Affiliate Apocalypse – The Old Ways Are Dead & Gone! Find Out How To Survive And Prosper After The Affiliate Apocalypse – Includes Sales Material + Master Resale Rights

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The Old Ways Are Dead & Gone! Find Out How To Survive And Prosper After The Affiliate Apocalypse!

The Affiliate Marketing Arena Will NEVER Be The Same


Uncover powerful new ways of maximising your income regardless of the programs and products you promote!

Find out exactly what you need to do to set yourself up for long-term prosperity and success with no fear of failure!

The old “tricks” don’t work, in fact they will cost you more than you could ever imagine. We’ll show you the real, proven ways to get started in the new world of affiliate marketing.

Disregard everything you’ve read or have been told before now because the old methods are merely shadows of what was once a profitable age. But don’t worry, there is even more money to be made when you focus on proven, sustainable methods, designed to survive the affiliate apocalypse!


Table of Contents

Introduction to Affiliate Apocalypse 

Blogging Is The New PPC


Scheduling Updates

Create Posts with a Purpose

Mailing List

Create a Freebie

Choose A Mailing List Provider 

Email Often 

Pre-Load a Series 

Set Up a Squeeze Page

Social Media




Incentive Marketing

Choosing Products to Promote

Don’t Be a Product Zombie

Final Words


Sample Content Preview

One of the most important things you can do is to promote your blog instead of just expecting people to find it on their own. The fact is, you may never get a significant amount of traffic from search engines unless you tell the search engines that you exist.

There are many ways to get traffic without search engines. Of course, you should definitely do all you can to properly optimize your blog for search engines. But using these alternate methods can ensure you’ll get a continuous flow of traffic without having to depend on Google or other search engines.

Before you get started, if you have blogs in different niches, you might want to choose a different pen name under which to run each blog. This will make promotion easier.

Here are a few methods you can use to promote your blog:

1. Twitter – Make a profile on Twitter for whatever name you use to blog. Tweet at least a few times each week, with most posts linking to your blog posts, especially if you have a news item to tie into one of your articles.

2. Facebook – Create a Facebook page for each blog. Link to your blog posts, but be sure to do so in the way that most encourages sharing. Use videos or photos to get people to be more likely to share. This is key.

3. Pinterest – Pin interesting images and link them to articles on your blog that correlate to the images. This is especially beneficial for posts that show people how to do something.

4. Guest Blogging – Look for other blogs in your niche that have decent traffic and write guest posts. Link your posts back to your blog.

5. Video Marketing – Create videos that show people how to do something or give other valuable information. Do not create “commercials” unless they are extremely interesting and/or viral! You’ll only be wasting your time.

People don’t visit sites like YouTube to watch commercials. They visit to be entertained or to learn something.

Scheduling Updates

One of the most important keys to success with a blog is to update often. Not only is this critical to keep search engines interested, it’s also vital for keeping visitors interested. They need regular content coming through their RSS feed, and they need to see something new every time they visit. Otherwise, they aren’t likely to keep coming back.

You may think you don’t have time to update regularly. Or you may find you lose interest in your blog quickly, because it doesn’t make any money right away and you think it isn’t worth updating. There’s one very simple way to avoid this trap. Schedule several months’ worth of posts in advance! Ideally you want to post at least once per week. More would be better, and daily posts would be best. However, one post weekly is reasonable.

If you want to schedule a year of posts in advance, you will need 52 posts. They need to be significant in length. 200-word blog posts aren’t enough these days – not for search engines, and not for visitors. 400-word articles or longer are preferred.

Yes, it will take a bit of time to create this many articles, but once you have them created and scheduled, your blog will mostly run itself unless you need to delete spam from your comments or add breaking news.

Scheduling a post in WordPress is simple. Whenever you go to create a post, look on the right side under the “Publish” section. You’ll notice a date and time with “Edit” beside it. If you click “Edit”, you will be able to set a specific date and time for your post to appear.

In order to make sure search engines don’t see your posts as potential spam, you will want to schedule them to post at different times. Do not set each one to post at midnight, and do not set each post to go in on the same day of the week. This will help search engines see your blog as natural.

Create Posts with a Purpose

Every post you make on your blog should serve one of two purposes. It should either promote engagement or it should promote a product. Most of your posts should be either informative or entertaining and for the purpose of engaging your visitors in discussion. This will keep them coming back regularly. A certain number of posts, perhaps between 10% and 25%, can be posts that promote a product or service for which you earn money.

You can add affiliate links and other promotional links in your engagement posts. In fact, you should. But the post itself should not focus on the product. Instead, the affiliate link should simply support the article in some way.

A purely promotional post will go for the hard sell. The whole post will focus on selling the product. There are several ways to do this. Below are a few examples of ways to sell products on your blog.

1. Review – If you’ve used the product, you can offer a review of it. Make sure to include a few drawbacks instead of solely focusing on positive aspects of the product. This will make your review more believable.

2. Benefits – If you haven’t used the product enough to review it yourself, you can just create an informative post about the benefits of using the product. Note that this does not mean a list of features. Features are things like size, shape, weight, how many pages a book has, what color something is, etc. Benefits are the things the product does for you.

For example, a feature of a particular book might be that it is available in digital format. The benefit of that feature to the customer would be that it can be carried easily on an electronic device for reading anywhere and that the customer doesn’t have to wait for shipping.

3. News – If a product is a fresh release, newly updated, or has some other major news attached to it, you can simply announce the product as a type of news article.

These are just a few ideas you can use for promotional posts. The more original your articles, the more likely they are to ultimately result in sales.

Mailing List

Everyone knows by now the importance of having an email list, but many people just don’t put as much effort into it as they should. It baffles us really, the number of times we hear someone bitch and moan about their inability to make money in the industry yet they haven’t even bothered to build a mailing list.

A mailing list is your greatest asset, don’t kid yourself – you will never make as much money without one. A mailing list gives you direct and immediate access to a customer base. You can notify them of product launches, jump-start traffic to a new website or blog within seconds and send a swarm of buyers to any offer, anywhere – all with a few clicks of your mouse (and all entirely FREE).

So if you haven’t yet built a mailing list, you absolutely need to do so. If you have dabbled in list building, it’s now time to take it seriously and ramp things up a notch or two. You could literally live off of the income your mailing list provides if you focus on building lists of buyers, not subscribers. Here are a few ways to do that:

Create a Freebie

Freebies are critical for building a mailing list, because most people aren’t going to give their email address to a complete stranger without some sort of real reason to. Incentives are everything. (And a 5-page report isn’t going to cut it, anymore.

Because spam is so rampant even among companies who claim to be “spam free”, people need a real incentive to give out their email address. You basically have to make them an offer that they can’t refuse.) In other words, a lead-generating, irresistible freebie needs to be of enough value that people would be willing to pay for it. It doesn’t have to be a 100-page book, but it needs to have excellent information in it, and it can’t be anything people can easily find elsewhere. In fact, it should be exclusive to your squeeze or landing page.

No one wants what can be obtained freely anywhere & everywhere. There’s no scarcity behind that message, no urgency, nothing special. But if you give them something that they can only get from you, and only for a limited time, you’ll be able to jam your mailing lists with hundreds, if not thousands of subscribers quickly.

Some ideas for freebies include:

• A quality eBook in multiple formats (include mobile devices and eReaders whenever possible)

• Free software.

• Exclusive discounts, coupons & offers.

• Free physical goods (that make for awesome branding tools 😉

• Free training of ANY kind (if it has a high perceived value) such as Udemy courses/similar training, video training packages, etc.

• A multi-part course that is delivered regularly by email (also called an eCourse).

Choose A Mailing List Provider

Okay, so your mailing list needs a place in which to be hosted and maintained and while you could do this on your own servers we highly recommend going with a professional third-party trusted provider who will ensure that your emails are compliant with anti-spam policies and that your list is always available to you.

There are literally dozens of mailing list providers to choose from, but it’s important to properly evaluate each service to find the right one for you. Since your mailing list isn’t always easy to move to another provider (you will always be able to export your list but then importing may require that every subscriber reconfirm their request to be a subscriber resulting in lost leads), so choose wisely.

Important Note: You’ll want to avoid the free providers because they often have very poor deliverability and their tracking tools are poor or non-existent. Additionally, the free providers place ads in your messages, which can take attention away from your own ads.

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