101 Aromatherapy And Essential Oils Gift Ideas for Holidays And Special Occasions – Aromatherapy And Essential Oils Make Great Gifts For Those Completely New To This Method Of Healing The Body – Strictly For Personal Use Only

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101 Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Gift Ideas for Holidays & Special Occasions

Aromatherapy And Essential Oils Make Great Gifts For Those Completely New
To This Method Of Healing The Body!

Aromatherapy. We’re sure you’ve heard the word. We also bet at least a couple of people on your gift list might enjoy aromatherapy as a fun and interesting hobby.

If you’ve never tried aromatherapy yourself, you might be curious but don’t know where to start. You might also have a family member or friend who is eager to learn more about it, in which case giving an aromatherapy-related gift would be perfect for the holidays, birthday, or any other special occasion.

Or, you might already know about the wonders of aromatherapy yourself and wish to share what you’ve learned with others in the form of wonderful purchased or homemade gifts. They don’t need to cost a lot but can be the perfect way to introduce a little luxury into your gift recipient’s home or their personal care routine.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils, that is, the most healing essences of plants and trees, such as the flowers and fruits, not just for their scents, but for medical purposes. Essential oils are now found in a wide range of products, from soap to shampoo to air freshener and more. Are they helpful, or is it all just hype?

What is aromatherapy exactly, and how can it enhance your life and that of anyone you give an aromatherapy-related gift to? Let’s take a closer look at what aromatherapy is.


101 Aromatherapy And Essential Oils Gift Ideas For Holidays And Special Occasions eBook

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Chapter 1 – What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the science of using fragrant essential oils from plants and botanicals to enhance a person’s health, beauty and surroundings. It is an ancient healing method that was used by the early Egyptians and has continued down to the present day through centuries-old Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine.

It was first popularized in the West by French chemist Rene Maurice. One day he burned himself badly in his lab. The only cold substance he had to cool the burn was lavender oil. His burns healed so quickly, he became interested in the healing properties of herb and essential oils and coined the term aromatherapy.

Since then, aromatherapy has gained in popularity all over the world as a healing method in its own right. Because it has few side effects, it can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities, such as prescription medications, massage, and more. The essential oils used in aromatherapy can be used to treat a range of conditions, from depression and anxiety to low energy, stress and fatigue.

Aromatherapy can be powerful medicine, so care should be taken when using essential oils. But what are essential oils exactly, and how can a beginner start using them safely? Let’s look at essential oils in more detail in the next chapter.

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