7 Day eCoach – Grab This Done-For-You, High Quality Personal Development Video, Audio and Written Training Course – Includes Videos, Audios, eBooks, For Personal Use

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Done-For-You Personal Development Video, Audio and Written Training

Attention Experts, Coaches, Advisers, Online Publishers…

If you are serious about your brand and you need quality content to share with your clients,this offer is for you. The 7 Day eCoach is a personal development training program that has been created for YOU to use as lead generation and/or paid training content for your business.

With the overflow of information available online today, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Using this high quality video, audio and text based training program, you can bypass the content creation hassles and have your own high quality self improvement training up and running in no time.

Course Curriculum…

This course has been designed to drip out to your students over the course of 7 days. It introduces 1 powerful personal success lesson per day. Lesson Overview…

Day 1 — Define Your Definite Major Purpose

Day 2 — Using Goals To Set Your Target

Day 3 — Making Action Automatic

Day 4 — Facing Your Fears

Day 5 — Develop Your Mind

Day 6 — Practice Persistence

Day 7 — Get A Coach Or Mentor

Course Content…

When you purchase a license on this content package, you instantly gain access to the following components:

Video Training- MP4 format

Video 1 — Define Your Definite Major Purpose (Duration 6:04)

Video 2 — Using Goals To Set Your Target (Duration 4:02)

Video 3 — Making Action Automatic (Duration 5:53)

Video 4 — Facing Your Fears (Duration 4:38)

Video 5 — Develop Your Mind (Duration 5:31)

Video 6 — Practice Persistence (Duration 5:35)

Video 7 — Get A Coach Or Mentor (Duration 3:56)

Audio Training – mp3 format

Audio 1 — Define Your Definite Major Purpose (Duration 6:04)

Audio 2 Using Goals To Set Your Target (Duration 4:02)

Audio 3 Making Action Automatic (Duration 5:53)

Audio 4 — Facing Your Fears (Duration 4:38)

Audio 5 Develop Your Mind (Duration 5:31)

Audio 6 — Practice Persistence (Duration 5:35)

Audio 7 — Get A Coach Or Mentor (Duration 3:56)

Sample Audio Below…

Written (text) Training – MS Word, Pages, PDF and Txt formats

The videos/audios were created based on the content within these text files. The video/audio components are the “speaker/presenter” version of the same content.

Document 1 — Define Your Definite Major Purpose (1018 Words)

Document 2 Using Goals To Set Your Target (748 Words)

Document 3 Making Action Automatic (739 Words)

Document 4 — Facing Your Fears (745 Words)

Document 5 Develop Your Mind (573 Words)

Document 6 — Practice Persistence (817 Words)

Document 7 — Get A Coach Or Mentor (617 Words)

Single eBook Version — All 7 lessons merged into a single document

Full Transcripts Of Video/Audio Content – MS Word formats

If you want to re-created the audio and video programs in your OWN voice to sell coaching, consulting, speaking type of services…. we have now added the transcripts for all 7 video/audio lessons.

Transcript 1 — Define Your Definite Major Purpose (1189 Words)

Transcript 2 Using Goals To Set Your Target (789 Words)

Transcript 3 Making Action Automatic (1080 Words)

Transcript 4 — Facing Your Fears (907 Words)

Transcript 5 Develop Your Mind (1053 Words)

Transcript 6 — Practice Persistence (1059 Words)

Transcript 7 — Get A Coach Or Mentor (729 Words)

How To Use This Content…

As mentioned earlier, this content package is designed for experts, coaches, advisers and online publishers. Selling your specialised knowledge/skill can be difficult with all of the competition online.

Summary Of What’s Included…

7 Part Video Series: Over 30 minutes of high quality white screen video. Add your logo or branding and publish as your own.

7 Part Audio Series: Over 30 minutes of personal development audio based training in MP3 format. Publish as an audio-book, podcast, etc…

7 Part Written Series: 7 days and 7 personal development lessons. Drip feed as a 7 day course or deliver all at once.

7 Part Transcript Series: 7 Part Audio/Video Program fully transcribed for you to use to recreated in your own voice.


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