:

Third, start sharing your content with the world…build an email list of rapid subscribers or sell direct and build buyers

The great thing about Cliks.It (and what makes it different from EVERY other Internet marketing software on the planet!) Is that you can choose from the following link types:

If you want to use a viral piece of content that somebody else created to build your email list, you have that option!

The optin forms we have created look amazing and have been tested and retested to make sure they give you the best conversions

Premade templates you say… we have everything you could ever want these will have your visitors begging you to give their details

Want to use a video with your optin forms? no problem, display a Youtube video directly on the authority site with your optin forms below.

Sell a product with a sales button…no problem


If you want to run a direct link to your own offer, to a third-party page, or even to an affiliate link… You absolutely can!

The quick and easy “call to action” feature allows you to build and promote your business quickly and easily!

We have a wide variety of boxes that you can use and fully edit to your own specs. You can add them anywhere on the sites that you wish just take a look at the different types.

Speech bars, speech boxes, call to action bars you can customize them as much as you need to make them work for you.


If you are working with banner ads (either as an affiliate or with your own business) then you are going to LOVE the image display option built directly into Cliks.It!

In just a few simple clicks you can now overlay viral content with YOUR banner ads!

Multiple banner options and timer delays. That means you can show your banner on THEIR sites where and when YOU want. You can even show it when they leave THEIR site…they go from Facebook to the shared content read the content and as they leave you popup an offer.

You can add any size banner and get them to appear when and where ever you wish.  EVEN when the visitor is leaving the page you shared.

They trust that banner more because it was from such a top authority site

Imagine being able to share any piece of content with your followers or friends and make every link go where you want it too.

Think of this, share an article on the Huffington Post all about the latest and greatest diet, with Cliks.It you can make any link on that page go to your affiliate offer. You get the authority of the site and the link goes to YOUR affiliate offer.

You are getting instantly paid for the content you share, this makes it super simple to profit from shared content.

Plus You Get Full Access To The Analytics Suite Built Directly Into Cliks.It

Our analytics suite is built with the social user in mind. It gives you a fully in depth look at the content you are sharing.

Full overview window of all visitors and clicks on your content that you are sharing. You don’t need to spend time researching see it all with just a quick glance.

Average time on page see what’s working at a glance. If the content is working you can see it here, if not share something that works better.

Look at each country with a full country breakdown. See which demographics like and engage with your content.

See which network has the most engagement with your content. This is crucial so you can see which offer works best.

See which network’s users click on your content most. If Twitter works best spend more time sharing content on Twitter.

No Plugins. No Bulky Software. Just Login, Build Your Link, And Profit.

Because Cliks.It is a web-based software application, that means you never have to deal with downloading and installing plugins, dealing with bulky software, waiting for updates, or struggling to learn the program…

It’s simple.

It’s fast.

It’s robust.

And it makes you money.


Cliks.It Is The Most Powerful, Flexible And Affordable Content-Sharing Software Available… Just Take A Look At How It Stacks Up

How does Cliks.It compare to other similar (but with less features) software on the market.

How Much Is It?

Let me ask you something…

How much would it be worth to you to get paid to share other peoples’ content?

£17 a month? would seem low for a software with such powerful features?

How about a one-time fee of £17?  Locked in for life at that price!

If so, then I have some marvelous news for you. Because if you act right now, you can get Cliks.It for a one off fee of just £17!

But be aware when this launch closes then the price will automatically revert to a monthly fee of £17 per month. So you can lock lifetime access in for just a low one off fee. But wait and you will lose out

Remember, very soon you’ll have to pay £17/month for this software..

So right now, you can get more for less. For a single £17 one-time investment, you get:

Unlimited access to Cliks

Opt-in overlay links 

Your own CTAs on authority sites 

Add your banner ads on pages you share 

Link redirection technology 

Full analytics suite 

Over-the-shoulder case study 

Affiliate Cliks Secrets bonus reports

But if you miss out now, your chance will be gone, possibly for good:

And best of all…


Your Satisfaction is Absolutely, Positively Guaranteed!

I know you’ve tried to make money off of sharing content before and it didn’t happen. But it wasn’t your fault. Chances are, you just weren’t using Cliks.It…

But you can rest assured that this simple and effective piece of internet machinery really works. Simply order today risk-free, and you’ll have a full 30 to use the product as often as you’d like. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact me within 30 days and you’ll get a prompt refund.

No quibbles, no questions, no hoops to jump through. Simply put, if you’re not absolutely thrilled with Cliks.It, then you don’t pay a single penny. That’s a promise!

So now there’s just one thing left for you to do…

Order Now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to build your business on the back of the top authority sites on the net. No waiting to build authority and trust you can start today and have all the authority and trust you could ever want.

But if you wait this offer will be gone it is strictly open for seven days only then it will go to a monthly fee, so you need to act now to start building the traffic you deserve.

Today Only: £17.00

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P.S. STOP building other people’s’ businesses for free… and START earning cold hard cash for sharing viral content with others…Time Is Limited You Need To Act Now.

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