Campervan Commissions – You’re About To Discover The EXACT Blueprint That I Use To Pull In Over $200 a Day While “Bumming Around” The UK In My Campervan – Includes Sales Material + Resale Rights

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Sick & Tired of Trying Every “Make Money Online” Course That Comes Out, Only to Make Little or NO Commissions?

You’re About to Discover the EXACT Blueprint that I Use to Pull in Over $200 a Day While “Bumming Around” the UK in My Campervan!

And Guess What? You Can do This ANYWHERE in the World, With a Smartphone or Laptop and an Internet Connection!

100% Newbie Friendly
I’ll take you by the hand and show you step by step exactly what I do. They’ll be NO guesswork.

Super SIMPLE Strategy
The best bit is, what I do is NOT rocket science! It’s actually very SIMPLE to copy!

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Over The Shoulder Video Training
This Blueprint to Success is Delivered by Over the Shoulder Video Training. Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind!

What I Do Isn’t Rocket Science! I Used to be a Builder! Yet I Have Managed to Master a Simple but Powerful System That Pulls in Cash With The Click of a button!

And because my system is so simple, I’ve been able to document the WHOLE lot for you in one, easy to follow, step by step and 100% NEWBIE FRIENDLY, over the shoulder video training course. So you can get started WITHIN MINUTES of clicking on the Buy Button.

But things weren’t always this easy for me…

I Wanted to Cry!

7 years ago in around 2010 I biked to this yard and rested my bike up against that fence behind the car waiting to start working doing building work. It was about 7:45 am and freezing cold!

Things were bad, I remember this day like yesterday. I wanted to cry. I had nothing. All I had was a laptop at home in my parent’s house, my push bike and a £5 note in my wallet so I started working here to earn a bit of money while I learned all this make money online stuff.

Well…now 7 years later I have just recently bought my dream sports car (that I have wanted for over 11 years) and bought it cash and here it is my BMW M3.

I now make in a month what it would of taken me 10 MONTHS working in this yard getting cold, wet and dirty.



Let me just say that the short term pain is worth going through in order to get long term happiness and whatever you do never ever give up.


From the desk of: thatebookshop


Hi, I’m Dave, and I really am just an average, normal guy.

But thanks to my internet business, I no longer live an average life. I live a life that many people would dream of.

And best of all, I manage to generate this lifestyle while “bumming” around in my Camper-Van!


But I Know Just How Much of a NIGHTMARE This “Make Money Online” Game Can Be!

And believe you me, before I achieved my success, I knew diddly squat about computers! To be honest, I couldn’t even add an attachment to an email!

Yet now I am able to leisurely generate a full time living, with part time hours, doing WHAT I WANT and WHEN I WANT.

However, it’s VERY IMPORTANT that you understand that regardless of your history, regardless of your “techie abilities”, regardless of what HAS NOT WORKED before...if you follow what I teach, YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE my success!


There have been many times throughout the last few years where I could have EASILY “thrown in the towel”. But fortunately I have the attitude that you should NEVER give up.

And thanks to that attitude, I was able to begin to perfect the systems that I’d been working on, and through endless testing and tweaking, I started to see things seriously begin to turn around.

And I finally knew in my heart that I could make a success of this! I could show all those “naysayers” what I was really capable of, and PROVE THEM WRONG!

You see along your journey to financial success as an internet marketer, those nearest and dearest to you probably won’t understand what it is you’re doing. And they certainly won’t believe that you could generate a FULL TIME INCOME from just a few hours a week!

Or while you travel the country in your campervan!

But you need to develop a thick skin and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Because trust me, if I can do it…YOU CAN!

So don’t even CONSIDER buying another “shiny object” until you’ve seen this!

The very fact that you’re READING this tells me one thing…you STILL haven’t made any DECENT MONEY online. And believe me, I know exactly how that feels! Being “SUCKED” in by fancy sales videos that promise the ANSWER to all of YOUR PRAYERS!

Yet 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year later, you’re still staring at a BIG FAT ZERO in your Warrior Plus or JVZoo account! That’s NO FUN for anyone. I found it totally demoralising, and it just added fuel to the fires of the “naysayers”!

“Why are you wasting your time on that rubbish?” “It’s all a scam!”

And all the while you look at zero commissions, that little voice inside of you starts to agree!


Well you can stop that right now!

Yes YOU! I’m talking to YOU! It’s not YOUR fault you know! The fact of the matter is this industry is FULL of BS. And “hypey” marketers, preying on vulnerable zero commission earners…

Who are just looking for some honest help. People just like you and me.

But me and Trevor are about to change ALL of that for you, here today. Right here. Right now!

HOW? I hear you ask!

By providing you with the simple, step by step blueprint to our business, that’s so simple I even run it from my campervan, while “bumming” around the UK!



Well aside from the fact we have cracked the code on pulling in thousands online…

We believe that our way is THE ONLY WAYand we’re not being arrogant when we say that.

You see there’s ONE fundamental difference in the way we train our students…

We REALLY DO show you what we do!

No BS.
No Fluff!

In fact, over the past few weeks we’ve begun to question whether we’re giving away too much.

So we’re considering the genuine possibility that either we STOP revealing ALL…or we start charging WAY more.

But for now, you’re safe.

We’ve got your back. We’ll train you if you jump on board before this offer is pulled. And it will be CHEAP!


Over the last 4 years I’ve been travelling around the UK, taking long weekends, mini breaks, and basically chilling out

During that time I have consistently managed to pull in thousands upon thousands of dollars with my online business.

Now before we go any further, you need to remember I am just a normal bloke. No special talents or qualifications, and as I said I was the most “un techie” person you’d meet! Sending an email was about my limit before I started this! A carpenter by trade, making money online was the last thing I (or anyone who knew me) would expect me to end up doing!

But the more I got into this, the more I learned, the better results I got, the more I yearned for more information.

I, like you (most probably), bought course after course. Some good, some awful, but everything that I was reading and watching contributed to a better understanding overall, and gradually the pieces began to fall into place.

And my earnings started to increase, week on week, month on month.

And I am about to reveal my secrets to my Campervan Commissions!

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So, Go Ahead and Make a Change In Your Life Now!

Campervan Commissions is a complete over the shoulder video course, complete with PDF Cheat Sheet, that literally reveals how I’ve managed to pull in thousands in my spare time, while travelling the UK in my beloved campervan!

Me and Trevor have worked very closely to make sure we’re delivering you the very best value you can get when it comes to affiliate marketing training.

In total you will get SIX full training videos, totalling over TWO HOURS over high quality training!


But that’s NOT ALL! Grab CamperVan Commissions today and we will also include TWO ADVANCED training videos, right there in the member’s area!

BONUS TRAINING #1Paul Nicholls Advanced Affiliate Training, 55m6s

BONUS TRAINING #2Paul Nicholls Advanced Email Marketing Training, 51m42s


Both of these high level training courses were recorded this year and have NEVER been on sale to the general public.



100% Money Back Guarantee

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So we are providing a cast iron, 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

So you have NOTHING TO LOSE, but everything to gain.

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