Better Blogging – Become A Super Successful Blogger Revealed And Stop Working Your Fingers To The Bone For Visitors To Your Blog – Includes Both DOC/PDF formats + Private Label Rights

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Stop Working Your Fingers To The Bone For Visitors To Your Blog!



Calling all bloggers!

Is your blog so flooded with traffic that you don’t know what to do with it all?

If not, you’re in luck because you are going to learn how to turn your blog into a hustling, bustling place literally in a few days time.

This is the complete system I use to ensure my blog not only gets tons of traffic, but gets visitors that are interested in what my blog covers.

As you probably know, getting targeted readers is what’s going to make sure you have a responsive and vocal base of readers.

I’ll share everything I’ve learned to generate traffic to your blog over the years without all the puffers.

You’ll get only the information that worked so that you don’t have to go through the same “trial and error” process that I did.

Simply check out the ideas I have for you, drop them in place, and watch your traffic and readership levels soar.

It’s simple and completely doable for anyone, even the complete novice who just got started with a free WordPress blog!

Table of Contents

Getting Setup

BLOG PLATFORMS: An Introduction

Choosing The Right Blog Platform for Your Business

Basics of Blog Setup

Steps to Create Your First Blog Post with Blogger

Steps to Create Your First Blog Post with WordPress 


Other Considerations

How Your Blog Should Be Organised

Layout And Basic Composition

Picking Appropriate Colour Themes And Palettes

Choosing The Number Of Columns

Font Styles And Your Blog

Formatting Text

Designing A Customised Blog Template

A Few Notes On Square-Space For A Customised Blog 

Why A Free Template Might Be A Better Choice

Blog Layout And Page-Views: Understanding The Connection

  • Building Social Authority


  • Blog Credibility And SEO
  • How Visitors Determine Credibility
  • Getting The Word Out

Developing Relationships With Other Bloggers

Top Blogging Communities

Brand Identity and its Values To Bring To Your Business

Summery Of Marketing Essentials For Promoting Your Blog

Promotion and Publicity

Developing Blog Content That Works

Using Tags Correctly

Categories VS. Tags: Knowing The Difference

  • Types Of Tagging
  • Learning From Tag Clouds

The Built In Search 

How Do I Implement Tagging In My Blog? 

TAGGING AND MARKETING: Effective Marketing Research

Sample Content Preview

Using powerful colour combinations is very helpful when choosing the layout of your blog, and most blog platforms offer ‘colour combos’ so you make the right choice. If you are designing your palette from scratch, just remember the principles of each colour’s psychological impact and proceed accordingly.

Choosing the Number of Columns

The number of columns in a blog has been debated time and time again, and there are both advantages and disadvantages of each. All blogs are set up in as one-column, two-column, or three-column structures. The best way to pick one is to simply choose something that suites your blog’s purpose. For example, if you plan on linking out to partner sites or other blogs, you’ll need a three-column structure. This will give you enough space to create a blogroll and relevant links on the right sidebar, include your blog commentary down the middle, and then put advertising and other links on the left side bar.

A two-column blog is most advantageous for a blog that has limited advertising. You will still have space for an extensive link roll and perhaps some contact information, but all reading will take place on the left side of the page.

A one-column blog is very basic, and is a good place to start if you want the blog to stand alone and not link out to different areas. This will help you create immediate interest to the content itself, and will definitely be less distracting for most web visitors and readers. Sometimes a minimal look works better, especially if you have a lot of content that requires attention.

Font Styles and Your Blog

Unless you are using a customised blog template, there are only a few standard font styles to choose from. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since most web users are becoming with the typical font styles such as Arial, Times New Roman, and Verdana. These are easy to read, and can help people ‘scan’ blogs much more easily. Choose a style that complements your website and company image, and you’ll easily avoid using something that may not even download correctly on all web browsers. Just keep in mind the impact and readability of the text on screen, and you’ll be making it much easier for all readers to continue reading. Formatting Text

Blog posting works under a similar format as writing articles, and the more SEO-friendly you can make each entry, the higher the chances of reaching the top of the major search engines. When you are writing your headings and titles, be sure to include keywords as often as possible. Each title of your blog will become an extension of the URL, and this is what search engines can find and rank accordingly. A well-formatted blog entry will also include bullet points and headings. Even though blog posts are generally much shorter than articles, developing a well-organised post will help increase readership and be more favourable to search engines. It’s a simple step that many startup bloggers overlook, and can help significantly as you make your presence online. Making sure that you tag and organise all blog entries is another important element of your blog site design and overall layout. Archives of each blog entry are automatically created for review, but you can organise each entry by adding ‘Categories’ and posting each item into the appropriate section. This makes it easy for people to find specific keyword-based posts, and will also help with search engine rankings.

Designing a Customised Blog Template

If you decide to do something a little more creative, you may want to pursue a customised blog template instead. Customised blog template services are offered by many web designers and companies, and give you the chance to pick exactly the colours you want from your own website’s colour palette. If you want to include a special font, logo, or other artwork of your own, this is your best choice.

If you have web design skills, try developing your own blog template with the basic layout elements in mind. A customised template can be made with the same elements of a typical blog, but you will have the freedom to place and organise it as you would like to. Alternatively, there are upgraded versions of blogger platforms available.

A Few Notes on Square space for a Customised Blog

Square-space is another valuable blogging and content management system platform. Square-space is very similar in setup to WordPress, but gives you more freedom to set up your basic blog layout, include speciality items such as catalogues, media galleries, and discussion forums, and works with a simple drag-and-drop format.

If you’re new to web design, this is a great choice when you’re looking for something professional but unique. Square-space offers different packages depending on the bandwidth and customised options you need, but even the basic plan is comprehensive enough to develop something that will stand apart from your competitors. You don’t need special software to use it, and everything is very clean and efficient.

Why a Free Template Might Be a Better Choice

Still, if you’re new to blogging or simply can’t decide how the colour scheme and layout should come together, a free template will save you time and upfront investments. You can always change your colour choices later, and can try different types as you go along. WordPress, Type Pad, and Blogger make it very easy to switch between themes as you start publishing, but you’ll want to settle on something well before you start marketing and promoting your blog. Changing themes and colours too often may lead to confused visitors, so be sure to make some final decisions before you move ahead with promotions.

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