Amazon Garden Store – Make A Lot Of Money Online Selling Amazon Products Complete With Full Instructions And Full Private Label Rights

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Make A Lot Of Money Online Selling Amazon Products


You’ll be getting your very own a ready-to-go sales machine with little mess or fuss. We did the work so you don’t have to. It’s a business-in-a-box.

Every one wants a beautiful lawn and garden and they are more than willing to buy items that help them achieve the perfect outdoor space. Not to mention how many people want to keep up with the Jones and have the best looking place on the block.

As you know, this is a multi-million pound business and it’s one that is evergreen, meaning it’s always going to be around there are always going to folks who spend the cash.
Here is your opportunity to own your very own lawn and garden super store. You new store covers pretty much everything that has to do with this market. From lawn care to gardening, including all the tools and products.
You also have to remember the people in this niche are repeat buyers and often purchase several items at a time, which could mean much bigger commission checks for you.
You’ll be getting your very own a ready-to-go sales machine with little mess or fuss. We did the work so you don’t have to. It’s a business-in-a-box.
You’ll be getting a fully stocked lawn and garden store that comes pre-loaded with 860 amazon products built right in to the site, it’s ready to go and it’s ready to sell for you right now. It takes only minutes to add your affiliate link and you’ll get the commission for every sale from the site.
What makes this great for you is that the website is stocked with amazon product affiliate links, when your website visitors click a link and buy, you get a commission on whatever they purchase, even multiple items. Not to mention, amazon handles everything, you don’t need to deal with  shipping, payment or customer service, Amazon handles all of that. You can spend your time on more important things like driving traffic to the website and collect commission checks.
The site also includes a brand new theme and layout we made just for this site. It’s something you will not find anywhere else but here. Grab it quick so you can have the exclusive.
This store website comes with 32 Lawn and Gardening categories as follows:
    Chemical Pest Control
    Electric Lawn Mowers
    Electronic Pest Control
    Garden Greenhouse
    Garden Planters
    Garden Seat
    Garden Storage Shed
    Garden Tool Totes
    Garden Totes
    Garden Trellis
    Gardening Cart
    Gardening Gloves
    Gardening Kneeling Pad
    Gardening Pruning Shears
    Gardening Weeder
    Gas Lawn Mowers
    Landscape Lighting
    Lawn and Garden Sprayer
    Lawn Chairs
    Lawn Decor
    Lawn Edger
    Lawn Sprinkler
    Lawn Trimmer
    LED Solar Lights
    Organic Pest Control
    Push Lawn Mowers
    Riding Lawn Mowers
    Tree Trimmer
    Water Gardens and Ponds
    Weed Control
Of course there are many ways you will be profiting from your new Amazon lawn and garden Store web site, there are other ways you’ll be cashing in…
Your new sites Revenue Model:
3 spots for adsense ads built right into the web site, these advertisements show on every page of your new web site. When your visitors click on those advertisements, you get paid. Simple enough.
And of course, there are 860 lawn and garden and related amazon products already built into the site for you. We’ve done the legwork for you. Saving you a TON of time. It’s also very simple and quick to add your amazon affiliate ID, it usually takes about a minute if that.
Remember as well, it’s your site, you can change anything on the web site, even if you want to use different advertising companies or different ways of profiting. It’s completely your choice.
Website Core Features:
Google Analytics to track your traffic and see what your visitors are doing on your new site.
Content Pre-loaded, products are built into posts, which means over 860 web pages on your website for the search engines to find and possibly rank.
Three built-in lawn and garden video pages including the following:
* DIY Gardening Video’s
* Gardening Tips Video’s
* Organic Gardening Video’s
These video’s are embedded and play right on your website, no sending you precious visitors somewhere else. It also adds more reason’s for your visitors to spend on your site and it gives them a reason to come back.
All the necessary Plugins are Pre-Loaded and installed for you.
RSS Feeds to help with search engine ranking and link building.
Built in social bookmarking with Sexy Bookmarks, a very professional social plugin, that can help spread the word about your site and bring you even more buying visitors.
Social bookmarking built-in make sit easy for your visitors to post your webpages to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon and more. You can even set up the social buttons you want with a load to choose from, over 80 in total, covering just about every popular social network.
We’ve also included a privacy page, which is becoming important these days, even more so with Google.
Your site could be the lawn and garden super store website that people  return to over and over again, which means a good chance you’ll make more sales.
Gain the Advantage in the Search Engines with these Built in Features:
A quality built-in Site Map so the search engines can find all your lawn and garden webpages easily.
You’ll have the option for Search Engine Friendly URL’s so your pages will have a better chance of getting ranked in the search engines.
Also 100’s of lawn and garden product related product tags, over 2,000 actually, which means even more web-pages on your site for the search engines to find and possibly get rank!
It’s so EASY for you to use…
The site runs on the WordPress website platform, all files are included, so you know it’s super easy to maintain, edit, change, use and add new content. It’s just a matter of point, click and type.
BONUS: We’ve even included a report that explains how to profit from your new site including traffic generation topics.
Once installed (complete install instructions are included), you will have full control over the site, which means you can change or edit the site anyway you want. For most people it’s a 20 minute installation.
You do need to supply your own domain name and hosting, other than that, everything else is included, including all the website files, everything you need.

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